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Welcome to the Light Society!


The Light Society Mission:

The Light Society Blog is a modern self help blog for practical personal and spiritual evolution.

My mission on this planet is to do the greatest good I can for the greatest number of people. With this intention, I wrote  a book and started The Light Society Blog. This inspirational blog is the hub of a community of humans that want to brighten and change the world. I created this blog to deliver motivation and inspiration as we join here to go deeper. We will laugh, cry, get inspired, and grow.

Who we are:

The Light Society is a community of Souls living human lives that see the importance of Sacred conversations and Sacred evolution within our personal lives, as well as the rest of the world. Members of the Light Society are seekers with the intention to evolve ourselves in order to evolve the world. Our actions and intentions are rooted in light and love.

The Light Society’s inspirational self help blog topics will explore life and its challenges with the intention of discovering Sacred solutions while we aim to perceive through the “eyes” of our Souls. We gather to explore, heal, and transcend aspects of ourselves that eclipse the expressions of our true Soul selves. Communing in love we’ll share ideas and practices we’ve found that serve to brighten ourselves and enhance the experience of life.

What you must know:

To begin, you must know this: You are a gift to the universe! You are a spark of the Divine, purposely created so that the formless Consciousness could experience itself through your specific makeup, as your Soul. I say your Soul, but it isn’t something you have. It’s who you truly are. You have a mind. You have a body. You are a Soul. You are one with the infinite formless Sacred. Your true nature is made of love! You are infinite! You are Divine! You are Light!

In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper

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How Your Reactions Create Your Reality And Why You Should Care

How reactivity affects your reality
Reading Time: 14 minutes

Your reactions create your reality in many ways. They control much of your external reality and the majority of your internal reality. They affect your relationships, home and work life, and your inner state of being. That’s why maintaining a strong self awareness is paramount. Here’s how to avoid making hard things worse, and how to create the more peaceful reality you deserve! 

What Is Reactivity?:

Reactivity is the barking dog in the picture above. We may bark at a person, at ourselves, or at a situation in the current moment. The bark can point inward or outward. Either way, it’s detrimental. 

When we react negatively to a situation or person our experience and state of being is dependent upon our external world. Our peace and mental and emotional state is under external control. (We want to avoid both of these things.)

Reactivity is when your actions are determined by your circumstances. It’s typically defensive in nature and seldom solution oriented.

The Difference Between Response And Reaction:

There is a massive difference between a response and reaction. Reactions serve the whims of our kneejerk emotions that tend to sprout from the “fight or flight” part of our brain. They rarely lead to true and lasting solutions. In fact, they most often lead to more negativity and perpetuate the problem.

Responses, on the other hand, are solution oriented. They transcend the emotions and serve solutions instead. They require thought and awareness. I’ll go further into that later when I discuss sacred solutions.


think before you act

Self Awareness:

A keen self awareness is when you watch your thoughts and reactions like a hawk. You spot them scurrying into your mind with matching emotions tied to their tails. But your awareness snatches them up before they burrow too deep and take control of you. Self awareness and personal growth enhance each other. Both are essential for being your greatest self and fulfilling your greatest destiny. 

Self awareness protects you from falling under control of the Else (the incessant, often negative, voice in your head). Self aware people think before they speak and act, not as a means of manipulation, but to identify the highest quality response. They understand the impact thoughts and reactions can have. In spite of any emotion that comes up, they choose a high quality response, rather than a destructive reaction spewing out of them without their conscious consent. Since the consequences of reactivity tend to lead to more dysfunction, this practice of self awareness benefits every aspect of life.

An Example Of Reactivity Gone Bad:

My husband just told me of a news story where a woman consumed with road rage rammed another car, killing everyone but the now orphaned eight year old boy. She lost control of herself to her reactive emotions for a split second and demolished many lives.

This is an extreme example of how reactivity creates your reality. However, even the little moments of snipping at your kids, spouse, friends, coworkers, and yourself are as erosive as water dripping on stone. Those little moments of negative reactivity can add up to a frequent way of being that blocks the light of your true self—your Soul self. This causes a useless loss of peace for yourself and those around you. 

Example Of A High Quality Response:

One day my family were driving to my parents’ house. We’d made a huge steaming pot of carne guisada to take. It was so full it was almost overflowing. My husband had to take turns extra slowly and stop the car ever so gently. We knew we were that annoying car taking forever to do everything.

Now, when we’re behind a car that takes a million years to turn, instead of getting annoyed, we always say, “They must have a full pot of carne guisada in their car.”

With this higher quality response we can laugh at a situation that would cause impatience and frustration for a reactive mindset. We save ourselves from the pointless upset that annoyance and negativity creates.

We All Have Mental Dis-order:

I know this sounds gloomy, but hear me out! After all, we’re here to grow and heal aren’t we?

Affective disorder is any mental or mood disorder, such as anxiety, depressive disorder, or bipolar disorder, in which a major disturbance of feelings or emotions is dominant and causes dysfunction or prevents normal function in life.

So, I’m talking about our inner world, our mental world. Unless you’re a monk or saint, you probably have some to quite a bit of dis-order in your mind. Nothing to be ashamed of; it’s part of being human.

I fully recognize there are legitimate mental disturbances and chemical imbalances about which we still have much to learn. However, I would suggest that we all suffer from at least an occasional mild case of what I call situational affective dis-order in which a major disturbance of feelings or emotions is dominant and dependent upon external circumstances.

We experience this when we repeat in our minds a painful story from our past that continuously brings up negative emotions and places us in shadowed states of being: anxiety, anger, fear, despair. These emotions almost consume us. 

Another example of situational affective dis-order is when we get so mad at the person that steals our parking spot, or when our kid leaves their stuff all over the house, or when our husband gets the wrong item at the store, or when we spill salsa on our favorite sweater, when someone hurts you, or when your crush doesn’t call you back, or when something goes “wrong” or “bad”, or when something happens that we feel “shouldn’t happen”.

Become Aware Of The Space:

A situation and our reaction aren’t one and the same—much as we might think. They are two completely separate events, and only one of which we have control. There is a space, a sacred space gifted to us between every event and our response. It’s our opportunity and responsibility to choose wisely, to choose with our Soul selves rather than the Else, the naughty entity in our minds that tends to take over in prickly moments. 

I experience situational affective dis-order pretty much every day. But now I am aware of the space between a situation and my response. This means I’m better able to stop the arising negative emotional reaction and replace it with a more thoughtful, solution oriented, high quality response.

How Your Reactions Create Your Reality:

Negative reactions block:

  • compassion
  • connection
  • currence (presence)
  • coherence
  • communication 

Without these things, any real solution in an argument or challenge is impossible. When no solution is created, the dysfunctional and undesirable situation continues in one form or another. Even though they may feel good and right at the time, negative reactions are fuel to the fire.

Our reactions determine our reality more than almost any external event. Our reactions shape our inner perceptions and experiences and vice versa. In addition, our reactions determine what becomes of the situation to which we react. They determine the situations to follow.

Any time someone does something or something happens to us, the three stages of reactivity begin. Here they are:

The Three Stages of Reactivity:

  1. Judgement/label of person or situation: We judge the situation or person’s actions as “good” or “bad”, “should” or “shouldn’t” happen. This judgement determines the resulting emotions.
  2. Emotional response: Our emotions determine our perception and experience of the situation.
  3. Take action: Driven by the emotion that’s based on our judgement, we take action. A negative judgement usually leads to yelling, fighting, anger, impatience, rudeness…all the hurtful things that typically don’t create true solutions. In fact, they usually lead to more problems.

We can break the cycle at any point. However, we can avoid the whirlwind of negative thoughts and emotions if we enter awareness before the judgement/labeling occurs, or at least the moment we notice a negative reaction bubbling up.

We Judge And Label Situations:

Our label of an event or situation is the gateway to situational affective dis-order. Not only is it the gateway to our negative state, it is also our excuse for our reaction and our bad behavior.

When anything happens or someone does something our brains kick into analysis mode to decide how to feel and what to do. A completely unaware person is at the mercy of their subconscious mind which functions primarily on patterns created throughout life. These are often very dysfunctional patterns.

When we label something as “bad” or “not supposed to happen” we tend to end up in a negative state, which leads to negative reactions that create only more undesirable situations.  

We Blame Our Reactions On The Situation:

“Well, I only did it because (blank) happened!”

When we justify and blame our reactions and the state of our inner world on external circumstances, we weasel out of our accountability and responsibility for our response-ability.

What’s worse is we give up our power. We give full control of our inner world to an ever changing, ever challenging world outside of us.  

Where Do Our Reactions Come From?:

The Else:

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’re familiar with the Else. The Else is the entity in your mind that creates the incessant, often negative, thoughts in your head. It plays a major part in our lives, so I suggest learning about it immediately if not sooner!

The Else looooves to react negatively to people and situations. Negativity is like crack to the Else. And since the Else is often in charge of our thoughts, it gets its hits easily and on a regular basis. Then you get to experience the repercussions. Not so fun for us, but even the repercussions feed the Else because it gives it sad stories and more negativity to suck on.

Shadow Sides:

Shadow sides are our unhealed wounds and patterns from our childhood. We all have them. When a person or situation pokes at them, we defensively react. While much of it is subconscious, we can use the negative emotions and reactions as guideposts that point to our wounds. Once we recognize and heal them, we save ourselves from the vicious and painful cycles we put ourselves through.

Reactions Are Addictive:

As I mentioned before, the Else loves negativity. Even though we think we hate feeling mad, there’s also something about it that feels good. Especially when we “know” we’re right, and the other person is wrong.

The same is true for situations. There is a part of us that loves the negativity. I heard somewhere that news stations found out that their ratings were much higher when they told negative stories rather than positive stories. That’s why the news is almost all doom and gloom. And just like our own perceptions, it’s a fraction of the whole picture of our world, a jagged sliver of reality.

Our Reality Isn’t Always Reality:

Often our perception of a situation or person isn’t the whole truth. The lens through which we see the world reveals just a fraction of the whole of reality. It’s important to keep this in mind because this helps strengthen your self awareness as well as your compassion. Much of the time, what you think is happening isn’t actually happening. We often perceive a person’s intentions as different than they actually are. We also judge a person’s actions before considering the deeper reasons behind them.

I heard the saying, “Hurting people hurt people”. Keeping this in mind, we take people’s insults much less personally. We realize that what they do has little to do with us and most everything to do with the hurting, unhealed parts of them.

When you enter awareness, and you notice a reaction coming up, ask yourself, “Am I missing something here? Can I apply compassion, patience, and understanding?”.

How To Handle “Negative” Situations:

In reading this, you’ve probably said, “Wait! When someone is coming at me, I’m just supposed to do nothing? Be understanding?” Or, “When something shitty is happening, I’m just supposed to ignore it and smile?!!”

NO! Absolutely not! In fact, that is a common pitfall and misconception that the “Positivity Movement” can lead to.

In no means would I ever suggest allowing abuse, injustice, or preventable suffering to go unaddressed. At every point we must decide if action is necessary and possible.

There are many situations that we cannot allow to continue. Often, our negative emotions inform us of the presence of these situations. Action to change them is required. But not just any action. We must sit back for a second and investigate solutions rather than worsening reactions. I call them Sacred Solutions.

Sacred Solutions:

Sacred solutions are derived from our Soul selves rather than the Else. Our desire to serve and create the highest and greatest good directs our search for solutions.

Sacred solutions don’t give out power trips. Nor do they suppress, oppress, or further spread darkness, hatred, and negativity. Sacred solutions don’t combat. They transcend challenges by infusing light and love. 

How To Create Sacred Solutions:

1) Remember our true identities:

We forget who we truly are throughout the day. Somehow, we lose touch with the truth that we and everyone else is a divine, infinite, immortal Soul.

Most of us believe in an afterlife, but live as if our lives have no significance to the formless Divine that gave us life in the first place. We behave with judgement, fear, rudeness, anger, impatience etc as if it has no impact on our Souls or the Souls around us.

How we act doesn’t just affect our lives and the humans around us. It affects our Souls and the Souls around us. It’s time we start taking responsibility for every choice, thought, and action taken unconsciously, every word said from a reactive, negative state of being. How can we expect world peace when we can’t create peace in our own lives, in our own inner worlds? Who’s gonna do it for us? It certainly isn’t the governments; they’ve proven that for thousands of years. World change begins with every individual. It begins from the inside out, from inside each of us.

2) Acceptance:

Acceptance replaces our labeling and judgement of situations and other people. Acceptance isn’t a condoning. It’s an inner allowing that a person is as they are, and that a situation is what it is. Period. Acceptance is nonresistance to what is.

Acceptance saves you from the pointless suffering created by the resulting emotions of labeling and resisting what is.

Again, acceptance isn’t condoning, nor inaction or ignoring. Acceptance is an essential step to reaching a sacred solution. It’s required to best change situations that need changing.

3) Creativity:

Creativity is the reins to our inner state of being, as well as a great way out of reactivity. When you burn dinner, much creativity is required to respond with a sacred state (patience, acceptance) rather than react with a negative emotional state (annoyance, impatience, frustration). It’s soooo much easier to get mad than it is to take a breath, take a second, and choose a higher quality response.

“But it feels good to get mad! Don’t my feelings serve a purpose?“ you ask.

They do serve a purpose. They inform you that either you have chosen negativity over peace by placing control of your inner world externally, or there is a situation that requires a sacred solution.

Sacred/God/The Universe etc is creatively responsive rather than emotionally reactive. As seen in nature, even from destruction, nature is creative. The dead and rotting tree is nourishment for new life.

Our shadow states of being (impatience, frustration, anger, hurt feelings, judgment) are reactive in nature. It takes creativity to find the silver lining, to find the positive in the darkness, to transform a negative situation to a positive one, or to face and heal personal and social wounds.

4) Currence:

Currence is an inner peace and stillness regardless of what happens around you. Maintaining currence in a difficult time can be quite the challenge.

In his book, Man’s Search For Meaning, concentration camp survivor Viktor E Frankl speaks to our inalienable spiritual freedom. He speaks to the fact that no matter the situation, our choice of attitude, the choice of the state of our inner world, is a freedom that can never be taken from us. He says you always have the choice of “whether or not you (would) become a plaything of circumstance”.

Having a brain tumor that causes constant pain and that forces me to lay down most of my day has given me a lot of practice in the arena of currence.

Saying, “Why me? This isn’t fair!” doesn’t change the situation. It only changes my experience of it.

Instead I say, “The Universe is always working in my favor. I know there is a greater reason for everything.” I pray, “Please use me to serve the highest and greatest good.” This adjusts my focus from self pity and darkness to great purpose and hope.

Sometimes I do get in a negative state when I’m challenged even further than I already am. I guess there’s a part of me that believes there should be a limit to the amount of challenges and suffering a person can face. I’m learning that that is not the case. As much as I understand it theoretically, I still struggle sometimes with the fact that my level of suffering or comfort is not an indicator of  Sacred’s (God/Higher Power/Universe) presence in my life. Instead, it indicates an opportunity to exercise my fortitude and capacity to choose the higher, more sacred perception and choice. My true power grows stronger with each sacred choice. 

But I must give credit where credit is due. I would not and could not have come this place within without my connection with Sacred and its support and guidance. And I call in that support every day.  

5) Call In Divine Assistance:

The divine force that supports you is far greater than the force pushing against you. The Higher Power is far more powerful than any worldly power.

Sacred will always respond when you call it forth. It won’t always be the response you expect or want, but it always responds in the way that best serves the highest and greatest good.

When you call in Sacred to bless and guide you, your actions and mindsets are anointed with Sacred’s energy. It’s a force multiplier in your efforts to create sacred solutions that serve the highest and greatest good.

6) Practice Gratitude:

Create the intention and practice to enter a grateful state of being throughout the day. When you almost drop that glass jar, but catch it just in time, say thank you. When you almost get in a car accident, say thank you that you didn’t. When things go smoothly, say thank you. Say thank you every time you eat and drink. 

Frequently entering the state of gratitude will make you less likely to enter negative states when challenges arise. 

Stick To The Facts:

When a challenge comes up just think or say exactly what happened. Don’t assign an adjective to it (annoying, rude, stupid, f*ed up)

Let’s say you accidentally spill coffee grounds all over the floor. Instead of thinking or saying “that’s so annoying,” just say, “I spilled coffee grounds on the floor.” And that’s it.  This prevents the suffering causing cascade of reactivity and maintains your inner peace.

However, if the reaction beats you to it, and you find yourself in a reactive state, don’t judge yourself or stuff the feelings down with a coating of false positivity. That reaction has energy that must be released. Here is where you take back control of your inner state. You must express and release the feelings in a high quality way. I plan on creating a course on how to do just that, so stay tuned!


Pain is real. Suffering is a state of mind.

Our painful and negative emotions essentially emerge from fear and/or a fearful interpretation of the people and world around us. We see challenging people and situations as threats to our time, hearts, lives, livelihood, energy etc. Fear triggers the fight/flight/freeze response which tells your body to send blood and energy to your extremities. While this is extremely beneficial when you have to run from a tiger, it’s detrimental to deriving sacred solutions or entering sacred states of being (joy, peace, calm, understanding, compassion etc).

Reactions and actions taken from shadow states of being (anger, defensiveness, impatience, frustration etc) rarely lead to real solutions. To maintain control of our inner world, we must practice awareness, and make a conscious effort to create sacred solutions when “bad” things happen.

I’m fully aware it’s easier said than done! It requires practice and discipline every day many times a day. 

All of this said, one of the most important things I want you to take away from this is that our emotions aren’t our enemies. Rather than shaming, hating, or combating them, we must honor them by leaning in and asking what they can teach us. This is the only way to transcend them. This requires great patience, self acceptance, and self compassion. 

Remember, your entire life and everything that happens is to serve the evolution of your Soul and of the Divine consciousness. When we understand this our perspectives shift regarding our struggles. Our struggles are our opportunity to strengthen our inner power.

Your reactions create your reality. Negative reactions create a negative reality. High quality reactions create a high quality reality. The choice and responsibility is yours.



Dear Holy Sacred. Thank you for this incredible life. I know that sometimes I see things from a fearful state of mind. I invite you now to adjust my perceptions so that I may see things as You do, as my Soul self sees things. Thank you for strengthening my self compassion as well as my ability and tendency to enter sacred states of being when faced with challenges. I know that all challenges are to serve me. Thank you for helping me use these opportunities to align my human self even further with that of my Soul self. I aim to choose sacred solutions rather than detrimental responses. Thank you for giving me the wisdom, patience, and creativity to do so. Amen. 

In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper


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An Essential Key To Unlock Your Greatest Destiny


An Essential Key To Unlock Your Greatest Destiny

key to unlock your greatest destiny
Reading Time: 8 minutes


Whyyyyyyyy GIF - TheNuttyProfessor EddieMurphy Why GIFs


Want to know the essential key to unlock your greatest destiny?

You may feel like Eddie Murphy here, saying, “What am I supposed to DO WITH MY LIIIIIIIFE??!!!!!”

