Exploring how to shine when life is friggin' hard! pretty good! dark! calling! sucking!

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As we go through life and its challenges, we collect prickly mindsets that lead us to take on sides of a personality that are less than we are, less than we deserve, and less than we came to be.

Join me as we go into the wilderness of our inner worlds to explore, heal, and shed our shadowed personality sides.

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Together we dis-cover

  • Your true self and your light

  • The you you were meant to be 

  • The light you were meant to shine when you first came to live this existence as you

Hey, I'm L.D.!

My work is my soul’s most sacred assignment

and my

life’s mission.

Living with an inoperable brain tumor that causes constant pain and prevents my ability to be upright for long periods of time was the first major challenge I faced.

Ten years later, was the sudden passing of my 16 year old son.

Through these unimaginable experiences, I have learned the do’s and don’ts of moving through the dark, painful stuff. I’ve learned how to maintain a touchstone for peace and joy while honoring the pain and healing process. Everything that has been valuable to me and my growth, light, healing, and evolution, I share with you. You can take what works for you and leave what doesn’t.



Let’s just say it… Life can be really friggin’ hardeven when it’s pretty dang good. 

After many years of study, introspection, observation, and facing two of the greatest challenges a human can face—an inoperable brain tumor and the sudden passing of my 16 year old son—I’ve learned one very important truth:

We often create false beliefs around life and our challenges that hold us back and eclipse the light that we are. This affects how we view and value ourselves and others, as well as how we show up in our daily life, for ourselves, for others, and for life.


Our greatest strength is recognizing and evolving our greatest areas for healing and transformation. This is our path to the dis-covery of our light.

I’ve experienced proof time and again that not only are we emotional beings, we are first and foremost spiritual beings. 


We create dysfunction and suffering in our lives when we think and act from our unhealed wounds or from aspects of our personalities that are out of alignment from our sacred Soul self.

This affects how we view and value our self and others, as well as how we show up in our daily life, for ourselves, for others, and for life.

Our mindsets and beliefs determine the state of our inner world. Most of us never observe or examine our inner world. We simply go through life allowing it to control and command our entire existence at its every whim. We have a belief about something. Often that belief is rooted in fear. That belief shapes our emotion. That emotion shapes our experience and our actions. Our actions shape the circumstances of our outer world and the health of our relationships with ourselves and others.

We can all agree that there is a force on this planet and in our lives that challenges the light, the peace, and the goodness. I believe we exist to be the light in that darkness, not to spite it, but because of it. I believe we are meant to serve as beacons of light in our jobs, our relationships, in every aspect of life. I know that when we can be the light within us, every aspect of our life will illuminate for us and for those we love.

Our mindsets and emotions aren’t who we are, yet they’re running our lives most of the time!


You know you didn’t come here to live a half-assed life or to settle for a life led by your fears and wounds. 


 It’s time to take back your power and claim and create the life you came here to live! Embrace and embody the human you came here to be! Ignite that bright light you came here to shine!