If you feel lost, confused, unguided, I might just have a solution for you! I think you’re asking the wrong questions, praying disempowering prayers. I’d like to offer you a suggestion for adjusting your questions and prayers so the answers can better come through. There are three keys to unlock your great destiny. This post covers the second key. The first key is inviting Sacred (your Higher Power) into every aspect and moment of your life. The third key is deliberate growth.

The First Key To Unlock Your Greatest Destiny:

The first key to unlocking your greatest destiny is to invite your Higher Power into every aspect and moment of your life. As I said in this post, your ultimate destiny is a Divine gift, designed especially for you by Sacred itself. Many of us walk around wondering why our great destinies aren’t falling into place, but we’re completely disconnected from the Source from which it comes. We can only fulfill our great destinies when we’re tapped into our Divinity. That’s why inviting God/Sacred/Higher Power into EVERY aspect and moment in your life is imperative. It’s the first step.

The Second Key:

This post speaks to the second key to unlocking your greatest destiny. I won’t make you read the whole post before I tell you what it is! This is it!

Offer yourself and your life to serving the highest and greatest good.

Sounds simple enough, but oh-ho-ho-ho my friends, this is an incredibly powerful statement that will invoke infinite powers from the Divine realm. For this reason, it is highly important that you truly mean it when you say it. Now, I want to tell you why this offering of yourself is essential for creating the life you want.

Our True Identity and Divine Destiny:

Before elaborating on the second key, I’ll reiterate what pretty much every post in The Light Society Blog says because it is essential to understand this first. Our true identity is not human. Our true identity is spiritual in nature, Divine, infinite, Sacred, limitless, formless. We chose to come to live a human life to: give physical expression of the Divine consciousness, evolve spiritually, and help align the physical realm with that of the Divine, spiritual realm.

If your life includes very little to no contact and connection with that realm, you cannot expect to fulfill your divine destiny. Your best life and your Divine destiny are one and the same. Moreover, your best life serves a spiritual purpose not a superficial, self-serving purpose.

Why Offer Yourself to Serve The Highest And Greatest Good?:

Well, because one of the great purposes of your entire human existence is to promote and serve the highest and greatest good on this planet. Yes, you’re that important!

As humans we have two things that can prevent this from taking place:

1) Misuse of our free-will

2) Shadow sides of our personality that disrupt the fullest expression of our Soul self

Your Soul’s intention was to come here and live as the best possible version of yourself, and do everything you can to improve this incredible world we live in.

When you offer yourself and your life to the service of the greater good, you align your human self with your Soul self. You also open the gate for the flow of Sacred to move and act through you in ways it couldn’t before.

That incredible life you imagine in your daydreams…Sacred’s got something even bigger and better. But it can only unfold and reveal itself to you when you’ve stepped into a sacred space, when you’ve asked for it with sacred intentions, heartful and soulful intentions.

When you serve the highest and greatest good, your fulfillment is true. Unlike the fleeting happiness that comes from buying something, having a glass of wine, a cigarette, or a good meal. No, this fulfillment is deep and…filling. It is sacred fulfilment. Sacred fulfilment is bidirectional in that it serves the giver and the receiver. Also, it serves the inner and the outer worlds. Throughout your being it feels infinitely right and true. You know in your core that your doings are of a sacred nature, that you’re fulfilling an intention written before you were even born. You’re fulfilling a pre-birth contract between your Soul and the Divine and the rest of the world. The support of Sacred is highly recognizable. You feel it in your bones that the inspiration and guidance comes from an ancient, eternal realm.

Get Out Of Your Own Way:

When you truly offer yourself to serve the highest and greatest good, you make yourself ready for the plan to unfold. You shift into a sacred state that best allows interaction with Sacred. From this space, the aspects of your personality that prevented inspiration for your great destiny begin to unravel. You move into the sacred flow, and it moves into you.

You Have To Choose It:

Sacred can rarely intervene in our lives without our permission due to our gift of free will. Therefore, we must ask before we can receive Divine guidance, intervention, and callings.

Sacred cannot choose how you live your life. The evolution of your Soul is inevitable. How this happens is greatly up to our choosing. Just as there are many paths to one location, there are many paths you can take to your destination—back to your Sacred home. So even though the destination is the same, the path varies depending on your choices. You can get there by way of suffering or by way of sacred guidance and wisdom. 

Your Choices Matter Much More Than You Realize:

Messages From The Masters* by Brian Weiss convinced me that reincarnation is real. I’m sure this might fluster some of you, but it makes so much more sense to me. According to some scholars, reincarnation was actually in the Bible, but removed by leaders during the reign of Constantine. Anyway, Weiss suggests that we have the power to influence our other lives with the choices we make today. It ties greatly into the Buddhist teachings of karma. Even if we stick purely to science, physics tells us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What does this all mean?

What I’m getting at, is that every action, even every thought you create sends out an energy that inevitably comes back to you in this lifetime or the next. When you aim to serve the highest and greatest good, the highest and greatest good will serve you in return. 

The Disempowering Or Skewed Questions:

In trying to figure out the path to our best life we likely ask questions such as:

  • How do I get rich?
  • How do I get what I want?
  • What am I supposed to do?

Sure, having money is certainly nice. And the Divine wants us to enjoy abundance. However, we cannot place our joy, fulfillment, and inner security upon it, or else we doom ourselves to suffering if it’s ever lost. Besides, if being rich were truly deeply fulfilling, then we’d see a drop in the divorce, addiction, and suicide rates among the rich. Obviously that’s not the case.

A life that fulfills the Else (the ego or entity in our minds that blocks us from our sacred essence) is highly subject to fall apart, leaving you in a heap of suffering and disappointment.

The above questions serve the Else. Therefore, their answers also serve the Else, and when followed can lead us to very shadowed paths. These questions aren’t sacred in nature. They don’t come from the Soul self. The map to your great life and destiny will never reveal itself to these requests. Maybe you’ll get rich. Maybe you’ll get what you think you want. But in time, you will discover that none of it is truly fulfilling, so you will continuously return to the question: How do I get what I want? It’s a vicious cycle until you learn the truth that true fulfillment comes not from getting but from giving, and in giving, you receive beyond your wildest dreams.

When You’re Ready:

Once you say this offering with your whole heart, mind, body, and Soul, get ready! Things will start shifting. It might feel at first like someone yanked the rug out from under you as old structures in your life that block the fulfillment of your great destiny begin falling away. This may apply to relationships, jobs, life direction.

You will know when you’re ready to fully offer yourself to serve the highest and greatest good. When you’re finally sick and tired of being sick and tired. Or when you’ve tried everything else. Perhaps you sense a nudging deep inside but you can’t identify what it’s asking of you. Or you read this, and it totally resonated with you. Making this offering doesn’t mean you’ll become a monk or move to anther country to dig water wells, although that might be the case for some of you. We need sacredly devoted people in every job and area of the world. Your career may stay the same. However, the way in which you do your job will change. The way you live your life will change. Your experience of life will change.

Tiny miracles and synchronicities will begin taking place. New opportunities will open up. The right people and situations will appear. The best way I can describe it is you feel like you’re in “the flow”. You sense that something bigger than you is at work. This creates inspiration and untiring motivation.

Once you wholeheartedly offer yourself and your life to serving the highest and greatest good, the details of your greatest destiny reveal themselves to you in perfect timing.


Offer It Daily:

I find that renewing the offering helps to keep it fresh. It also serves as a reminder of my deepest intentions. It reminds me that my life is sacred, and I’m here for sacred purposes. I know that my choices have great impact on my life as well as others’ lives, not just in this life, but throughout eternity. So, I want to get it right. I want to be who my Soul came here to be. I want to do what my Soul came here to do. Period. Offering myself and life to serve the highest and greatest good is one of the essential steps in making sure that happens.

Final Thoughts:

While offering your life in service is a key to unlocking your greatest destiny, it doesn’t mean life will be silky smooth with no challenges. Challenges are a part of this physical existence. However, when we align with our Soul selves and step into the flow of The Divine Force, the difficult situations that existed for the purpose of pushing us to align will often dissolve. We co-create in sync with the Divine rather than twisting life’s arm to cooperate with our wants. We glide through challenges with much less suffering.

There is every reason to make this offer, and no reason not to. How we live our lives have implications far far far beyond this life we live now. For this reason, I know I want to make it count. Don’t you?


In Light & Love,

L.D. Kemper


Dear Holy Sacred,

I know that I am a divine being, eternal in nature. My gratitude for this life is immeasurable, and I am humbled and honored for the opportunity to experience it. As you have given me this life, I offer it back to you. I know that I am here for sacred purposes. Thank you for helping me remember who I truly and why I’m here. Today, I give myself and my life to you to use as you need to most efficiently serve the highest and greatest good. I know you will provide all the strength, courage, and clear wisdom I’ll need to move through and fulfill my great destiny that we created together before I came to this life. Thank you. I love you. Thank you for loving me. Amen. 



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The Important And Easy Action To Change Your Life For The Better

Reading Time: 12 minutes

There are a few things you can do that will dramatically change your life for the better that you probably aren’t doing. If you feel unhappy, this is definitely the case. This article explains one of the three most essential things you can do that will shift your life beyond ways you ever dreamed. The other two essential actions are: offering your life and self to serving the highest and greatest good, and deliberate growth.

Invite Sacred Into Your Life

Inviting Sacred (your higher power) into every aspect of your life is probably the most important thing you can do to dramatically change your life for the better. Many of you probably rolled your eyes, but please keep reading! Even if you’re an atheist you probably believe in love. Let love be your Higher Power! After all, if you’re reading this, you’re probably unhappy with some or many aspects of life. What do you have to lose?

Your Destiny Is Sacred’s Gift:

You know when you get someone a great present, and you’re so excited for them to open it? You get such joy knowing how much they’ll love it. This is how Sacred feels about the great destiny designed for us.

Sacred loves us dearly and finds great joy in our experience of the adventure, magic, and beauty of our greatest life.

What if you excitedly handed the present to the person, but they didn’t open it? Instead, they give it back to you  and say, “No, I don’t deserve this. I’m not enough to receive this. I don’t feel like opening it. I’d rather not. I don’t believe it’s possible to receive such a wonderful gift.”

That’s what we’re doing when exclude Sacred from our lives; this is how we refuse our greatest destiny.

How Did We Get Here?

It seems as if we’ve edged out Sacred and our sacred nature. Why is it that it’s often uncool or holy-roller-ish to mention God or Soul outside of church or religious or spiritual gatherings. Sure we bring God in when there’s a death or major life event, but why have we left Sacred out of the everyday stuff?

Sacred isn’t just with us for the hard stuff. Every moment we exist is a moment that our Soul self is experiencing life. We feel lost, scared, alone, and confused because we’ve excluded our Source. Expecting our greatest life while living disconnected from Sacred is like unplugging a lamp and still expecting the bulb to light up when we turn it on.

While we may believe it on a theoretical level, we’ve forgotten deep at our core that we are spiritual beings. This physical life is not our ultimate reality. We are only here for a short while for the purpose of evolving our Soul and the collective consciousness. Each of us is a lantern, and Sacred is the Divine flame. A lantern cannot light without a flame.

We Threw God Out With Religion:

Over the last fifty years, many people got such a bad taste in their mouth from religion that they left God behind when they left the church. They don’t realize that God and religion are not one and the same.

This disconnection from Sacred is the cause of all the chaos and discontent in our lives and in our world.

The culture of our human family, our priorities and values are in desperate need of sacred evolution. The time for sacred conversations is now. We must turn back to our sacred nature and invite Sacred back in, even and especially when we aren’t particularly religious.


worship money

We Worship The External:

For millennia, society has drilled into our brains that happiness is not only a pursuit, but that it’s a pursuit in the external world. We’ve been told that true power, value, and safety is in money, control, influence, and acquisitions. It’s all a lie.

In addition to that, the Else (that negative voice in your mind) confirms the lies that society feeds us. The Else cannot exist when we’re connected with the Divine, and, therefore, convinces us that our fulfillment, power, and safety can only be found in the external world. This places our focus on external items and circumstances instead of the Sacred within. 

The Else doesn’t want us to know that true happiness is a state of mind, internal and independent of the happenings in the external world. When we attach our happiness to worldly things, we sentence ourselves to suffering.

In fact, we are a slave to the things we cling to; their fate determines our sanity, our security, our state. Sacred is the only constant, unchanging “thing”. Everything in our physical world is subject to change, disintegration, and death. This includes, and is certainly not limited to, money, people, relationships, careers, your belongings, and your good looks.  The only safe and reliable place to drop our anchor is in the Divine.

While the external world can complement our sacred states of being (joy, enthusiasm, love, patience, non-judgment, etc), it shouldn’t dictate them.

We Formalized God:

Religion made God way too formal. While we give reverence to Sacred, we must perceive and confide in Sacred as we would a best friend, a most loving and supportive parent, a trusted advisor. God is not a white bearded man sitting on a throne judging and counting all the ways we do wrong. Sacred is patient, compassionate, and loving without conditions.

The Divine Force:

There’s a Force that’s Divinely fueled and directed. It’s limitless in power and infinite in amounts. This force is alive, conscious, intelligent, loving. It answers to the Divine “mind” of Sacred, and it answers to us as well…but only when we align with it, and only when we call it forth.

The Force wants to serve us, wants to show us the beauty its work can do in our lives. But more often than not, we block its flow with our limiting beliefs, mindsets, and the shadow sides of our personalities that sever the connection between ourselves and our Source.

When you invite Sacred into your life, you open the floodgates for The Force to move in and through you. This is the first and major step to clearing the obstacles to your greatest destiny—the more amazing life you know deep down is possible.

Once you invite Sacred in, and have faith in its presence in everything, you stop strong arming life to happen. Instead, you move gracefully with life like a willow in the breeze. Make no mistake. This doesn’t mean you sit back and wait lazily for your dreams to come true. You still create and take big action to manifest your destiny. Your actions, however, are guided and driven with sacred intuition, inspiration, and intention

When you recognize The Force working in your life, the unfoldings, “coincidences”, and synchronicities seem magical. Things seem to work out much more smoothly. Life feels richer and lighter. You sense and connect with the underlying Oneness of all. Doorways open up at just the right time. You read exactly the information you needed or meet just the right person at just the right time. The certain sense that something is guiding and supporting you swells up in your being, and you know that that something is Sacred.

Why Should I Invite God Into My Life?”

Your best life, greatest destiny, and purpose is divinely designed and sacred in nature. Our existence and great destiny aren’t to serve the purpose to please us and let us have a good time; although, those are some perks. The point of our existence and destiny is to serve the evolution of our Soul and the rest of the spiritual realm.

That incredible life calling to you… it seems impossible, so far away, too much for you to handle. You’re exactly right if you plan to do it without the guidance and support of Sacred. This is like going out and buying an airplane and expecting to know how to fly it without proper training or reading the manual.

The creator of the universes, DNA, Mount Everest, the Amazon Rainforest, every lifeform in existence, also designed a great destiny for you. Whether you choose it is up to you. Know this: The best life you can possibly live, a life better than you can even imagine, is that Divinely designed destiny. Why would we expect that the creator of our existence and destiny should have no presence in its unfolding.

It is impossible to fulfill our Divinely appointed and designed destiny without Sacred at the wheel. I repeat… It is impossible to fulfill our Divinely appointed and designed destiny without Sacred at the wheel.

That is precisely why you must invite Sacred into your life. Do this not just once, but on a daily, even momentary basis. As you continue to do this, you will change. The parts of yourself that blocked your greatness will start withering away. Your relationships will change; toxic ones are released while healthy ones are made and strengthened. Your mindset and experience of life is elevated. Everything you do is rooted in sacred intentions, so your outcomes are high quality. Life unfolds in ways beyond your wildest dreams and presents itself in ways it couldn’t before.

You’ve Tried Leaving Sacred Out. How’s That Working For You?:

Most of us believe in an afterlife, a greater power, that we are Souls in our essence. Yet, we live as if our lives have no significance to the formless Divine that gave us life in the first place.

How could we believe for a second that how we live our lives holds no spiritual significance? I think when you ask yourself that question, you’d say, “of course it does,”. And since how we live our life includes everything we think and do, we must exercise great awareness and mindfulness towards…well, all we think and do!

So we know how we live has spiritual implications, yet we leave God out of most of the picture, and give little to no thought about the sacredness of our thoughts and doings. We don’t consider the spiritual implications in our everyday, moment to moment lives.

This is one of the main roots of our suffering, from small to large.

Expect To Be Changed:

There are parts of your personality (I call them shadow sides) that block Sacred, the expression of your Soul self, and your greatest destiny. When you ask Sacred to enter your mind and heart, your thoughts and actions, you will become more of who you truly are. You will begin to live, experience, think and act as your true self—your Soul self—who you are meant to be. Those shadowed parts of you that prevent your best self and your best life will start withering away. Life will open wide up for you. You will easily inhabit sacred states of being (joy, patience, love, gratitude, reverence) in spite of the chaos around you.  

The Paradox

There is a paradox regarding the presence of Sacred. The paradox is that while Sacred is in nothing, it is also in everything. Sacred is not the thing, relationship, or situation itself. Instead it is the creator, orchestrater, and breath of life in all.

The Divine is the invisible hand that moves and makes the existence of all things possible. It connects all things and all non-things.

When we see the underlying Oneness of all: objects, people, plants, animals, the universe, and the space between, we release our grip on the illusions of safety we perceive in the things of the world. With a faithful grace, we allow birth and death, the comings and goings, the seasons and transitions, the beginnings and ends. We know Sacred is beneath all things and all happenings, and all serves the eternal higher and greater good—-even the hard stuff.

You Have To Ask:

Because of our promised gift of free will, Sacred can only intervene when asked. Co-creating with Sacred is the only way to fulfill your ultimate destiny. When you invite Sacred into your life, you call in the formless troops: your guardian angels, spirit guides, The Force—the ethereal upholders and promoters of Divine consciousness.

All of them stand at the ready for your call.

Hold True To Your Faith:

Know at all times that a sacred solution is built  into every “problem”, even man made “problems”. Hold true to the fact that Sacred has everything under control, all is well in the end, and no experience goes to waste. Everything is used to serve the evolution of the spiritual realm—even the “bad” stuff.

Knowing these truths with every particle of your being means you release resistance to what is. Therefore, you maintain peace in the midst of chaos because you know these deep spiritual truths and ride through them in the Flow of Sacred. The answers and solutions may take some time to show up. Patient faith is your light through the darkness. Keep your eyes on the Truths that Sacred is always working in your favor, you are and have all you need, miracles are on the way. 

There’s No Thing Too Small:

Incorporate Sacred into every thought and action. Put everything in Sacred’s hands. I said everything, and I meant it! Nothing is insignificant to Sacred. Sacred is infinite in nature, and, therefore, able to act in all things and all places at all times.

Your prayer for help at work or protection driving in your car doesn’t pull Sacred from helping “more needy causes”. Inject Sacred into all of your endeavors, and they will be magnified and multiplied so long as they serve the greater good.

Before you drive to work, say, “Thank you for blessing everyone’s drive to work today. I know that I will arrive at whatever time serves the highest and greatest good.” When looking for a new partner or job, say, “I pray for the highest and greatest good. Thank you for sending me the perfect partner/job at the perfect time.”

Then remember to let it go. Your worry and impatience blocks The Force from bringing the answer.

Invite Sacred into your finances, your conversations (even the 1-800 phone calls we all dread so profusely), your trip to the grocery store, which book to read next, your health, your thoughts, your deeds…everything!

Pray As If It’s Already Happened:

Often we plead and beg in our prayers: “Pleeeease do this,” and “Pleeease do that,”. These are weak and disempowering prayers. Instead, pray in grateful, affirmative declarations. When you put out the energy of “I want,” I need,” “I don’t have,” The Force replies with matching energies that fulfill the vibration of lack, need, and scarcity. Not because it’s mean, but because that’s the energy you’re calling in. What you put out you get back in return.

Here are some examples of grateful, affirmative, declarative prayers:

(You can even add some big body movements too to help accentuate the feeling inside. You might feel a little corny at first, but trust me, it works!)

  • “Thank you so much that my perfect mate will come to me at the perfect time, and I’ll know it with undoubtable certainty!” (Say this when you’re freaking out that you’ll never find your partner.)
  • “I know I am and have everything I need to fulfill my greatest destiny!” (Say this when you feel empowered, and especially when you feel lacking.)
  • “I am excited for a fulfilling career that allows me to serve the highest and greatest good! Thank you guiding me to that perfectly suited job for me!” (Say this when you’re feeling lost or unhappy about your job.)
  • “I am made in the exact image of Sacred. Therefore, I am love, peace, patience, giving, and compassionate!” (Say this when you feel good about yourself, and especially when you feel less than enough.)
  • “Sacred, thank you so much for entering this issue! I know that a sacred solution always exists. Thank you for showing it to me in perfect timing!” (Say this for any problem you’re having.)
  • “My finances are blessed by Sacred! Thank you for healing my relationship with money so I can uncover my birthright of abundance!” (Say this when you feel grateful for your financial situation and especially when you need help in your financial life.)
  • “Thank you for the strength, wisdom, clarity, support, and guidance on this issue.” (Say this when you feel strong, and especially when you feel weak and lost.)
  • “The perfect parking spot is waiting for me! Thanks!” (See! There’s no request too small!)
  • “Thank you so much for entering (insert name)’s life, for blessing and supporting them and showing them back home to their center. I know you hold them in your arms.” (Say this for friends, family, and especially your foe.)
  • “Everything is always working in my favor! You rock, Sacred!” (Say this all the time every day no matter what.)
  • “I’m so grateful that your miracles constantly arrive! My needs are always met! Thanks so much!” (This is what you say not only when things go your way, but also when they aren’t…especially when they aren’t)

Lift It Up and Let It Go:

To change your life for the better, offer everything up to Sacred for a blessing. As I said before, you can never ask for too much support. Sacred is infinite. No “problem” or request is too small. Before making your request or prayer, make sure that it’s rooted in your intention and desire for the fulfillment of the highest and greatest good. You hold in your heart that all answers to prayers are in service of the highest and greatest good.

Imagine the issue you’re asking for help with. Picture it in your hands lifted out in front of you. Wrap the issue in Sacred’s golden light that blesses and infuses the issue with Sacred’s touch. Then, watch it float up into the formless space of Sacred for safe keeping. Sacred can hold space for it much better than you can. So let it go.

Then, sit back and wait in patient faith. Stop grasping around for answers with your worrying mind. Allow the answers and guidance to arise. They might show up immediately. Or it might take some time. But that’s okay, because you know that everything you need and everything you need to know will arrive at just the right time. You may have to remind yourself of this when impatience and uncertainty start creeping in. And when impatience does creep in, thank Sacred for healing your impatience and for strengthening your faith and knowing of the Truths.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to change your life for the better, call Sacred into every aspect and moment of your life. Inviting Sacred into every aspect of your life is the most beneficial thing you can do to insure the fulfillment of your greatest destiny. 




Sacred, I know there are parts of me that block your flow through me and my life. Thank you so much for healing those shadow sides of myself. My intention is to serve the greatest good for the greatest number or people, and I know that the fulfillment of the destiny you created for me is the only way for me to do that. I know the destiny you created for me is better than any I could ever dream up for myself. Thank you so much for this incredible life, and for my unique and beautiful destiny. I’m so thankful for your helping me fulfill it in every moment of my life. I lift up all my thoughts and actions for your blessing. I invite you into every aspect of my life. Thank you for helping me always remember that you are always working in my favor. I love you. Thank you. Amen. 


In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper

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Currence: A Practice To Improve Your Life

improve your life
Reading Time: 16 minutes

Want to improve your life? There is something that can enhance every moment of your existence. It’s called currence, and I’m going to tell you all about it in this article!

What Is Currence?:

There’s quite a bit of talk about presence and living in the now. Currence relates to those, but we will go into depth explaining exactly what it is, why it’s important, and how it applies to you. 

Currence isn’t an action or something that you do. Instead, it’s an active state of being that you inhabit.

Currence refers to your state of being in the current moment. You are in currence when you are fully present (mind, body, and Soul) with the moment taking place, and you’re existing from a sacred state of being. You’re experiencing the moment rather than thinking about it or something else. You’re noticing rather than labeling. observing rather than judging. This protects you from the whirlwind of stressful emotions we so often get sucked into. 

Currence is experiencing each and every moment of life from the perspective of your Soul self rather than the mind.

Currence negates time in the sense that it’s based in the truth that the current moment is the only moment that exists.

What’s The Current Moment?

It might seem self explanatory, but I want to you really let it sink in.

The current moment is not only the moment taking place now. It is the only moment that ever truly takes place. The past isn’t real. The future isn’t real. They both only exist in our minds.

Furthermore, the current moment is our only point of access to Sacred (God/Higher Power etc) and to our Soul self.  It’s the only moment where the current of Sacred can flow. Hence, the name currence.

What’s A State Of Being:

Your state of being is the hinge of currence. Your state of being is your mindset, your vibe, your energetic vibration. We can inhabit both sacred and shadow states of being.

Sacred states of being are “positive” states of being. They are far more than emotions, more than feelings. Sacred states of being are modes in which Divine channels can flow through us and into all that we say, do, and experience.

We are blessed with the choice to inhabit these Holy territories of high vibrational frequencies. Choosing these states is one of our main purposes in life because this is how we most allow Sacred to work through us. Sacred states are the gateway to currence. Sacred states are the gateway to the Divine. 

Sacred States:

  • Joy
  • Love
  • Patience
  • Acceptance
  • Non-resistance
  • Enthusiasm
  • Reverence
  • Gratitude
  • Compassion
  • the desire to understand

Shadow States:

Shadow states of being serve, preserve, and strengthen the Else (AKA: Ego. The human aspect of yourself that blocks the expression of your Soul self). When we act from shadow states of being, the Else has control over us, and we exit currence.

Rather than breezing through this list, I want you to spend some time reflecting on each of them, and how and when you tend to inhabit them. What events trigger you to enter these states?

Shadow states of being are:

  • Spitefulness
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Negativity
  • Victimhood
  • Vanity
  • Envy
  • Hatred
  • Chronic Stress
  • Scarcity
  • Indifference
  • Fear
  • Offendedness


get in the flow

The Flow:

When you’re in currence, you’re in the flow, .the divine current of Sacred. You’ve most likely experienced the flow before, and may or may not have realized what it was. You’ve probably felt the flow when you’re doing something you love or while creating something. The chattering, worrying mind shuts off in a sense, and you are fully in the moment, experiencing it with your whole being. You easily inhabit a sacred state of being.

The flow is the current of Sacred moving through you. You feel lighter, clearer, braver, wiser, mightier, inspired, joyful, peaceful, creative. You are one with all. Like a leaf on the waves, you move with all, so that the happenings of life have no bearing on your inner world or your state of being.

You can choose to consciously move into the flow in spite of what’s happening in your external world.

Imagine a stormy sea. The topside of the water tosses and crashes about. But way down beneath is the stillness of the deep, undisturbed by the storm above. This is a metaphor for the deep, still, Divine flow that we have access to in every moment.

Living in the flow is one way you improve your life. Currence is the path to the flow. 

How Currence Can Improve Your Life:

Most people’s minds are in one place while their bodies are in another. This severs the person from their Soul self. It places a divide between the personality and the Soul. This can lead to great and pointless suffering.

In currence, the chattering, labeling, judging mind stops, making it possible for your Soul voice and the guidance of Sacred to shine through. This influences every moment of your life, your experience of it, as well as your response to it.

Currence Improves Performance And Experience Of Tasks:

When you can sit back, perceiving each moment from a state of oneness with whatever form the current moment takes, you allow peace and Sacred to flow through you. Without labeling, judging, or attaching an emotion to the way the current moment presents itself, you become aware of the infinite realm that holds the space that allows the current moment to take form. Now you’re in a state of currence.

Since the quality of the outcome is determined by the quality of the steps taken towards it, a low quality state of being during a task leads to low quality outcomes. This not only leads to a poorer result from the task at hand, but a lower quality experience for the person performing the task.

For example, when you’re feeling frustrated and impatient, you tend to spaz out from a bit to a lot. Your spastic, reactive actions usually worsen the situation.

When you exist and act from currence, the quality of your experience is enhanced; everything you do is enhanced. Therefore, the outcomes of all you do is also enhanced. All of this improves your life as well as the impact you make in the lives of others.

Currence Improves Problem Solving:

We all know that it’s extremely difficult to solve a problem if you’re flustered, impatient, worried, snippy, angry, annoyed, frustrated. In currence, you’re steeped in sacred states of being.

This is where the Divine can best reach you. From this space, inspiration, motivation, and clarity flow more easily. Through currence you find sacred solutions because of your sacred state.

Currence Improves Your Relationships:

Who wants to be around someone who’s in a perpetual or frequent negative state? It’s impossible to maintain high quality connections and healthy relationships when one or both parties are outside of currence.

In currence, you stop labeling other’s actions in a way that causes you to react from an shadow state. When you think or say: “They’re so rude!”, “He’s so stupid!”, “She’s so crazy!”, you get sucked into control of the Else (the negative voice in our heads) and into shadow states of being. No real solution can come from this state.

From currence, you get curious about a person whose actions you can’t make sense of. You want to deeply understand it because this is a sacred solution and it fosters sacred connection with others. It honors the oneness of our divine essence.

Spending time with others in currence enhances your experience together. You are fully present with each other, sharing the rich energetic frequencies of your sacred state of being.

Currence Misconceptions:

It’s important to realize that existing in currence doesn’t mean you walk around smiling through challenges and tragedies. It doesn’t mean ignoring and denying issues that require healing and sacred solutions.

However, from a state of currence, you’re anchored in the knowing that no matter what happens, this existence, and everything that happens, serves the highest and greatest good.

Currence holds you steady in your faith that all works in favor of the greater good. If you lose a person, you will still feel sad; you’ll still miss them. But beneath it all is the current of your wise understanding of the bigger eternal picture that reminds you in your state of grief that in the end, all is well. This wise current provides a deep well of peace in the midst of chaos and sadness.






1. The Positivity Misconception:

This is a biggie. Focusing on the positive is an essential practice. It keeps us from spiraling into a pointless pit of despair. It helps us attract positive energy. It softens and injects peace and gratitude into dark places and situations.

But the misconception of this practice can lead to stagnation of healing, as well as a perpetuation of problems that scream for healing attention. Focusing on the positive doesn’t mean ignore personal or global problems and wounds that need healing attention and action.

While positivity is important, there are still issues to be addressed. We identify and enter the negativity and pain, not to wallow needlessly, but with the intention to transform ourselves or a situation. Rather than resisting it, denying it, or suppressing it, we embrace the issue with acceptance—acceptance in the nonresistance sense, not the condoning sense.

The idea is to refrain from attaching negativity to the issue, and addressing it with the high quality response of sacred solutions.

If your house is on fire, sitting inside saying, “Everything is great! All is well!” will not put the fire out.

Sacred uses nature to demonstrate the laws of the Sacred realm. Take a garden, for instance. The garden has many juicy fruits and vegetables growing in it’s nice, neat rows. However, there are also some weeds sprouting. Staying positive and saying, “Well, at least we have these great fruits and vegetables. As long as we’re positive and grateful, the weeds won’t matter. Let’s go inside and have some delicious tea.”

Guess what happens next. That’s right. The weeds eventually overtake the beautiful rows in the garden. Sometimes, “problems” or “negative” situations call on us for healing attention rather than positive vibes.

2. The “Live In The Now” Misconception:

This motto stems from the essential spiritual practice of currence. As I said, currence is essential. However, a misunderstanding of this practice can lead to irresponsible and unsacred actions with painful consequences.

At times, we must use the present moment to consider best action. Sometimes, we must use the now to plan for the future or amend for the past. If we’ve wronged someone, it isn’t spiritual to say, “It’s in the past. Be in the present. Get over it.” No. We must amend for our mistakes, take accountability for our past actions, and learn from them to avoid repeating them in the future.

Live in the now does not mean, always do whatever you want and things will work themselves out. We still must use the current moment to take care of our responsibilities, and in doing so, infuse our thoughts, actions, and plans with sacred energy from a sacred state of being.

There are more spiritual myths and misconceptions that block spiritual growth. Read about them here.


How Currence And Convergence Are Related:

Convergence is the alignment of our human selves with our Soul selves. This is done through deliberate growth and healing of aspects of our personalities that block our Soul and the flow of Sacred.

Currence is a moment to moment focus and awareness of your current state, bringing yourself back to the moment and into sacred states of being.

They both go hand in hand towards the purpose and intention towards deliberate growth and evolution—a great purpose of our existence.

Through the practice of currence and convergence, you shed the Else and your eclipsing shadow sides that block the expression of your Soul. This is the best way to, not only improve your life, but to fulfill your greatest destiny. It’s the creation of your best life, the fulfillment of your highest potential.

When To Practice Currence:

Ideally, currence is the aim in every moment. However, that is far from likely, especially if you’re new to the practice. Our incessant monkey mind has been in control for a very long time. It will take time and practice to take back control.

A great way to practice is when you’re doing mundane or even slightly trying tasks such as:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Folding laundry
  • Doing dishes
  • Putting on your shoes
  • During bedtime routine with your kids
  • Walking across the room
  • Making dinner
  • Having a conversation
  • During your shower
  • Sitting in traffic
  • When you spill something

Use Your Senses:

When practicing currence, you can use your body as an anchor point. Experience the moment with your five senses, becoming aware of the experience from a watchful place. Observing (not labeling or judging) the experience of the five senses connects you to your sixth sense—your Sacred sense of being. It moves you into the Soul’s perception—awareness.

When you’re folding the laundry, fold the laundry. Use your five senses to connect to the moment. Feel the warm fabric between your fingers. Smell the clean, fresh scent. Watch how the fabric moves. Watch your thinking mind as it tries to take you into a thought or worry about the past or future. 

Remember, you’re observing the experience rather than attaching thoughts and words to it. When you attach thoughts and words, you are pulled from currence into the vacuum of judgments and emotional reactions.

Stay tuned for an ecourse on how to apply the practice of currence in your life!

The Barriers To Currence:

1. Resistance:

When you resist the current moment, you push against it. Resistance leads to dread, avoidance, and numbing. A solution to an issue taking place begins with first accepting that the issue exists. This doesn’t mean you won’t take action. Accepting allows you to address the issue from a more sacred state of being, which allows sacred solutions to arise.

2. Judging and Labeling

We’re hardwired to spot the negative. It’s a defensive mechanism of the Else and our primitive brain that constantly scans for threats. But this mechanism has gone haywire and is highly overreactive. As a result, we’re—well, the Else, rather is—constantly judging and labeling the form that the current moment takes. 

“This is terrible!” “This sucks!” “That’s so annoying.” “That’s good!”

Judging how the current moment presents itself is dangerous. When we do this, our inner state depends upon external circumstances. This isn’t so detrimental when it’s a “positive” moment. However, we run into a lot of suffering that we tend to perpetuate when the current moment is less than desirable.

Our mindsets are highly responsible for our circumstances. Our judgment informs our thoughts, then our state, then our emotions, then our experience, then our reaction, then more life circumstances. You can see how things can go south quickly.

Instead, we must view circumstances from a neutral, observant perspective. We retain control of our state of being this way.

Judging a situation also disconnects you from the Divine. It interrupts your faith that all is working in the favor of your evolution. All is working in the favor of our collective evolution.

This doesn’t mean you don’t care about what happens or that we don’t take reparative action. It means your response and your experience is higher quality.

The Creators Of Currence:

Awareness, intention, and acceptance are three requirements in order for currence to take place.

1. Awareness:

You are not the voice in your head, nor are you your emotions or the thoughts in your head. Who you are is the part of you that is aware of the thoughts taking place. When you settle back into the seat of awareness you perceive and exist as your Soul. Your thoughts and perceptions lose the ability to take hold of you and pull you into a vortex of overwhelming and controlling emotion.

Your experience and response to the current moment is consciously chosen. Your inner state is not determined by external circumstances or your thoughts about them.

2. Intention:

Your intention to grow spiritually, to exist and express as your Soul self is primary. The fulfillment of this intention is rooted in an intimate relationship and connection with Sacred. When this is a nonnegotiable commitment, the rest will flow more easily. Your intention to evolve and serve the greater good calls in the infinite support and guidance of Sacred. This intention clears the path for your awareness to arise. It opens the gate for sacred states of being to move in. It takes the sovereignty the Else has over your life and returns it to the throne of the Soul.

3. Acceptance:

The idea of accepting the moment in any form it takes may seem crazy. “How can I accept war, famine, abuse?” you ask.

Have you ever heard the phrase “What you resist persists”? When we resist and judge, we are blocked from the inspiration of sacred solutions. Instead we enter shadow states of being where nothing productive gets done.

When I say accept, I do not mean condone or tolerate injustices. Acceptance is a state of allowing and nonjudgment. It’s saying, “Ok. This is happening. What’s the most sacred way to go about solving it?” It means not getting tangled up in the emotional thoughts and reactions so much that we exit sacred states of being and are, therefore, rendered unable to address the issue with sacred solutions. 

There is always a sacred solution. Sometimes it is an action. Other times it’s a non-action. When the sacred solution is action, by all means, take action: leave an abusive relationship, help the needy, devote yourself to servicing areas you feel called to. But before and during any action, you must insure that your state of being is of a sacred nature.

When there is nothing you can do to change a situation, the sacred solution is non-action. Resisting and judging a situation will only add pointless suffering to your experience. Your frustration, sadness, anger, annoyance, and impatience will not change what is.  In these moments, acceptance is the pathway to sacred states. 


The combination of your acceptance of every moment, your awareness of your state, and your intention to inhabit currence creates the space for sacred states to move in.


Our Labels Don’t Change What Is:

An image of a thing is not the thing itself. A description of a thing is not the thing itself. Our label of a thing is not the thing itself. Our perception and opinion of a situation is not the whole truth of the situation. The Truth cannot be encapsulated by words, thoughts, or beliefs. The Truth can only be experienced through currence and sacred states of being.

When we equate our thoughts and beliefs with the Truth, we run into big problems. Our perspectives shrink and petrify, unable to expand into higher ways of perceiving.

If our thoughts and beliefs take us to shadow states of being, we are missing the Truth of the current moment and the form it takes. 

While a photo of a kite can show us a kite, it isn’t the kite itself. While our thoughts and beliefs can never be the truth itself, they can point to the Truth, guide us to the Truth. 

When Our Inner World Depends On Our Outer World:

Happiness dependent on outcomes, and how the current moment presents itself, guarantees eventual disappointment. Conditional peace blocks the flow of Sacred currence. Searching for peace and contentment outside of one’s self guarantees suffering and discontent.

Peace and contentment are the Soul’s natural states of being buried under parts of the personality that require healing. To determine the amount of true joy and peace in your life, test how long you can sit in silence alone with yourself without numbing distractions. Numbness is not peace.

Numbness, as well as distraction and denial, is locking yourself in your chambers to sleep while the Else enters your internal kingdom and lays siege on your Soul. You may avoid awareness of the Else’s destruction for a while, but eventually, it will come bursting into your chambers.

How often are you truly in a state of peace. How many moments did you spend outside of currence worrying about the past and future—mind and body in separate time and place? How much pointless suffering do you endure on a daily basis?

This reflection is not to berate or belittle yourself. It is a practice of brave humility, and is required to bring to your awareness the importance of currence and your growth.

If Our Inner World Is Independent Of Our Outer World, How Can I Enjoy What Happens In Life?

Life is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated. Anything done from a sacred state of being is encouraged and divinely intended. Experiences from sacred states are experiences of the Soul. Your thoughts and actions from sacred states of being are the expressions of your Soul.

The difference is allowing a pleasant thing or situation to complement your state rather than dictate your state. That way, when the pleasant thing disappears, your sacred state remains.

Gratitude Is The Front Door To Currence:

Concentration camp survivor, Viktor Frankl mentions that even as a prisoner, there were spaces for gratitude. Gratitude is the guard of our inner world, defending us from the Else. Shadow states cannot exist where gratitude is present.

We must recognize and send gratitude as often as possible, especially in hard times, and even in small challenges. If you drop a marinara sauce covered fork on the rug, enter gratitude that it missed stabbing your foot. If you’re getting a divorce, enter gratitude for the lessons you bring with you. If you lost your job, enter gratitude for the new opportunities that are coming your way.

This grateful mindset and state of being is rooted in the knowing that everything happens for the higher and greater good, and no situation goes to waste. Sacred uses every situation to contribute to the evolution of the greater consciousness. From a human perspective, this is often difficult to understand and believe in the midst of suffering. From the Soul’s perspective, we know it’s true.  

Invite Sacred into your life with grateful invitation into every moment you can think to. This will dramatically improve things. 

The Else Hates Currence:

As I said, the Else is the incessant, usually negative, voice in the head that you believe is who you are. The Else always finds satisfaction in situations that strengthen it; situations that draw a person from their divine center—in anything other than currence.

The Else gathers great strength from judging and resisting the form the current moment takes. Not only does the judgment make the Else feel “right”, it also pulls a person into shadow states, which are the Else’s main food source.

It perceives contentment only in moments before or after the one taking place now: when this certain thing happens, after I get this object, after I do this one thing. This keeps a person out of currence, longing for something different than what is.

Often, a person gets to that longed for moment they believe will make them happy. If they remain controlled by the Else, what happens? The happiness lasts for a short time. But the Else finds boredom with quick ease, and convinces the person that happiness can no longer be found in the situation that once promised lasting happiness. Take celebrities, for example. They get rich and famous like they wanted, but they’re still miserable.

The Else swears that something else must be attained or achieved for happiness to occur again, that the moment must be something other than what it is. Happiness is ever fleeting and based on outside circumstances. However, peace and joy always reside irrevocably within—despite external circumstances—in aware and accepting currence.


A new way of being requires less thinking and more awareness. It’s time for your mind to serve you rather than abuse and oppress you. Currence is the key to your freedom from the negative voice in your head. It’s the best, most sacred way to improve your life.

When you get the thought, “Will I ever get rid of the Else? I’ll never be able to do that in every moment!”, know that this is the Else talking. The only moment you can inhabit currence is in the current moment. You can only enter currence now…now…now.

Remember, what you focus on grows. When your mindset is shaped by your judgment and labels of your experiences rather than your true identity (your Soul self), suffering ensues.

We will still experience pain in currence. While pain is real, suffering is a state of mind.

Constantly check your state in order to stop thoughts before they create feelings and emotions. Thoughts inform emotions. Emotions inform reactions. Reactions create your circumstances. 

Every thought and choice matters. Each carries an energetic vibration that attracts more energy that matches that vibration. Anger begets anger. Joy begets joy. We must start considering our intentions behind every thought and action. We must be intentional with our intentions. Rather than acting out and reacting mindlessly, we must begin to reflect and respond mindfully, from a solid foundation of Sacred intentions. Reflect before you act.

Most of us are too busy, too stressed and too numbed to even notice what’s really going on within us. Currence recenters us and aligns us with the energetic vibration of Sacred itself.

Although it’s inevitable, you can choose to accelerate and magnify your evolution. Your evolution impacts not only your human life now, but also the lives of others, as well as the eternal life of your Soul self. Currence is evolution through sacred wisdom. It’s the accelerated path of evolution. You have the choice in every moment.


Dear beloved Sacred, thank you so much for this miraculous and unique moment. I invite you now and in every moment to enter my mind, heart, and perceptions so that I inhabit sacred states of being in every moment. Thank you for keeping my awareness sharp and keen so that I remain in currence in every moment. Thank you for blessing my thoughts, words and actions, and for guiding me with clarity to sacred solutions. I am your vessel for the highest and greatest good. Thank you for using me. Thank you for loving me. Amen. 

In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper


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Is Your Personality Eclipsing Your Soul?
Reading Time: 20 minutes

Parts of your personality can prevent you from your best life by eclipsing your Soul. This article tells you how to identify and heal so you can create your best life.

Life can be really freaking hard, especially if you’re under complete control of your Shadow Sides. Unattended, your Shadow Sides will cause chaos and suffering. You’ll experience everything from frequent irritation to a crumbling of every aspect of life.

When you find yourself in a place of darkness, or even a brief period of dimness, your Shadow Sides have most likely taken over.

What are Shadow Sides?:

Our personalities are made up of Light Sides and Shadow Sides. Our Shadow Sides are the parts of our personality that block us from our greatest destinies; they prevent us from living our best life. They prevent us from fulfilling our potential and from growing into our best self. Your shadow sides are the deadbolts on the door to your greatest destiny. To heal the shadow sides is to unlock the door.

Shadow Sides are our beliefs, patterns, thoughts, and perspectives that sprout from our wounds, fears, and misconceptions. They form and serve as henchmen of what I call the Else, an entity in our minds that we falsely identify as who we are.

The Else is a primitive aspect of our humanness that believes its existence protects us, but it only does the opposite. If you haven’t read about the Else yet, I suggest checking it out now so this article makes better sense to you.

We give control of our minds and lives over to the Shadow Sides when we confuse the Else with who we are, when we believe that our thoughts and feelings are who we are. This becomes particularly detrimental when our thoughts and feelings are negative, when they take  us to dark places.

Our Shadow Sides feed us convincing lies that allow us to create excuses for our bad behaviors and negative states, for our procrastination and unfulfillment of our potential. The lies and excuses are so convincing, we don’t even know they’re false We believe in them so much that we don’t even imagine that they aren’t valid. This is why people get “stuck in their ways”, never changing, never growing, always wondering why life is so hard, why life isn’t improving for them.


The Truth About Emotions:

Our emotions are not our Truth. People confuse their deep Truth with their emotions, believing they are one and the same. But that is not the truth. Our painful emotions are compasses that point to what needs healing so we can best express our Truth.

Our Truth is the underlying balm beneath the wounded emotions of the Else. When emotions control you, and you react in constricting ways, you and your life, are under the Else’s siege, your Truth is buried, and it’s time to take healing action.

Emotions are neither bad nor good. They’re simply different vibrations on the energetic spectrum. Those of the Else vibrate low and slow, while those of the Soul vibrate fast and high like Sacred. The lower vibrations are heavier; they feel more unpleasant. They serve to urge us towards the lighter, Sacred vibrations.

Having emotions isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t that we shouldn’t have them. It’s just that we need to treat them differently. Rather than get sucked into their vortex of negativity, we must perceive them from an objective point of view, assess them with deep curiosity and the intention to heal and transcend them.

Human beings exist in a world of duality: light and dark, up and down, hot and cold. On the other side of each is its opposite. So, on the other side of the shadow side’s illusions, is sacred reality. The other side of their lies is the truth. The Shadow Sides have light side counterparts. We’ll get to those later.

Where Do Shadow Sides Come From?:

Pre-birth origin:

The primary purpose of your human life is the evolution of your Soul and of the entire Sacred consciousness. Before your birth, with the help of the Divine, your Soul co-created aspects of your personality, including it’s Shadow Sides. Your personality’s unique design serves the evolution of your Soul.

One of the most effective ways a human learns about something is to experience what it’s not, to experience its opposite, its contrasting vibration.

For example, if your Soul wanted to evolve more in the arena of patience, it might choose a personality with Shadow Sides that take you easily to impatience. The experience of impatience, although addicting, is unpleasant. A person acting from a place of impatience spreads the negative energy into what they do and to the people they encounter.

All of these painful experiences are to urge the person to look towards the light, to choose patience instead. This requires self awareness and effort. 

Post-birth Origin:

Much of our personality and its Shadow Sides are products of our upbringing and circumstances. When we go through life, particularly difficult situations, the Else creates beliefs and thought patterns in an attempt to prevent further pain from similar situations. Unfortunately, these creations of the Else end up hurting us too.

Unhealed issues get passed down from parent to child, repeating dysfunctional patterns and behaviors until someone breaks the cycle.

Some repetitive issues are obvious, such as addiction. Others are more unconscious. For example, the deep belief that we must earn our value and worth leads to conditional love and acceptance for self and others. This is an extremely common shadow that stems from the forgetfulness that we’re all sacred beings, that our value is intrinsic and irreducible.

How The Shadow Sides Survive:

The Shadow Sides gain control when you believe your personality is entirely who you are. Therefore, it’s extremely important to truly know that your personality is both an expression of your true self (the Soul) and your human self, which includes your Light Sides and your Shadow Sides. The Shadow Sides are the wounded and fearful aspects that we’re meant to heal, but often, we end up their slaves instead.

When people believe their personalities are who they are. They say things like this to excuse not rising to their greatness:

  • “I’ve always been this way.”
  • “I have an addictive personality.”
  • “My dad/mom was this way too. Anger/sensitivity/laziness/(fill in the blank of the repeating family issue) runs in the family.”
  • “Well, I wouldn’t have done that if they hadn’t done this.”
  • “That’s just who I am.”
  • “I’m not that kind of person.”

We think much of what we think and do is a result of who we are, but for the most part it’s actually a result of habits and patterns of our personalities—all of which are changeable should we so choose.

The Shadow Sides survive because we aren’t paying attention; we have little to no awareness that they exist. We live our lives under their complete control, thinking our emotions and actions are logical, rational, and warranted, when they actually come from a very wounded and fearful place. Our best lives and our best selves aren’t possible from this place.

Most of our thoughts go unchecked, unobserved, and unquestioned. We subscribe to them in a trance of the Else as they come and go without even a scant awareness they’ve been there. However, the evidence of their existence lies in the emotions and states of being they place us in. Our suffering and negative experiences indicate their location.

How Do They Show Up In Life?:

Shadow Sides manifest in countless ways with long term and short term presentations.

Short Term Presentations:

You might get taken over for a few seconds, such as when you experience road rage or you drop something and feel annoyed. Maybe you’re a little snippy with your family. Getting your feelings hurt is another example. Yes, people do hurtful things that we cannot allow. However, we give others entirely too much of our power when we get butt hurt at the drop of a hat. If something someone does upsets us, this indicates that either a true injustice has occurred that requires sacred action, or it indicates that we have Shadow Sides that need healing attention.  

A bad mood is another example. Sometimes we just get in a funk. That’s okay. It’s how we deal with it that matters. We’ll get to that later. 

Long Term Presentations:

Long term lingering under control of the Shadow Sides is the explanation for nearly the entire spectrum of suffering, from dysfunctional relationships to war.

You might get taken over for long periods of time, lingering in their darkness and suffering. This is when your mindsets and states of being spawn from your Shadow Sides. It’s when you experience suffering on a chronic, more massive scale. This is when you’ve moved from an occasional bad mood to just a straight up grouchy person. 

grouchy cat

Your Shadow Sides create and take you into shadow states such as:

  • Spitefulness
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Negativity
  • Victimhood
  • Vanity
  • Envy
  • Hatred
  • Chronic Stress
  • Irritation
  • Impatience
  • Resistance to healing
  • Scarcity
  • Indifference
  • Fear
  • Offendedness


It All Indicates Areas For Healing:

I don’t know if feeling annoyed for a few seconds a few times a day is a huge deal, but what it indicates kindof is.  This reaction indicates the existence of a shadow side. This shadow side resists and judges the form the current moment takes and is, therefore, out of currence (at one with the current moment). It doesn’t trust in the Divine in that moment.

Resisting what is takes a person to shadow states of being. If you can’t maintain a sacred state of being for the small challenges, you certainly won’t be able to in the big ones.

Any discontent or restlessness is a signal from Sacred to shift into a greater perspective; to venture within and discover greater truths and a more magnificent version of yourself, to create a more magnificent version of your life, to contribute in ways that serve your and the collective greater good.

Discontent and restlessness are the stinging claws of a greater, yet, unlived aspect of self or life, scratching its way to come out, desperate to be experienced and expressed.

If you are experiencing a disturbed emotion, one of three things is happening:

  1. A true injustice has taken place that will require sacred solutions taken from sacred states of mind and being
  2. You are perceiving from a wounded and fearful perspective that wants to be seen and healed
  3. You are perceiving from a forgetful perspective that’s lost sight of the greater truths 

In those moments, DO NOT beat yourself up. Allow that the emotions came up. Allow yourself to feel them in a safe and high quality way. Call Sacred forth to reveal the deeper truths. Then pay attention. Answers will come as nudges, coincidences, or realizations.

Shadow Sides take us into shadow states of being that lead to perpetual, painful emotions. Unchecked, we live and act from these states in a vicious cycle of unnecessary suffering.

On a global scale, we have great Shadow Sides. All the pain and suffering calls us to embody compassion and actions of service. The disconnection and divide calls us to remember our sacred Oneness, to act from and inhabit sacred states of being, such as understanding and the desire to create deep connection.

How Do Shadow Sides Affect Everyday Life?:

Our Shadow Sides block the flow of the Divine through us and into our lives. They’re the cause of our spiritual truancy, and we will remain truant from our Divinely given destinies so long as our Shadow Sides control our minds and lives.

While Shadow Sides don’t change who we truly are in our essence, they do affect how our true self—our Soul self—-is expressed. They prevent your Soul’s expression, which is the best, most authentic version of yourself. They prevent you from your ultimate destiny, which is essentially your best life. 

Our Shadow Sides affect our inner and outer life. They are the incessant negative self talk, the perpetual voice in the head. That voice controls nearly everything we do—and everything we don’t do: pursue our dreams, take that leap, do whatever it is our Soul voice is whispering for us to do, but we can’t muster what it takes to do it. 

Our Shadow Sides are the culprits of the darkness and dysfunction both individually and globally. They cause most of the emotions that cause us unnecessary suffering and despair; they lead us to unsacred actions that cause only more darkness.

We all have Shadow Sides. They are aspects of our personalities that take us to dark, unpleasant places. The good news is that they want to be healed. That’s why they’re causing such a scene. They can be healed. But it’s up to you to do it.


fork in the road

We Choose Our Path Of Evolution:

The evolution of our Soul is inevitable. If it isn’t the primary purpose, it’s at least one of the main purposes of our human existence.

We can use our free will to decide the path of our evolution. We can either evolve the slower, painful way under complete control of our Shadow Sides. Or, we can choose to evolve faster with less suffering by using the Shadow Sides as beacons for areas that need healing. In healing these Shadow Sides, they no longer show up to disrupt our lives. In healing these Shadow Sides, we deliberately evolve. 

Our hesitance to grow on purpose is a decision to grow through fear, darkness, and suffering—on the Shadow Path. Our decision to deliberately grow is the decision to grow through wisdom and light—-on the Converged Path.

The Shadow Path:

The evolution of a person on the shadow path is passive in nature. They wait for life to happen, and then the Else typically reacts on their behalf. On the Shadow Path a person never “wakes up”. They live their life completely under the Else’s controlling trance. The learning comes only after they die when the Soul sheds the body and the mind that held it captive. The Soul reviews and reflects on its life to discover lessons and wisdom. This is when the Soul’s evolution takes place.

A person evolves on the Shadow Path when they are severed from their Soul voice, severed from Sacred.

Our connection with Sacred is a two way current. While Sacred never disconnects from us, we disconnect from Sacred. The Else and our Shadow Sides are the circuit breakers. To heal them is to restore the current. 

The Converged Path:

Through the use of free will and choice, the evolution of a person on the Converged Path is active in nature. The Converged Path is the path of wisdom through deliberate alignment of human aspects with those of the Soul. On this path, spiritual evolution occurs during the human life. It occurs when a human consciously chooses to live a life of convergence. This is the path of your best life. 

Convergence is deliberate personal growth through healing and shedding aspects of the personality that block the expression and greatest destiny of the Soul. The Converged Path requires addressing and healing the Shadow Sides.

There are still challenges on the Converged Path. However, our mindset, state of being, and experience is sacred in nature. Rather than reacting to them with our fearful Shadow Sides that lead to more suffering, we respond gracefully with spiritual perspectives and sacred solutions.

Rather than resisting, judging, and hating them, we perceive challenges as opportunities for growth and as new openings in life. From sacred states of being we compassionately and wisely identify, heal, and transcend the Else and its Shadow Sides.

All of this is made possible through a deep and consistent connection with Sacred combined with our daily, moment to moment, choice and commitment to spiritual evolution.

On the Shadow Path, life unravels. On the Converged Path, life unfolds. You evolve either way. The difference is your experience. The choice of the path is up to you. 

What Are The Light Sides?:

Our Shadow Sides make up only a fraction of our personalities. We also have Light Sides.

Our Light Sides are the sides of our personalities that are aligned with our Soul self. They are our source of motivation, will, and strength. They usher us into their corresponding sacred states of being that allow us to move gracefully, Soulfully, and wholly through life.

90% of most people’s personalities are composed of Light Sides. 90% of the people on the planet are peaceful and loving. But as we are all well aware, that remaining 10% can cause quite the ruckus. This is true on an individual and global scale. 

So, all the chaos and suffering isn’t that there are more Shadow Sides or hateful, violent people. It’s that the Shadow Sides and hateful people are the ones taking big action. 

This article serves to turn that around. We need to heal the 10% and get the 90% taking action!

Examples Of Light Sides:

  • Our compassionate side
  • Our side that desires to deeply understand
  • Our loving side
  • Our accepting, inclusive side
  • Our generous side
  • Our patient side
  • Our grateful side
  • Our reverent side
  • Our joyful and enthusiastic side
  • Our peaceful side
  • Our beneficent side
  • Our wise side
  • Our connected to Sacred side

The Light Sides are the parts of the personality that complement and exhume the Soul from the burying shadows. We bring them with us on our healing pilgrimage. They serve our Soul self in their ability to hold us steady in sacred states of being.

Tending a garden includes removing the weeds as well as nourishing the garden. If we aim to evolve beyond the shadow and create sacred change, we must not only uncover and heal the Shadow Sides rooted in fear, but we must also nourish the Light Sides rooted in love. This applies to every individual and the collective humanity.

In doing this, we prepare ourselves to venture into the shadows with the diligent intention of rooting out and healing manifestations of the Else that cultivate suffering. The Sacred Truth of our Light Sides is our lantern in the darkness. Our devout commitment to convergence is our staff.



how to heal yourself

How To Address The Shadow Sides:

It begins with a shift in perspective. You must remember that you are immortal, infinite, Divine in nature. You’re a child, masterpiece, and beloved creation of Sacred itself. You must know in your bones, every cell of your body, every particle of your being that you’re created for greatness, created to inject greatness into the world.

The perspective of your Soul self knows that the Universe is always working in your favor, even when times are hard. From this perspective, you have trust and faith in the unfolding of life. This keeps you out of shadow states of being when you face challenges. It gives you the courage and motivation to move through them knowing you’re coming out stronger and wiser on the other side.

You must see your transcendence, not only as necessary for yourself, but for your children, your family and friends, for the rest of the world. You have a Sacred responsibility to purposely evolve yourself into a human with a personality that complements and fully aligns with your Soul.

Addressing the Shadow Sides is one of the essential practices in deliberate personal growth. Find motivation and strength in the fact that the Divine force that supports you is far greater than the shadow force pushing against you.

Remember that many of our Shadow Sides originated in our childhood. Therefore, it is imperative that we treat them as wounded children, with compassion, patience, understanding, and the desire to help them heal.

Commitment To Deliberate Growth Is The Lock. Awareness Is The Key:

To truly transform, you must anchor your growth in Sacred and make it a top priority. It must no longer be an option. Your purposeful growth must be nonnegotiable. You must stay ravenous for your best life. Without a persistent, unwavering commitment towards your growth, you will inevitably slip back into old patterns. This is not an overnight event, nor is it a temporary way of life. This is a lifelong commitment in service of your Soul self and of the Divine. I hope you find motivation in the fact that your reward comes in your current life, and it is also eternal in nature. 

Your commitment to your growth is your fuel; awareness is your antenna feeling out and detecting areas in need of healing attention. 

“Negative” emotions are inevitable. It’s how we handle them that matters. Diligent awareness of your thoughts and state allows you to quickly spot a disturbing emotion when it pops up. Your awareness keeps the emotion from taking you hostage and dragging you through all the terrible feelings and experiences it causes. Awareness places you in an observant rather than a subservient position. 

Once you spot a disturbing emotion rising up, you’ll want to address it as soon as possible. If you can’t assess and work through it right then, then make it a point to create some time to address it in a deep healing session later. 

Get Curious:

With brave curiosity, we anchor into Sacred and our healing intentions as we search out the dark corners within ourselves. The Shadow Sides want to heal in spite of how much they might resist. Consequently, they can’t help but show themselves.

Our sufferings are their breadcrumbs. We follow our pain to locate our Shadow Sides.

When you notice an emotion from the Else coming up, rather than jumping into the story that perpetuates it, get curious about it instead.

How does it feel in your physical body? Literally locate and define its physical sensations. Take a deep breath, and separate yourself from it before it takes control of you.

Allow it to exist, but experience it from an observant and curious point of view rather than getting sucked into its hypnotic lures.

Don’t fear the physical sensations. It is the energy of the shadow moving through you. You are strong enough to endure it. It will pass. Watch the feeling more than you feel the feeling.

Get To Know Your Emotions:

Our emotion’s control over us hinges on our oblivion and ignorance of their nature. Deep understanding of our emotions and their origins is the key to our freedom from their prickly cage.

Painful emotions are rarely about the triggering circumstances. They almost always have a deeper origin. Recognize the emotion that’s there and try to figure out what it’s really about.

Pray. Ask Sacred to assist you in your healing. Sacred can rarely intervene without invitation, for it breaks the law of our promised free will. Ask for guidance and wisdom. Don’t go searching for the answers with your mind. Allow it to bubble up from within. This may take some time.

Speak to the emotion. Don’t force it away or feel ashamed that you feel it. Allow it to exist. Speak to it as you would a wounded child, “Hey, Buddy. I see you there. I am here with you, and I am ready to fully understand your existence. Thank you for showing me what where I need healing and what I need to learn from you. Show me how you wish to be illuminated and healed.”

thumbs up

Do This: 

The Shadow Side and its corresponding emotions must be recognized, spoken of, and spoken to. We cannot destroy the Shadow Sides. Therefore, we must transform them by infusing their Light Side antidote. Invite Sacred into the healing process. 


We should ignore our shadows no more than one would ignore a gaping, spurting wound. To heal, the wounded shadow is:

  1. Assessed: Give it a safe space to exist. What does it feel like? Where is it coming from? What caused it? Are there any exacerbating untruths?
  2. Properly treated: Perhaps an amending conversation is required, a good cry, a good scream.
  3. Cleaned and stitched: Dedicate a piece of time daily to focus not on the pain, but on the healing truths.
  4. Given time: There will always be a scar. Some experiences may poke at it a bit, cause just a jab of pain. But after taking such healing care, a scar is tougher than even the surrounding tissue. The wound remains approximated, and no further harm is endured.

Rather than despising the Else and its emotions, we see them as instruments of our evolution. An emotion may surge up and take control without much consent, but a person chooses and is responsible for how they entertain it or act on it. What you do with your emotions will determine your and usually other’s experience. It will determine the degree and nature of your evolution.

thumbs downDon’t Do This:

War against anything only perpetuates the darkness we seek to destroy. We cannot destroy Shadow Sides.

Two darks don’t make a light. The worst thing to do is resist, repress, judge, shame, or feel frustrated at your Shadow Sides. Only a Shadow Side reacts this way as it perceives through the eyes of the Else.

To transcend our Shadow Sides, we must feel their corresponding feelings, allowing them to exist, but in a safe healing space.

Active Light Side Strengthening:

After you’ve given ample space and healing attention to your Shadow Sides, you must inject them with Sacred Truths, and keep your Light Sides strong. Do this practice on a daily basis as well to maintain sacred states of being.

Just as negative thoughts, words, and actions make you feel negative, positive thoughts, words, and movements make you feel positive. Choose empowering statements and movements to shift your state of being. This rewires your brain, which calls in biological chemicals that enhance the good feelings. It also attracts matching, validating energies an experiences from the Universe. 

I’m going to give you a list of Sacred Truths to declare in your mind or out loud if possible. Use your body too, allowing it to move as it wants while you say your declaration. The body is highly connected to your mind and is, therefore, a highly effective tool for shifting your state of mind and being. The body of a person in an angry state of  being becomes hard as it tightens and constricts. In a sacred state of enthusiasm, the body moves with joy and excitement. Its movements are larger and open. Imagine how you move when you’re super stoked about something. Make the movement you imagine you’d make if you felt the way that the declaration says. 

Before you do this exercise, quickly check your state. Make a few notes about the energetic feel of the state. Give it some labels if that feels helpful. 

To strengthen your awareness and Soul’s mastery of your mind. I want you to say. Each. Word. Very. Slowly. And. Enthusiastically. Choosing. Each. One. With. Deliberate. Purpose. Pick words or phrases that are empowering and expansive. Each word gets your full attention. Get up and get ready to move! Smile and repeat after me. You have to actually do this for it to work! Get that body moving! Say it like you really mean it!


  • I AM ABLE!

Now, check your state again. Is that a smile on your face?! I bet you feel differently than before. Feels good, huh? See! It works! 

The words to follow ‘I am’ are extremely powerful. When you’re in the shadows, your thoughts declare things of their own. You must catch them and declare their opposite. This calls matching vibrations from the Universe. These are the mental building blocks to creating your best life. 

When To Do These Practices:

  • When you wake up
  • When you look in the mirror
  • When you get in your car, driving to work
  • When you walk across the room
  • When you’re cooking/eating
  • When you’re about to do something that challenges you
  • Every moment you can think to

As you continue to consciously do this practice, your state will begin to shift automatically. You will enter sacred states with greater ease; your Shadow Sides lose their control over you, your life unfolds more beautifully, and you become a better instrument for Sacred.

Stay tuned for a more detailed ecourse!

How Transcending The Shadow Sides Improves Your Life:

Transcending the Shadow Sides improves your life because it improves you as a human being. When you’re your best self, you make better and wiser decisions. Healing your Shadow Sides puts you on the Converged Path, making life flow much more smoothly. As the process takes effect, sacred states become more natural. You slip into them more easily, making life much more pleasant.

The more you heal, the more aligned you become. The more aligned you become, the easier it is for the energy and flow of the Divine to move in and through you. Furthermore, as you step into your light, new opportunities and inspirations come to you that couldn’t have come before. You expand. Your life expands in richer and fuller ways. Things don’t get to you so much. You handle challenges with grace and more ease. You build the courage and strength to pursue your ultimate destiny, which has now opened up to you when it was blocked before. 

As the whole process began with a shift in perspective, these shifts will continue, and are the fuel of evolution. As the expansive light of truth stretches and prods through you, your paradigm will shift up and sideways many times through the deep evolutionary life so that every edge of your world expands, and every corner is lit with Sacred’s light.

The Bright Side Of Shadow Sides:

While they aren’t exactly necessary, Shadow Sides can serve as teachers, insight to which types of transformative light aspects we need in our lives. They can serve as our compass, and if dealt with properly, their effects can serve as the catalysts for transformation. They can point to the location of our lost Soul pieces. As I said before, our Shadow Sides serve the worthy and sacred purpose of the evolution of our Soul.

Shadow Sides are constricting in nature but they can have expansive results. They can either suffocate, or they can birth new life like a contracting womb. 

We All Have Shadow Sides:

Remember, we all have Shadow Sides, and we’re all going through this life together. So when you notice someone acting from under control of the Else, find compassion rather than judgement for them. Hold reverence for their brave soul that chose to come to this challenging Earth School.

Final Thoughts:

Check your state. Check your state. Check your state. Hold tight to your intention to heal. Strengthen your awareness every moment you can. 

Your task is not to become more than who you are; it is to become more of who you are. At every moment we are and have all that we need to fulfill our greatest destiny. We just have to get out of our own way.

Emotions are messengers from aspects of our personality. They reflect loving parts to be nourished, as well as fearful parts that need healing rather than blaming, shaming, or denying. Once you understand the underlying fear that causes the emotion, it loosens its grip on you. Your tendency to react destructively from the Else decreases, and your evolution progresses. While evolution occurs regardless, the degree and path of evolution depends on how we choose to grow—through the suffering of the Else, or through the love and wisdom of Sacred—the Shadow Path or the Converged Path. The path we choose determines whether or not we claim our best life. 


Dear Holy Sacred,

I know that my human life is a gift that serves the evolution of my Soul and of the greater Sacred consciousness. Thank you for making me whole, for helping me identify, heal, and transcend every aspect of my personality that prevents my Soul’s fullest and clearest expression. Thank you for making me ready for my greatest destiny. I choose to evolve on the Converged Path. Thank you for keeping me aware of my state, and for helping me hold steady in sacred states of being so that I am made the best vessel I can be for your great and sacred will. I love you. Thank you for loving me. Amen.

In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper

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The Cause Of Dysfunction, Why Life Is So Hard, And How To Make Life Better

Reading Time: 17 minutes

Is your life a mess? Is your inner world shitty to live in?

“Why is life so hard?” you ask.  “What is the cause of dysfunction in my life?”

You’re most likely out of sacred convergence. And you’re probably surrounded with unconverged people. Let me explain what this means because it has tremendous implications individually as well as globally. This article aims to explain the cause of dysfunction in our individual and collective lives, why life is so hard, and how to make life better with sacred convergence.

Sacred convergence is a concept too rarely identified and discussed. The lack of convergence in the world is the cause of almost all dysfunction and suffering. 

There are several things that make us who we are as humans. We are Souls. We have personalities. To our great detriment, we have somewhere, somehow, forgotten this. A reminder is necessary that our personalities are expressions of our Soul as well as expressions of our human conditioning, wounds, and fears. They don’t always agree and the expressions of wounds and fears often steal the spotlight in our play of life.

The Else takes the lead role as the actor of our wounds and fears, and it is most often in control of all our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and perceptions. All control of our life is often entirely in the hands of the Else. It is the primary cause of all suffering, dysfunction, and unfulfilled dreams. The Else prevents convergence and all sacred states of being that fuel our greatness and purpose—it prevents the expression of the Soul. 

A new way of being requires a new way of thinking. Keep reading to learn how to take back control of your life.  

Table of Contents

What Is Convergence?:

“In our religious thoughts we acknowledge what we call the soul, but we have not, until now, taken it seriously enough to consider what the existence of the soul means in terms of everyday experience, in terms of the joys and pains and sorrows and fulfillments that make a human life. We have not turned our attention to the needs of the soul…” The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Convergence is a primary thread of the entire Light Society Blog. It is mentioned in the majority of the posts.  

The shortest definition of convergence is the alignment and merging of the personality with that of the Soul self through the process of deliberate and sacred personal growth. The process, however, requires more explanation. We are in convergence when we’ve healed and released all aspects of our personality that block our Soul’s expression. Convergence is the answer to how to make life better.

Few people would honestly claim that they’re perfect, yet deliberate growth is rarely a top priority. We don’t teach it in schools. It isn’t a common parenting topic. And we wonder why the divorce rate is so high, why there’s so much dysfunction in our lives and the world.

Identifying non-converged areas requires deep and total honesty with yourself about areas in your personality that need growth and healing. You must release the need to be right and cling to the intention to heal. When we heal, we become better people for ourselves and for those that share our life with us.

Convergence shatters oblivion and denial about the areas of ourselves and our lives that deeply require evolution in order for our best selves and our ultimate destiny to shine through.

Awareness → Growth/Healing → Convergence → Evolution → Awareness → Growth/Healing → Convergence → Evolution →…

Awareness is the flashlight of convergence, lighting the way and illuminating our shadow sides. Our non-converged tendencies struggle to exist in the presence of awareness. The more you converge, the greater your awareness grows. As awareness grows, the Soul evolves. Likewise, as you evolve, awareness grows. They perpetuate each other.

We Must Be Clear About Who We Are: 

Imagine your personality is a bunch of different articles of clothing that you’re wearing. Some pieces of clothing have thorns pointing inward. These are aspects of your personality that hurt yourself and others. They aren’t who you are, but they do create and cause many of your circumstances and experiences, as well as others’ experience of you. This is often the cause of why life is so hard.

One of your primary jobs on this planet is to remove the thorny articles of clothing. They must be identified by looking for the wounds they’ve caused. For example, pain and dysfunction in relationships, settlement for a life less than what you know you want or is best, or a negative state of mind, to name a few.

To remove the clothes you cannot simply rip them off. They are pushed out from the inside. Removing the thorns safely and effectively requires a daily, sometimes moment to moment, practice with awareness of the thorns and the steadfast intention to heal. The majority of us are walking around in a state of auto pilot letting our personalities control our lives—leaving the thorns to destroy our lives.




You’re A Soul:

As I said before, we are Souls. We have personalities. Therefore, you are bound for trouble if you’re living your life on the whims of your personality with little to no thought about your Soul, what it’s here for, or your Higher Power. 

I would go as far to say that it is, not only a tragedy, but dangerous when people believe their personality is entirely who they are, and that it’s set in stone. Especially, when their personality is blocking their Soul.

The belief that our personality is who we are is a slayer of growth, and, therefore, a slayer of greatness. This belief is an incubator for, not only unaccountability, but evil as well. It is how a Soul becomes fully eclipsed by the personality.

The reason human caused crisis, chaos, and dysfunction exists is because fearful and wounded aspects of the personality are running the show, and they’re paying no mind to the intention of the Soul. These shadow aspects of our personalities form what I call the Else. The Else diverts us from our sacred essence. It diverts us from Sacred completely.

All that being said, even though our personality isn’t entirely who we are, and it can lead us to make terrible decisions, we are still always responsible for our actions and behaviors, even when under control of the Else.

Why Is Life So Hard? Non-Convergence—The Cause Of Dysfunction:

Here’s a list of the things that make life so hard. It’s a list of the causes of suffering ranging from a brief shameful self-judgment looking in the mirror to major atrocities like war. Many of these affect us many times a day. See which ones you frequently practice.

  • War
  • Non-currence: Mind and body in two places; worrying about future; fretting about past
  • Violence
  • Pollution
  • Disrespect/Irreverence 
  • Shadow states of being
    • Spitefulness
    • Anger
    • Shame
    • Negativity
    • Victimhood
    • Vanity
    • Envy
    • Hatred
    • Chronic Stress
    • Scarcity
    • Indifference
    • Fear
    • Worry
  • Judgement
  • Procrastinating and avoiding what our inner voice urges us to do
  • Defensiveness
  • Greed
  • Resistance to growth/healing
  • Chronic patterns of dysfunction in life, relationships, inner world
  • Addiction
  • Malice
  • Disconnection

If you’re always arguing with people, if your happiness depends on what others think of you or how many likes you get on social media, if you’re worrying about something, if you’re a participant of anything on the list above, you’re out of convergence, and creating and enduring unnecessary suffering for yourself and world around you. 

As a pebble affects the water, your thoughts and actions—converged or not—ripple out into the rest of the world, to your children, work, everything you do, everything you experience. That snippy remark…it matters. That judgement of that stranger…it matters.

Allowing the energetic vibrations of these non-converged acts pollutes yourself and the world around you. Life sucks when you’re quick to these reactions. You’re the only one who can change it.

Energy is required to fuel your normal (dysfunctional) patterns. Therefore, to override and transform those patterns, an equal or greater force of energy must act upon it or take place. Because humans rarely willingly and purposely devote the required amount of healing energy in order to heal their dysfunctional patterns, they often must learn the hard way—through difficult external circumstances. That’s why their life is so hard.


convergence, what you do affects the world

Why Is Convergence Important?

Convergence lays the foundation for Sacred’s manifestation into physical form.

When you evolve, the world evolves. Elevating your consciousness elevates the collective consciousness. This is true because at our basic level we are all a blanket of energy, connected as one. Energy is never created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed. We are here to elevate the collective energetic frequency by transforming and elevating ourselves.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “We are Souls having a human experience.” While this illuminates an important fact, I’ll add that this human experience is also a spiritual experience. Our entire human life exists to serve the evolution of the Soul as well as the evolution of the Divine consciousness. The entire physical realm exists for the Divine purpose, which is for Sacred to experience and express itself through matter, through form.

The use of our free will determines to what extent Sacred is expressed through us and all we do. Every thought and choice that betrays our true self (our Soul) is directly related to our convergence or distance from the Divine. All we do, say, think, and perceive is directly related to the amount of control the Else has in our minds. All hatred, judgement, impatience, human caused suffering and dysfunction sprouts directly from our detachment from our Sacred essence—from non-convergence. 

Since the amount of suffering that we endure and create is directly related to our location on the convergence spectrum, I’d say that convergence is more than important. It’s imperative. 

At our most fundamental level, we’re all one. For this reason, when one person further converges, the entire human consciousness further converges as well. 

Convergence is important because it’s our Soul’s covenant to the Divine, the Higher Power. It’s our great purpose, the reason we’re here. 

Convergence Is Our Great Purpose:

We are here to do more than advance technologically, get famous, make a bunch of money, or even be kind to one another. We are here to be more than our personality believes we can be. 

Our great destiny is to tap into our divinity and to live sacredly in every moment, from sacred states of being. It is to allow our Soul’s fullest expression through our human form.

We can use convergence as the touchstone for personal growth since personal growth is the process of healing and transcending wounded aspects of our personalities that block our Sacred greatness—the expression of our Soul self. For this reason, personal and spiritual growth and convergence go hand in hand. Convergence is the result of sacred and deliberate personal growth.

The thing about this physical world is we’ve got certain personality aspects that are out of convergence. We have to consciously work on healing and shedding our shadow aspects in order to prevent them from blocking the expression of our Divine selves. This sacred, intentional work is deliberate growth; it is one of the greatest needs of every individual as well as the rest of the world. 

Convergence is a primary and universal purpose that each of us shares. Therefore, it is the one of the highest intentions we can set to make it our goal and focus in every moment throughout the process of our intentional growth. It is our greatest duty, calling, and purpose in life. Convergence is the only path to our greatest destiny.



Convergence Is The Only Path To Your Ultimate Destiny:

I plan on creating an ecourse on this topic, so stay tuned!

Wouldn’t it be silly of us to believe that we know how to run our lives better than the Divine? Who and whatever created the mountains, seas, stars, universes, all life, the entire physical realm, also saw it necessary to create us. Doesn’t is make sense that our creator is also the creator of our greatest possible destiny, and that our purpose for existing is to fulfill that destiny?

How can we expect to live the lives our Soul intended if our Soul isn’t in charge of our lives, if our Soul isn’t an afterthought, much less a forethought in all we think and do? That amazing, beautiful life you desire and know deep down is possible… that’s your greatest destiny, co-designed by your Soul self and the Divine. We can only fulfill it through deep connection with its creators. Your great mission is complete convergence, placing the reins to your life in your Soul’s hands. This is the imperative step to your greatest destiny.

Wouldn’t it behoove us to get in touch with that which created us, perhaps offer our services towards the purpose of our creation? Doesn’t it make sense to include the holy Sacred in all we do?

This isn’t a “holy roller” religious thing. Religion has nothing to do with it. A converged life and person is the integration of the Soul into everyday life; it’s merging the Divine with the physical.

Enter The Flow:

Your true power, your greatness, your highest destiny lies in your ability to get out of your own way. Convergence is a return to wholeness. It’s identifying, healing, transforming, and releasing the parts of your personality that block your Sacred essence, that block the fullest and clearest expression of your Soul. 

Offer and surrender your life and self to Sacred and serving the highest and greatest good. When you offer yourself as a conduit for goodness and love, opportunities and inspirations are revealed that couldn’t have otherwise with the Else blocking your Sacred flow. Your life will open and unfold in ways beyond your belief because Sacred is now able to work through you. Your Soul is better able to give, receive, and experience physical life unhindered by shadow aspects of your personality.

The more you converge, the more you enter the Divine flow. Life takes on new meaning. You feel more as if you’re floating through life more smoothly, efficiently, peacefully, purposefully. Life grows richer, fuller. You sense the deeper Oneness of life. The current of the Divine moves you through life as synchronicities, creativity, and inspiration pour in.

Your entry into sacred states of being (peace, patience, gratitude, reverence, compassion, understanding, love, etc) becomes effortless, which then leads to a much more pleasant and blissful experience of life. 

With gradual fulfillment of sacred convergence as a main priority, your subsequent unique purposes are better revealed to you. The specifics of “what you’re meant to do in this life”  begin to unfold. You are clearer, made ready for receiving guidance and intuition for next steps and which actions most serve you and the greater good. 

Serving the greater good of the whole serves the greater good of every individual. 


Convergence Is The Solution To Every Issue On The Planet:

How can 90% of the world believe in a Higher Power, yet still so much dysfunction exists? In addition to the misconceptions we’ve had about the Divine for thousands of years, we also haven’t yet fully integrated the Higher Power into our lives, decisions, interactions. We need to integrate the Divine not just a couple of days a week, but into every moment we possibly can.

If we are spiritual, Divine, Sacred, eternal in nature, and this physical realm is to serve the intentions of the Divine, and all dysfunction results from human creation, it seems obvious that the true and permanent solutions to all of our “problems” would be sacred in nature.

It makes sense to me that the only true solutions are those which are birthed from sacred mindsets steeped in sacred states of being. Have we not tried everything but this?

Imagine if we ran our prison systems this way, our governments, our education systems, our relationships, our jobs, our daily activities. Imagine if convergence fueled everyone’s intentions and actions. Wouldn’t the world evolve into the place we always hoped it could be?


Here Are The Guiding Steps:

It is important to remember that this is not a one time, over night, quick fix. This is a lifelong process and practice, but with massive payouts. It’s practice, not perfection.

  1. Invite the guidance and support of Sacred. This is a healing force amplifier.
  2. Understand the Else and how it works so you can identify, challenge, and heal it. 
  3. Commit to intentional and deliberate growth every day. 
  4. Practice currence in every moment. Currence is full presence and awareness, keep your mind with your body in every moment. 
  5. Purposely choose sacred states of being in every moment: joy, love, acceptance, non-judgement, compassion, inclusion, etc.
  6. Consistent awareness: Check your inner state. Your breath is the reset button. Use it. 
  7. Heal the shadow sides of your personality: wounds, fears, skewed perceptions

Your best life and true fulfillment lies inside your desire, intention, and willingness to offer your self and life to the greatest good, to serve the will of the Divine to the best of your abilities. This doesn’t mean you have to move to Tibet and become a monk. We need converged cashiers, converged teachers, converged parents, converged leaders. 

When you’re truly ready for your life to shift, when you’re truly ready to do the Work required to fulfill your purpose for existence, all you have to do to begin is pray. Tell the Divine you’re ready. I’ll offer your prayer at the end of this article. Once you say this prayer, pack a snack, lace up your boots, and hold on tight. You’re in for an exhilarating ride!



embracing shadow sides

Embracing and Healing Our Shadow Sides:

Once you’ve said the prayer below to invoke Sacred to act in your life, you will do the seven steps above on a daily, even moment to moment basis. While I will expand just a bit on healing your shadow sides, this topic requires its own article. You can read it here.

It’s extremely important to note that to berate, hate, judge, or shame the Else and our shadow sides only worsens them. We shouldn’t shame and judge ourselves any more than we would a child for getting a scraped knee. Sacred convergence is to send the Else and shadow sides through a metamorphoses so they converge harmonically with our sacred Soul selves. The process is to make us the ultimate physical vessels for the clearest and fullest expression of our Soul.

If the butterfly were to stay too long in the cocoon, it would die. Once the cocoon no longer serves a positive purpose, the butterfly must emerge from it and let it go. The cocoon isn’t “bad”. It just no longer serves a purpose.


Perhaps an aspect of your personality is the tendency to keep people at a distance. You most likely learned in your childhood that it was safer to do so. You probably had people hurt you who were close to you. This tendency may have served and protected you well for a while. But now, you can’t seem to create and maintain close and loving relationships because you always keep people at a safe distance, preventing true connection and eventually pushing them away. True connection is a deep need of the Soul. It is time to assess and heal the wound that leads to this dysfunctional pattern. Convergence and deliberate evolution are the mitigating and mending methods.

Despite how terrible they may feel, negative feelings and emotions are extremely addicting.  At the same time, it’s important to know that every thought and choice matters. Each carries an energetic vibration that attracts more energy that matches that vibration.

The identification, healing, transcending and releasing of our shadow sides is a process that requires time and effort. We must purposely challenge ourselves enough to take the time to inject the amount of energy it takes to truly transform. Much energy has gone into the creation and maintenance of the Else. A greater amount of energy is necessary to converge it. Luckily, we always have the infinite supply of Divine energy ready and eager to support us when we call it forth.


True Mind VS False Mind:

When we ask, ‘why is life so hard?’, it is often due to the fact that there’s a lack of harmony between the Soul mind and human mind because the human mind is often under control of the fearful Else. This is a major cause of dysfunction.

The True Mind is the mind of the Soul. The False Mind is that of the Else.

To illustrate, here’s an example of the False Mind at work: It’s raining. The False mind sees the wetness and the mud. It immediately labels and judges it, “Ugh, I hate rainy days! My car’s gonna get nasty. I’m gonna get mud all over myself. I just fixed my hair. This sucks!”

This resistance and judging of the form the current moment takes leads to shadow states of being (frustration, irritation, anger, worry)—unnecessary suffering. A negative state may take a person over so strongly that they lose focus driving, get into an accident. They may carry their irritation with them, and take it out on the people they come in contact with, spreading their negative energy all over the town.

Here’s an example of the True Mind at work: It’s raining. The True Mind is one with the moment in any form it takes. It does not resist or judge it. Its peace and state exists independently of external circumstances. The True mind steeps itself in Sacred states of being (gratitude, acceptance of the moment, joy) It says, “Mmm, I’m so grateful for the luscious smell of rain and for the hydration of the trees and animals.” The mud on their shoes is simply that…mud on their shoes. No amount of frustration or anger will remove the mud; it only causes inner suffering. 

Both lines of thought are equally accurate. The difference between the two is the experience of the moment. The way to tell the difference between True Mind and False Mind is that True Mind elicits sacred states of being (peace, love, gratitude, joy, or at least acceptance). The False Mind elicits shadow states of being (dread, frustration, annoyance, anger, impatience, etc). There will be many situations where both minds are at work. It will be up to you to choose which one you will use to inform your state of being, and as a result, your experience.

Confusion Of Authenticity:

Often, when we think we’re acting authentically, it is often authentic only to the Else.

When a person reacts with rage in a screaming reaction they are acting authentically to their shadow sides of their personality, not to their Soul. “Speaking your truth” doesn’t mean spouting off your perspective or feelings in a harsh or prideful way. 

Thinking, speaking, and acting in ways that serve non-converged aspects of your personality is not authentic. True authenticity is the expression of your Soul self, not the shadow sides of your personality. 




how to make life better

We Are The Co-alchemists Of Ourselves, Our Lives, And Our World:

The idea is to create your life on purpose. Most of us believe in a higher power. But do you know there’s a Higher Power with every particle of your being? Take a moment to let it sink in that there’s a higher power that loves and supports you no matter what–even if you choose non-convergence.

Whether we choose the layout of our lives consciously or unconsciously, we’re co-alchemists of our lives. Convergence and evolution are inevitable either way. Our path, however, is up to us, and we have the backing of Sacred to support us.

We focus so much on our physical health eating organic and using clean products, but the health of our mind and state of being seems almost an afterthought. Although we have a plethora of yoga classes and inspiring quotes, it isn’t enough. If we want to make our lives better, make the world better, it is beyond imperative that we promote and practice inner health, growth, and connection with Sacred every day throughout the day.

A person carries non-converged aspects of a personality if they feel like life sucks really bad. No matter what they do, they feel unfulfilled and discontent. The more your Soul self wants to heal, the greater you’ll be challenged to do so. Often, our struggles are our call to healing convergence.

I’m no psychiatrist, and I wouldn’t claim to know the exact nature of mental illness. We certainly have much to learn about it. However, I will say that the majority of us have the capacity for controlling our inner and outer worlds much more than we actively exercise. This can feel both overwhelming and liberating. Perhaps it’s scary since it gives some of the healing power to someone that feels powerless.

How To Make Life Better: Daily Practices To Start?

When I recommend a daily practice, you probably say, “But I can’t afford the time!”

To that I say, “You can’t afford not to.” Convergence and deliberate growth positively affects every aspect of your life. Stagnation and non-convergence negatively impacts every aspect of your life. You want to know how to make life better? This is it. If you do these things and keep following this blog, I promise your life will get better.

Once you understand the principles, your focus can shift towards awareness and application in each moment. You’ll begin to catch yourself when you slip into non-convergence. Remember the people and situations that triggered you so you can further assess and heal them as soon as you can in a deliberate healing session.

  • Do something everyday that stretches you
  • Wake up every morning and commit to your sacred convergence
  • Practice awareness of your state as often as you can
    • ask for Sacred’s help in identifying and healing shadow aspects
    • meditate on identified areas for healing
  • Start you morning from an empowered and sacred state of being
  • Do the Happiness Program through Art Of Living. The Sudarshan Kriya meditation changed my life. I do it pretty much every day.

We typically don’t have the awareness, capacity, know how, or gumption to create a new pattern with the energy required to evolve us. We cannot create solutions from the mindset that created the problems. But we have the choice and control to change that. To do so, we must consult with those who’ve gone before us, with those who’ve gleaned and dispersed much wisdom regarding this process. We can follow their lead and advice to expand our mindset in ways that better allow our metamorphosis.

  • Watch enlightening videos on and YouTube (Tony Robbins is a goodie).
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Read personal growth books. I have so many favorites, but the life changing books for me are:

The Bright Side Of Suffering:

Yes, there’s a bright side! As you’ve already learned, the resulting suffering of non-convergence is extremely unpleasant. But it isn’t a consequence; it’s a symptom. Just as fever and vomiting indicate an infection, suffering indicates shadow sides.  

The beauty of this is that the suffering that results is also the catalyst for evolution. The suffering eventually breaks down the person, forcing them to look at the potential causes of the suffering. They finally get tired enough and realize that changing is easier than continuing down the same road. The suffering then becomes a beacon for areas that require healing. It lays breadcrumbs for where to focus healing attention.

So, you see, the suffering isn’t bad. Nor is it a curse. It’s what makes us hungry enough to force us out of our caves and into a brighter place. The pain is the claw of our Soul and great destiny desperately trying to come out and show itself to you. It’s the only thing that wakes most people up.

Like I said, evolution is inevitable. The path there, however, is largely up to us. Which will you choose?


Dear Holy, Divine Sacred. I’m ready to do the greatest good to my fullest capacity. I know that your greatest good is also my greatest good. So, I fully offer and surrender myself to serving the highest and greatest good. Thank you for moving me out of my own way. Thank you for helping me clearly identify, easily heal, and gracefully transcend the Else and all my wounds and fears. Thank you for opening me up as gently, yet, quickly as possible so that I might fulfill the purpose for which you created me. I’m ready now. I’m yours. Use me. Thank you. Amen.


In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper


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States of Being: How Your Inner World Affects Every Aspect Of Your Life

States of Being: How Your Inner World Affects Every Aspect Of Your Life

sacred state of being
Reading Time: 12 minutes

This article explains how our state of being is one of the main determiners for our experience of life as well as how our life plays out. If you want your life and your experience of it to shift, you must intentionally and deliberately shift your state of being.

What Is A State Of Being?

The common definition of “state of being” refers to one’s physical state. Our use in the Light Society, however, goes much deeper than that.

Your state of being is the quality and conditions of your inner state. It is the energetic foundation from which every thought and action sprouts. It’s the vibe and intention beneath everything you say, do, and experience. It determines how you feel, live, and approach and interpret the world around you.

Our state of being is, perhaps, one of the most powerful creators of our perceptions and layout of our lives. Yet, most people go through life without conscious thought regarding their state of being, much less, an effort in consciously creating it.

It’s really no wonder the world and our lives have so much chaos, dysfunction, or even just a generalized discontent. 

The issue isn’t necessarily our lack of awareness of what needs healing attention. The issue is that the root causes of personal and worldly darkness are rarely articulated, much less, discussed on an extensive level. These are the first steps in creating sacred solutions. We must identify and articulate the root cause of our darkness, and it is this:

The dark issues in our lives and the world are due to the fact that we have lost sight of and all but forgotten our true nature. We see ourselves as separate from each other, separate from the Divine. We’ve forgotten that, despite appearances, we are all one. We might believe we are Souls, yet our lives are not soulful. We most likely believe in a higher power, but we have very little relationship with it. 

We have dis-integrated Sacred from our lives. The amount of darkness in our existence is directly related to the distance we place between ourselves and the Sacred Light. 

Sacred states of being are when our inner state, the energy of our entire being, is in alignment with our Soul self, our immortal, divine, true self. 




Examples Of Sacred States Of Being:

Sacred states of being are positive states of being. They are far more than emotions, more than feelings. Sacred states of being are modes in which Divine channels can flow through us and into all that we say, do, and experience.We are blessed with the choice to inhabit these Holy territories of high vibrational frequencies. Choosing these states is one of our main purposes in life because this is how we most allow Sacred to work through us. 

Sacred states of being are:

  • Joy
  • Love
  • Patience
  • Acceptance
  • Non-resistance
  • Enthusiasm
  • Reverence
  • Gratitude
  • Compassion
  • the desire to understand

What Are Shadow States Of Being?

Shadow states of being serve, preserve, and strengthen the Else (AKA: Ego. The human aspect of yourself that blocks the expression of your Soul self). When we act from shadow states of being, the Else has control over us.

Rather than breezing through this list, I want you to spend some time reflecting on each of them, and how and when you tend to inhabit them. 

Shadow states of being are:

  • Spitefulness
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Negativity
  • Victimhood
  • Vanity
  • Envy
  • Hatred
  • Chronic Stress
  • Scarcity
  • Indifference
  • Fear
  • Offendedness

The quality of everything you do depends on the state from which you do it. By the same token, the outcome of everything you do depends upon the quality of every step taken towards it. This means we must pay great attention to the quality of our steps as well as the state of being from which we take them.

Your creations from scared states of being serve the greatest good and are much more fulfilling and effective in serving and brightening the world.

Effects Of Shadow States Of Being:

Shadow states of being occur when the keepers of your peace and power are things or people in your external world. For example, money, your relationships, situations and circumstances, your career. All of  these are impermanent, changeable. Placing your peace in the external is building your inner world with straw. It will collapse eventually, and suffering is inevitable. 

The effects of shadow states of being are astronomical. As I said before, our state of being determines our thoughts, perceptions, and actions, all of which completely shape our choices, our relationships, our entire experience of life.

When we exist from an shadow state, we create dysfunction, suffering, and misery. Each of these states perceive our power externally, stripping us of the ability to live authentically and Soulfully.

These shadow states block the flow of Sacred (my word for the Divine Higher Power), as well as the fullest and clearest expression of our Soul.

The emotions resulting from shadow states of being lead to a cascade of biological responses. Our bodies obey the commands of the shadow state. Biological chemicals, compounds, and hormones flood your body, flowing through your blood and onto every cell. We know heavy doses of cortisol, a hormone the body releases under stress, can cause detrimental effects physically, mentally, and emotionally.

That’s just stress! Imagine what the other shadow states can do!

Spitefulness leads to vengeful, hateful acts. Anger leads to violence and darkness. Shame leads to depression and oppression. Victimhood leads to defensiveness, disconnection, and excuses for bad behavior. Scarcity blocks abundance. Indifference blocks transformative healing. Fear is the root of them all.

The biochemicals of each of these can’t be beneficent to our bodies.



The Downside Of Our Amazing Biology:

Our bodies are so intelligent that they form receptors on the surfaces of our cells to receive and efficiently respond to the biochemicals surrounding it—biochemicals released in response to your state of being. If your cells find that you frequently have the “anger chemicals” in your system, it will form more receptor sites for that chemical. When the cell replicates, its next generations will have more receptor sites for that particular chemical. This is where our shadow states of being lead us into trouble.

Neurons (brain cells) form information highways in our brains and bodies called neural pathways. Neural pathways command and inform our bodies of many important functions. Neurons that communicate frequently create a more permanent highway to make information transmission more efficient. This means the more we choose, anger, fear, frustration, the easier it becomes for us to enter that state again.

The cells, with their many receptors are addicted in a sense. When their “anger” receptors are empty, they relay a message of the shortage to the body. The Else is always happy to oblige the request for more. The Else will seek and create situations where it can feel angry again, getting a boost for itself, while also sufficing the body’s requests. 

We all experience difficult emotions from time to time. The danger is when we allow ourselves to enter shadow states of being so often that it becomes a chronic issue.

Where, at first, we occasionally experience stress, anger, anxiety, etc, after near continuous bathing in their biochemicals, our bodies and minds are virtually addicted. Like craving for a drug, our bodies now want what harms us. 

It harms our bodies, our minds, our experience of life, and it harms the tether to our Soul self. 

Why Deliberate Sacred States Of Being Are Important:

In addition to the effects already discussed, the deliberate embodiment of sacred states of being even have invisible and spiritual implications.

90% of us believe in a higher power, and that we are spiritual in nature. We believe in an afterlife. Yet, most of us go through life without considering our Soul’s wishes on a daily, much less, momentary basis.

We think as long as we aren’t murdering, stealing, or cheating we’re doing fine enough. But living sacredly is so much more than that.

Why else would our Souls choose to come to this life if not to be a part of it, if not to express itself through our human form? Our shadow states of being block that spiritual purpose; they block the intention and expression of our true selves—our Soul selves.

Is your state of being purposeful or dependent? More often than not, we have to make the difficult decision to choose joy and peace in the midst of chaos and difficult situations. When our inner state fully depends upon what happens to us, peace, joy, and other sacred states are close to impossible in the midst of struggle. Choosing a sacred state in the midst of struggle is extremely difficult. You’re pressing against a real opposing force.

Deliberate growth and sacred states of being raise your frequency towards that of the divine Sacred itself. Shifting your state of being shifts your energetic frequency. Since we are all connected energetically, you also shift the frequency of the entire universe and all who dwell in it.

Your thoughts, choices, and states of being shape the Sacred energy that flows through you. The frequency of your uniquely formed energy affects your experience of life as well as that of those around you.

If you exist in this universe, you have a sacred duty to yourself and everyone else to do the work you came here to do, to be the human your Soul came here to be. 

How Our Thoughts, Emotions, and Perceptions Shape Our State Of Being:

Deliberate sacred states of being is so much more than thinking positively. Positivity and shifting perspectives is included in the foundation for growth and spiritual practice. However, merely thinking positively can have its pitfalls if misused or misunderstood. Positivity should never mean that we ignore wounds, fears, and issues that require identification and proper healing. Read more about this here.

We inhabit Sacred states of being and sacred states of being inhabit us. Our deliberate growth and consistent connection with Sacred and our Divine nature, primes us for sacred states of being to inhabit us unimpeded. Our growth and deep Divine connection also enhances our ability, tendency, and potential for inhabiting sacred states of being. The street goes both ways. 

When the state of our inner world depends on what happens in our external world, we are bound to experience suffering and dysfunction. This is when the Else controls our inner state. To transfer control to our Soul selves, we must learn to cultivate peace instead of panic in times of chaos, gratitude instead of greed in times of need, love instead of hate times of dispute, acceptance instead of resistance in times of strife, surrender instead of control in times of struggle, reverence and compassion instead of judgement in times of difference.  


Science And Our State Of Being:

As Einstein’s formula states, mass and energy are interchangeable. This means that while the physical world is made of matter, it is also made of energy. Furthermore, all mass vibrates at varying energetic frequencies. The chemicals, cells, and all the mass created from an shadow state of being have an energetic frequency. I can’t imagine that it is a desirable one. 

To determine the amount of energy within a mass, you multiply the mass with the speed of light squared. That adds up to a lot of energy in a small amount of mass.

Every thought and choice matters. Each is a form carrying an energetic vibration that attracts matching energies. Anger begets anger. Joy begets joy. We must start considering our intentions behind every thought and action. 

We must be intentional with our intentions, responsible for the energy we create in ourselves and the world around us. Rather than acting out and reacting mindlessly, we must instead reflect and respond mindfully, from a solid foundation of sacred intentions and sacred states. Reflect before you act.

Most of us are too busy, too stressed and too numbed to even notice what’s really going on within us. We live our lives under complete control of the Else, under a total eclipse of the Soul. 

Energy has no bounds. Everything in existence is energy. The essence of all the realms, both physical and formless, is the one energy of the Divine. It joins all things and all non-things as one. 

All areas of energy vibrate at different frequencies. We can choose to raise our vibration with the sacred states of being we inhabit, deliberate growth, and consultation with our Soul when making decisions. Living unconsciously, that is to say paying no thought to the energy we create or the consequences of our thoughts and actions, is the choice to stagnate or lower our vibration. 

Taking responsibility for the energy we create requires an ongoing awareness of our every thought and action. Thoughts and emotions are entities with sticky fingers in the way that they attach to your attention and drag you from the realm of stillness beneath. We must anchor our awareness in the underlying foundation of stillness within us, the place beyond our minds, and deeper than our hearts. It is a place of non-judgment, observation, reverence; it’s the womb of sacred states. It is the deep still water beneath stormy seas. It remains deep within us, available at all times for our access. 

Pain is real. Suffering is a state of mind. Pain is a part of human life. Our judgment, perception, thoughts, and feelings about the pain lead to our suffering. I’m in constant pain almost every moment, only able to remain upright a couple of hours a day. Yet, I am more peaceful, more fulfilled, more grateful and joyful than ever before because I committed myself to this practice.  


personal growth meditation

How To Create Sacred States Of Being:

First of all, you must want it. You must intend it. You must challenge yourself to practice it, everyday throughout the day, for it is certainly a practice, not a one time deal. And you can expect much resistance from the Else (Ego).

Know with every particle of your being that you are divine; Sacred is your nature. What you do is less important than the state of being from which you do it.

Pray for assistance. Invite Sacred into every aspect and moment of your life. Offer yourself to serving the highest and greatest good, for this is only possible from sacred states of being. 

Commit to currence as your main objective in every moment. Everything else that you do is secondary and will be infused with a current of Sacred energy. 

Currence is my word for presence.  Inhabiting sacred states of being is currence at work. It is the allowing and nonresistance to the form each moment takes. It is abiding fully in the current moment, perceiving, thinking, existing, and acting from a sacred inner space.  

Currence insures that all you do, say, and think is in alignment with the nature of the Soul, with the nature of the Divine.

The intention to exist in a sacred state is the primary step. The most transformative step, however, is awareness. With the foundation of your devout intention, you must bring awareness into every moment.

The practice of awareness entails a constant checking of your inner state. Is is sacred? What’s the underlying energy of my inner state? Who’s in control, the Soul or the Else?

Check your state now. Check it again in one minute. In five minutes. Every waking hour. It takes virtually no time to do this.

Use Your Body To Your Advantage: 

Check your body. Remember, it is extremely informative. Quickly scan for tension, breath holding, heart rate, tightness or discomfort. When cutting vegetables, scan your body and check your state. Do it when driving, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, walking across the room.

Our bodies are excellent indicators of our state. Through our senses,  can also use them to anchor into currence, into sacred states. To bring our minds and bodies fully into the current moment we can use our sense of touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing to sink more deeply into the form the moment takes. 

Feel the warm, massaging streams of water on your back in your shower. Let this take you into gratitude for the ability to take a shower. This is a sacred moment. 

Smell and hear the onions sauteing in the pan. Let this take you into gratitude for the food which gives you life, enthusiasm for the meal you will soon enjoy. This is a sacred moment.

See the Soul across from you when checking out at the store. Look in their eyes. Let this take you into reverence and love. Know that you’re one with each other, sharing the very same essence. This is a sacred moment. 

If you find yourself in an shadow state, take a deep breath. Your breath is the reset button. Don’t resist the shadow state, and don’t judge or shame it. That only perpetuates it.

Remind yourself of your intention. Remind yourself that the shadow state changes only your level of suffering in the current moment.  Breathe. 

Accept the moment as it is. If you can change it, ask yourself how you can do so from a sacred state. If you have no control of the situation, resisting it only creates unnecessary suffering.

Say, “Thank you that everything is always working in my favor. I am sacred in nature. I see that I am in a state of anger, impatience, resistance, frustration (Insert applicable state). Breathe. My natural state is: joy, love, peace, acceptance…” Name whichever state best applies. Joy is not always the answer. When something is extremely difficult, acceptance is the more applicable state.

You might do this five hundred times in a day.


Our essence is spiritual in nature. We are spiritual beings. Sacred states of being are the natural states of the Soul.  

Our underlying discontent and disconnection is the Soul’s cry to be seen, heard, heeded. The darkness is due to the suppression and oppression of our sacred nature; it is due to the veil of forgetfulness shrouding our soulful perceptions. 

We’ve forgotten who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going. We’ve forgotten the Truth. We’ve forgotten our purpose. I pray this blog serves to restore our memories. 

We must hand over sovereignty of our lives to our Divine self, our Soul self, our true self. We must identify, challenge, and heal the shadow states and aspects of ourselves. 

Our deliberate evolution and abiding in sacred states of being invokes the energy of Sacred to flow through us, and a portal of access opens to the infinite supply of Divine energy, guidance, and support. As a result, our beingness is expanded; our experience of life is enhanced; we ourselves evolve.  

Inhabiting sacred states of being enhances life and decreases suffering. Shadow states of being constrict life and increase our suffering. It’s up to us to choose. 


“Dear Holy, Divine, I know that all aspects of me exist to serve the evolution of my Soul. I choose to evolve on the path of wisdom, the path of awareness and grace. Thank you for helping me easily identify, heal, and release all thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions that lead me into the darkness and suffering of shadow states. Thank you for helping me learn why they exist so that I may transcend them. Thank  you for loving and supporting me in spite of my inner states, in spite of my actions. Thank you for using me to spread your high vibrations. I love you. Amen.”


In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper

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21 Spiritual Growth Sabotagers: Spiritual Myths and Misconceptions That Block Spiritual Growth

spiritual growth sabotagers
Reading Time: 16 minutes

In this ever growing spiritual movement it’s imperative to discuss some spiritual growth sabotagers cloaked in a disguise of spiritually.

You may be aware of the growing interest and exploration of spirituality and personal growth. Inspirational quotes are all over social media.

While this indicates that our society is moving in the right direction, a misunderstanding of some of the mainstream inspirational and spiritual mottos can oppose their intended effects of growth and inspiration.

Spirituality is a beautiful, essential aspect and practice in life. However, it is crucial to discuss the spiritual myths, misconceptions, and pitfalls running rampant in the spiritual community.

There are quite a few spiritual growth sabotagers. Most of them fall under the umbrella of something called spiritual bypassing, which I’ll describe next.

Table of Contents

What is spiritual bypassing:

Spiritual bypassing is the dark side of spirituality. Spiritual bypassing is the misconception, misuse, and misinterpretation of spirituality. It is using (consciously or unconsciously) spirituality in such a way that actually sabotages healing, as well as, spiritual and personal growth.

Spiritual bypassing is elusive in nature. Therefore, many of us don’t even realize its grasp around us. We think our actions and thoughts are applications of our spiritual practice when, in fact, they are quite the opposite.

Spiritual bypassing is probably more common than not on the spiritual journey. I would bet at least 90% of spiritual seekers experience it.

Now, there are a lot of behaviors and beliefs that take us into the realm of spiritual bypassing, so let’s get started.


21 Spiritual Misconceptions, Spiritual Myths, and Spiritual Pitfalls: 

1. Saying ‘No’ is Always Resistance. Saying ‘No’ is Bad: [Myth]

This myth sprouted from the spiritual practice of nonresistance. The idea of always saying ‘yes’ to life has its merits. If you say ‘no’ to everything, you’ll miss out. On the other hand, the complete. elimination of ‘no’ has detrimental effects. Sometimes a healthy ‘no’ is warranted.

As a fellow people pleaser and previous ascriber to this myth, I have many times said ‘no’ when I knew to say ‘yes’, and I’ve said ‘yes’ when I knew to say ‘no’. I often found myself betraying my inner Truth.

The false belief that saying ‘no’ is bad can lead to a massive internal dissonance. It is amplified when combined with people pleasing tendencies.

Furthermore, seeing ‘no’ as a bad thing can lead to weak and loose boundaries that allow others to take advantage and betray you as you have yourself.

Saying ‘yes’ when you know you need to say ‘no’ can obligate you to too many things. You get stretched too thin to perform in a high quality way. Somewhere, someone or something will suffer.

One afternoon, my brother cooked fish. It was too salty, and he pointed it out himself. Instead of saying the truth— “Yeah, it was a bit salty. I appreciate you cooking it though,”— I lied to avoid hurting his feelings. “No it’s not! It’s so good!”

He said, “I know it’s salty. You wouldn’t tell me if it was. I can’t trust you.”

Something inside me shifted me that day. Always saying “yes” is inauthentic, and I pledged to myself that I’d work on healing and shedding the belief that I should always say “yes”. Sometimes I still struggle with this one, but I’ve come a looooong way.

I always had awareness of my pleasing tendencies, and I felt that discomfort of the dissonance. But that day I realized on a deep level how detrimental it is to withhold your voice.

Yes and no is a balancing act. Your gut is pretty good about letting you know where to draw the line.

The Healthy ‘No’: 

All hail the healthy ‘no’! Sometimes, ‘no’ is the spiritual response!

First and foremost, you must say ‘no’ to toxic relationships activities. Engaging with toxic people and activities, obviously, is counter-spiritual. The details of a healthy ‘no’ vary with each situation.

That being said, the most universal key in its application is emotional nonattachment to the ‘no’. Say the truth as kindly as possible while releasing fear of judgment or how the other person might respond. This is a high quality ‘no’ said with a sacred intention and from a sacred state of being.

Easier said than done, but it feels so good to remain true to yourself, that it gets easier every time.  

2. Spirituality That Serves the Ego (the Else): [Pitfall]

Sometimes, we use our spirituality to serve the ego. It’s totally natural that this happens. It’s a primitive function of an aspect of our human nature. My word for the ego is the Else. It plays a massive role in your life so totally check out my post about it!

If you’ve ever had these inklings or experiences, this may be the case for you.

  • A little belief that spiritual people are superior to non-spiritual people.  
  • Maybe you get a wee little ego boost because you meditate or do yoga, or feel more “enlightened” than someone else.
  • You might believe being spiritual makes you more worthy or intrinsically valuable than others.  

3. It Is What It Is: [Misconception]

“It is what it is,” derives from the practice of presence and acceptance. Presence and acceptance are extremely valuable practices, however, when misunderstood, this motto can lead to the detrimental result of exaggerated detachment.

This motto can promote an unwillingness to change, grow, or improve self or situation.

For this reason, we must take great care that it doesn’t excuse bad behavior or allow negative actions/situations to go unchecked.

4. Spirituality is a Serious Matter: [Pitfall]

I used to take spirituality so seriously. While it is extremely important, seeing it so seriously led to harsh self judgment when my ego (Else) did pop up, or when I chose the less spiritual choice. It’s okay to take it seriously, but judging yourself when you mess up is just more of the Else at work.

5. My Spirituality Determines My Value, Worth, and God’s Love For Me: [Myth]

This leads us to debilitating judgment of our wounds, fears, and areas for growth. Our value and worth are intrinsic and unchangeable. Regardless of our actions, Sacred’s (God’s) love for us is irreducible. Period.

6. Negativity is Wrong and Bad: [Myth]

It’s not that cut and dry. Judgment and shame tend to follow when we apply the “wrong” or “bad” label to anything. This only adds more negativity.

We must see negativity as a hailing for healing attention. It is a location flag for unmet needs and areas for learning and growth. We must move through our negativity, or let it move through us with grace. And if you need to cry or scream or feel grouchy for a little bit, that’s okay! A little release makes space for healing work when we’re ready.

I plan on writing an entire post to this topic, so stay tuned!

7. If I’m Spiritual Enough, I’ll Feel Blissful All The Time: [Myth]

This one is similar to the previous myth that negativity is bad. We are human beings. With that, sometimes, comes unpleasant emotions and feelings.

What matters is not that they come up, but how we process them. Processing them can feel uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and un-fun. Like a seed has to break open to sprout, we too might have to break open and break down in order break out into our greatness.

8. Spiritual Practice is Fun and Easy: [Misconception]

I don’t always want to do my meditation practice. I don’t always want to investigate my areas for growth. In fact, fun is far from the top of words that describes digging through our pain, wounds, and shadow sides.

Often, people face a lot of resistance towards spiritual growth and healing. It requires looking at and working through the shadow sides of ourselves that we’ve spent our whole lives denying, excusing, and avoiding. Our intention is growth and transcendence, not entertainment.

9. Spirituality is a Panacea for Removing All Life’s Struggles: [Myth]

Life will still bring challenges and messes. This isn’t a bad thing. We exist in a constant state of evolution. While spirituality doesn’t eliminate difficulties, it prepares us to move through them with sacred grace and less suffering.

10. Live in the Now: [Misconception]

This motto stems from the essential spiritual practice of presence. I call it currence. As I said, presence is essential. However, a misunderstanding of this practice can lead to irresponsible and shadow actions with painful consequences.

At times, we must use the present moment to consider best action. Sometimes, we must use the now to plan for the future or amend for the past. If we’ve wronged someone, it isn’t spiritual to say, “It’s in the past. Be in the present. Get over it.” No. We must amend for our mistakes, take accountability for our past actions, and learn from them to avoid repeating them in the future.

Live in the now does not mean, always do whatever you want and things will work themselves out. We still must use the present moment to take care of our responsibilities, and in doing so, infuse our thoughts, actions, and plans with sacred energy from a sacred state of being.

11. Anger Phobia: [Pitfall]

Up until recently, I labeled anger as unspiritual, but I’ve come to understand that, as with most things, it isn’t that simple.

Anger expelled without examination, expelled as a knee jerk reaction, no doubt, has its painful consequences. But I propose we look at anger with compassion rather than judgment. Anger isn’t to be squashed or muted entirely. It indicates an issue that requires high quality investigation with the intention towards high quality resolution.

A person expressing anger is usually in deep pain that they are unaware of. Does this excuse their hurtful behavior? Absolutely not. But their chances of healing and improving are amplified if we approach them with the intention to understand with compassion.

The feeling of anger indicates either a legitimate violation (someone is literally hurting you or someone or something), or you perceive a violation that, in fact, only triggered an unhealed violation or wound you experienced in the past. For example, someone says something with no intention to offend, but you misinterpret it offensively.

Either way, healing action is being summoned, either for ourselves, or a situation. This is where wise fury comes in. We transform the energy of anger into a formidable force of healing and transformation. Anger arising isn’t the issue. It’s how we deal with it that matters.

All that being said, I feel a disclaimer is necessary regarding people with anger issues that lead to harmful and/or abusive behaviors. Each person’s healing is their own responsibility. While we can point a person in the healing direction, we cannot heal someone else no matter how loving, kind, fun, supportive, attractive, etc we are. If someone is harming us, we must remove ourselves. You can send them light, love, and prayers from a safe distance.

12. Focus on the Positive: [Misconception]

This is a biggie. Focusing on the positive is an essential practice. It keeps us from spiraling into a pointless pit of despair. It helps us attract positive energy. It softens and injects peace and gratitude into dark places and situations.

But the misconception of this practice can lead to stagnation of healing, as well as a perpetuation of problems that scream for healing attention. Focusing on the positive doesn’t mean ignore personal or global problems and wounds that need healing attention and action.

While positivity is important, there are still issues to be addressed. We identify and enter the negativity and pain, not to wallow needlessly, but with the intention to transform ourselves or a situation. Rather than resisting it, denying it, or suppressing it, we embrace the issue with acceptance, acceptance in the nonresistance sense, not the condoning sense.

The idea is to refrain from attaching negativity to the issue, and addressing it with the high quality response of sacred solutions.

If your house is on fire, sitting inside saying, “Everything is great! Everything is well!” will not put the fire out. 

Sacred (God) uses nature to demonstrate the laws of the Sacred realm. Take a garden, for instance. The garden has many juicy fruits and vegetables growing in it’s nice, neat rows. However, there are also some weeds sprouting. Staying positive and saying, “Well, at least we have these great fruits and vegetables. As long as we’re positive and grateful, the weeds won’t matter. Let’s go inside and have some delicious tea.”

Guess what happens next. That’s right. The weeds eventually overtake the beautiful rows in the garden. Sometimes, “problems” or “negative” situations call on us for healing attention rather than positive vibes.

13. If I’m Spiritual Enough I will Never Feel Painful Emotions or Have a Bad Day: [Myth]

Not true! I think this stems from the “acceptance” and “go with the flow” teachings. Unless you’re a saint or monk, you’re going to experience painful emotions.

We’ve gotta accept that sometimes we feel like ass. If you believe it isn’t spiritual to feel these emotions, you’ll most likely label them as bad or wrong and, subsequently, shame and judge yourself for feeling them. This shame and judgement is a function of the Else (ego).

Rather than resist or suppress the emotion, we must tap into our Sacred tool belt to ride the wave through the discomfort. We can’t always stop the arising of our emotions, but we can control how we respond with and to them. That’s where our spiritual practice applies. You’ll notice eventually that when you accept and work through your emotions in a high quality way, their grip on you loosens, and sometimes, they stop coming up altogether.

We can bury, deny, at our pain all day long, shoving them into the depths of our subconscious. But they don’t stay down there quietly. 

As an attempt to call in healing, wounds buried in our subconscious lead us to create dysfunction and toxic patterns, and will resurface at inopportune moments. This is seen in overreactions, repetitive dysfunctional relationships, addiction, dysfunctional life, etc.

Working through our pain won’t feel particularly great. At first, it may even feel like too much to bear. 

Feeling our feelings and sitting with our painful emotions is a practice that prevents them from embedding themselves in our subconscious mind. That being said, there’s a line between wallowing in our pain and working through our pain in a healing manner.

To determine the difference we look at all the aspects of our life. If things are improving in time, we’re healing. If they’re crumbling, we’re stuck in the pain and potentially need to seek outside help.  

14. Practice Makes Perfect. If I’m perfectly spiritual then I’ll be a perfect human with a perfect life who makes perfect decisions and never makes mistakes: [Myth]

I used to believe I had to have all the knowledge and wisdom to be complete. My perfectionist tendencies led me to this belief.

Perfect is not the way of this world.

I struggled with this and still face it from time to time. My perspective has shifted into the understanding that everything works perfectly in service of the greater good and Sacred’s will. My human perception may see useless pain and suffering. My Soul self knows every experience is used for transformation, even if it appears as destruction.

I’m learning to accept my imperfection and humanness with grace and forgiveness. I’m working towards cultivating gratitude for the lessons and potential for growth embedded within my mistakes.

Evolution and convergence (alignment of human self with Soul self) are the key, not perfection. It’s about practice not perfection. It’s not about the destination; it’s about your state of being in every moment.

15. Deny Wounds and Fears Because it Isn’t “Spiritual” to Have Them: [Pitfall]

This leads to emotional numbing and repression. This is detrimental to growth and healing.

Growth and healing are inevitable and unavoidable. Our path to them is where we hold the reigns. The path of suppression and denial is much more painful than the path of intentional identification and healing of our shadow stuff.

Growth, healing, and transformation lie in the centers of our wounds and fears, not in their suppression. The Soul’s longing to heal has roots that eventually penetrate every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, this shows up as destructive, life shattering happenings when left untended.

I repeat: Healing and evolution are inevitable. There is much less suffering on the path of conscious evolution and healing; that is to say when we choose to grow and heal on purpose. This is the path of purposeful convergence. We must go inside with the unwavering intention to evolve and heal. We almost enthusiastically search for areas requiring healing. We must release our attachment to rightness and perfection. We allow that we are not okay so that we can make ourselves okay. We identify, examine, challenge, and heal the wounds and fears, for this is the only way to transcend them.

16. Unconditional Love Means Stand by Someone No Matter What: [Myth]

This massive myth leads to acceptance of abuse and enabling of dysfunction. As I said before, you cannot heal someone for them. Continuing to give an addict money or supporting them so they can support their addiction feels loving, but, in fact, it enables their dysfunction and prevents their healing.

Overly tolerant compassion is dangerous and spiritual betrayal on both parties. Unconditional love and compassion does not equal tolerating abuse or poor treatment. It does not mean staying in a toxic relationship or continuing to allow a toxic person to remain in your life. Unconditional love certainly doesn’t mean immediately trusting every person that crosses your path.

17. Money is Evil: [Myth]

If you believe this, you’ll probably find money hard to come by because you exude such a repelling energy towards it. Money isn’t the problem. Greed is the problem. If you want to go even deeper than that, the root of greed is fear. Money has the power and potential to serve great and sacred causes that promote love, compassion, healing, oneness, and more.

18. Let it Go: [Misconception]

Let it go doesn’t mean blow off stuff that needs healing attention and resolution first. It doesn’t mean allow abuse or unhealthy situations to go unaddressed.

Let it go applies to the releasing of thoughts and emotions brought about by situations that trigger the Else (ego). It’s helpful for more miniscule situations. For example, if you spill your drink—let go of the impatience, frustration, embarrassment, whatever pointless and painful emotion arises. Or someone cuts you off in traffic, let go of the event, as well as the anger that came with it. Maybe even send out a heartfelt prayer for that person.

Let it go means releasing toxic grievances where you are the only sufferer. It is  forgiving with or without an apology in order to liberate yourself from the toxic thoughts and emotions that non-forgiveness brings.

19. Speak Your Truth: [Misconception]

“It’s my truth!” Often people believe they’re speaking their truth when, actually, it’s their Else’s truth, their ego’s truth. Someone getting pissed and flying off the handle screaming, “I’m speaking my truth!” is unclear on what their truth is.

Screaming anger is not the expression of truth. However, it does point to the truth that a person feels violated or has been violated, and they feel pain or fear. As a protection mechanism, they express this pain in the form of anger for fear of vulnerability, power loss, and further pain. They don’t realize that they are the ones giving away their power and furthering their pain by reacting this way. The Else makes them feel that the anger is protective and empowering, but the empowerment they feel from their anger is false and fleeting.

There is Universal Truth, that which applies to everyone, and there’s unique Truth, that which applies personally to an individual. The Truth is always empowering, but not in power trip sort of way.

Our Truth is never expressed by way of shadow states of being (anger, embarrassment, judgment, violence etc). The Truth does, however, lie on their flip side; it lies in their opposites (awareness, patience, peace, love, compassion, understanding). For this reason, we can use shadow states of being as guideposts towards areas for healing and discovery of Truth. Once we do this, we enable ourselves to truly express our Truth in a high quality way.

20. Be Yourself: [Misconception]

Be yourself refers to the Soul self. Often people use this motto to justify dysfunction, unhealthy behavior, and hurtful words and actions. “What?! I’m just being myself! That’s who I am!”

It is not best to be yourself when the Else (ego) controls your thoughts, words, and actions. There’s a big difference between being true to your True self, and being true to who your Else tells you you are.

21. Believe and Your Dreams Will Come True: [Misconception]

While belief is essential for creating your best life, this statement is only partly true. Sitting around believing all day will not a dream fulfill.

Belief goes hand in hand with growth and creative action as necessary components for fulfilling your greatest destinies—all of which stand on a foundation of a deep relationship with Sacred and our Soul self.

Furthermore, just as positive thinking doesn’t pull the weeds from a garden, belief alone doesn’t fulfill dreams. On the other hand, it is the essential first step. Creative action is the second half of the equation.

Through our deep and constant connection with Soul and Sacred, we invite inspiration, motivation, and clarity for creative action rooted in sacred states of being. This sacred and creative action sprouts from our belief and, together, they fulfill our dreams bit by bit.

How to know if you’re spiritually bypassing:

  • You understand the importance of unconditional love but you judge or exclude others or yourself
  • You believe we are all one, but you judge or exclude others
  • You endorse understanding and compassion, but shame and berate yourself or others for a slip up
  • Any dissonance between spiritual values and actual beliefs, or your spiritual life and how you actually live
  • You believe everything happens for a reason, and that Sacred is always working in your favor, but you feel stress, worry, and resistance to challenging situations
  • You espouse forgiveness, but you hold a grudge.

Requirements For How to Prevent Spiritual Bypassing:

  • Bravery
  • Honesty
  • Vulnerability
  • Letting go of being right or perfect
  • Authenticity
  • Let go of judgment of emotions
  • Allow healthy experience of emotions
  • It’s ok to feel uncomfortable—healing this stuff most likely won’t be as fun as binge watching Game of Thrones
  • Apply and use the tools learned in meditation, seminars, books, yoga
  • Put intentional personal growth at the center of your spiritual practice. The purpose of spiritual practice is to converge your human self more and more with your Soul self. The idea is evolution, not perfection.  
  • Cultivate our inner garden. Again, our goal is authenticity, growth, and convergence. With gumption—and non judgment—we seek out the weeds in our minds and lives. Using our compassionate personal growth techniques, we uproot them and assess them in order to determine their cause and treatment for healing.

spiritual misconceptions

You’re Not Alone:

I think we all have our moments of spiritual bypassing. It seems to be part of the human journey back to our true selves. Nevertheless, these spiritual growth sabotagers lose their power under the keen eye of your awareness. So, now that you know about them, you’ll know how to spot them and bypass the bypassing!

I’m extremely familiar with the realm of spiritual bypassing because I’ve fallen into its trap many times. I still find old thoughts and beliefs from that realm bubble up in me. On a daily basis, I identify aspects of my human nature that aren’t aligned with my spiritual nature. You can read more about my story here.

If I were still deeply in the bypassing trenches, I’d go ahead and douse myself with shame, judgement, and all around bad feelings for not being wise or enlightened enough. I’ve learned now that that’s just more bypassing and the Else at work. That shame and judgment only pull me farther from my center.

I think very few people are fully and completely converged. An article in Time magazine discusses that even Mother Teresa struggled with dissonance. 

If Mother Teresa had her moments of bypassing, chances are most everyone else does too.


First of all, if you find yourself falling prey to these spiritual growth sabotagers, it’s extremely important that you refrain from applying a negative label to them. Don’t get frustrated or mad at yourself. This reaction is a useless poison. Your worth and value is absolute and unchangeable by any act or power in or outside of yourself.

Second of all, don’t take it so seriously! Ugh, I used to do this! It is a toxic way to look at spirituality. Simply identify that you’re bypassing. Recenter and refer to your tools: breath, sacred states of being, currence, convergence, personal growth and healing.

Spiritual bypassing is the neglecting and judgmental banishment of our humanity. The shadow sides of our humanity are our guideposts for healing and transformation.

Part of our growth centers on embracing and accepting our place in our spiritual journey. It is about moment to moment convergence (alignment of human self with Soul self) and authenticity rather than enlightenment or perfection.

Spirituality is not a suppression, ignoring, or denial of feelings, wounds, and fears. It is a brave and compassionate dive into them with healing tools and the support of Sacred.

Spirituality is an embracing, curiosity, sorting through, and healing of our temporal nature. Our areas for growth aren’t to be shamed or seen as negative or bad. There isn’t anything wrong with us, nor is there anything about us that makes us less valuable or worthy of love and greatness. These shadow sides are simply a contrast to our light that we are charged with identifying and healing.



Dear holy, divine Sacred, thank you for always calling me back to myself, my true, divine self. Thank you for helping me recognize and recenter when I’m spiritually bypassing. Thank you for showing me the Truth in a gentle, clear way. My intention is to serve the highest and greatest good in the most loving and efficient ways. I intend to evolve and heal. I’m so grateful that you use me as a conduit for your will. Thank you for saving me when I’m tempted pointlessly into the darkness. Thank you for guiding my healing as I brave the shadows on purpose. May your healing and wisdom always course through me. Thank you. Amen.


In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper

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The Light Society Blog


Ego: The Ultimate Guide

What Is the ego
Reading Time: 18 minutes

There’s something in your mind that controls your thoughts, perceptions, and feelings. This thing in your mind isn’t you, but it has tricked you into believing that it is!

It causes pretty much all the inner turmoil you ever feel. It’s also the primary cause of much of the dysfunction in your personal world as well as the rest of the world. Find out what it is and how to take back control! 

The Mysterious Thing Controlling Your Mind:

I’m sure you’ll probably give me the stink face when I tell you that there’s a part of you that likes and wants to feel negative feelings.

You went to a negative feeling when I said that didn’t you?!

“No there isn’t!” you say. “Why would I like to feel bad?!”

Well, let me give you a few examples: 

  • You feel irritated at the “stupid driver that just cut me off!” 
  • We get mad and stay mad at people…even years later.
  • We get annoyed when we spill something.

The list goes on. If we didn’t want to react this way, if it didn’t feel good to react this way, we wouldn’t do it. Stay with me. 

Don’t worry. That part of you isn’t who you are. It’s a pesky little thing in your mind. Those thoughts you have constantly…those aren’t you either.

Too often, the shadows of unhealed, unattended aspects of our personalities dim or snuff out our light and greatness. These shadowing aspects form what I call the Else. The commonly used term is ego.

Definitions of Ego (Else):

The word ego is used in two ways. The most commonly known definition is arrogance or inflated sense of self. The other definition is used in the personal growth and spiritual and metaphysical community for describing the aspect of our human mind that controls our identity and much of our thinking.

Since ego’s more commonly understood definition distracts from the meaning I am referring to, I felt it necessary to create a new word, the Else.

What’s the Ego (Else)?

The Else is the expression of the unhealed and fearful aspects of our personalities. It places our value and power externally, in other peoples hands, in situations and circumstances. The Else is the ongoing chattering voice in our minds that takes us to places that feel terrible, and it is most often in complete control. 

The Else identifies with “me”, “my”, and “mine”. This attachment to the identity created by the Else is demonstrated when a toddler freaks out over losing “my toy”, or when you feel insulted and allow it to determine your inner state. And, yes, it’s the Else popping up when you get upset that your favorite team lost a game. 

You feel upset because the Else identifies with things you’re attached to. That is to say, it equates who you are with the things and ideas you’re attached to. So when your ideas are labeled as wrong, or your team loses a game, the Else makes you feel as if an actual part of you is lost. Hence the resulting painful emotions.  

How the ego works

The Illusion Of Separation:

A mind under control of the Else will experience an overidentification with and attachment to our separateness as human beings. It includes and values only those who it finds similar to itself, and excludes and judges all else, labeling them as “the others”. This explains the spectrum from bullying to war. 

This perception of separateness serves the Else’s need to feel important, valuable. It thinks it’s serving the Soul self’s actual need to feel love, worthy, and a sense of belonging.

And we all fall for its trap!

But the Else doesn’t realize its efforts are counteractive and, thus, detrimental to a person’s true needs. It fails to appreciate and revere our oneness and our universally shared sacred essence. 

This overidentification with our separateness as human beings is what leads to racism, sexism… all the “-isms” that lead to exclusion and injustice. 

The Incessant Voice In Our Heads:

The Else is the incessant voice in our mind that tricks us into thinking it is who we are. It is the voice and expression of the personality that is out of alignment with our sacred nature. 

When the Else controls our mind, the Else controls our behaviors and decisions. When the Else is in control, life crumbles easily and is more dysfunctional.

Phew! It’s a lot! I know!

So-o-o, if the voice in our head isn’t who we are, and our thoughts aren’t who we are, then who are we?

Who we are:

First of all, contrary to what the Else would have us believe, our personalities are NOT who we are. We are not our minds or thoughts; and we are certainly not our bodies. It’s important to note again that our thoughts are not who we are, nor are the emotions that they lead to. Who you are is the part of you that sees the thoughts taking place. You are the observer of the thoughts, the experiencer of the emotions, not the emotions and thoughts themselves.

Check out this diagram for a clear illustration of who we are:

Our human selves are made of body, mind, and Soul. Our mind, and the thoughts and beliefs in it, are products of biology, personality, and Soul.

Our personalities are made of two components: our human self and our Soul self. The human self is made up of our human aspects, which are shaped by our biology and biography (our upbringing and the stories we hold about it).

Our biography is the major contributor to the formation of the Else. Our biography is the stories we tell about ourselves and our lives. It informs how we perceive and interpret situations and the world around us. It greatly determines our reactions, emotions, and feelings about everyone and everything.

Our Soul self is just that. Its only component is the divine essence of Sacred (God/Universe/Higher Power etc) itself.

I want to reiterate that our Soul is not something we have. It is who we truly are. It is our essence, our immortal and true self that exists for all eternity beyond this snippet of time we call life.

The only constant and independent component of our makeup is the Soul. Our personality, mind, body, biology, and biography are all highly dependent upon many other factors.

How does the Else (ego) function?

The Else is an entity of the human realm, an entity of the human mind. It functions primarily on a subconscious level, controlling much of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences of life.

It judges everything, labels everything. When switched on, it informs our emotions and the majority of our mental states, as well as our state of being. 

The Else creates mental attachments—usually skewed and usually unconscious—to an image, concept, or set of beliefs about who we are. It falsely tells us that our identity, who we are, is our personality, what we do, what we have, and how others perceive us. It falsely tells us our accomplishments and others’ opinions of us determine our value.

Do other’s opinions of us matter? In our society, yes. But only to the extent that it can determine how we interact with others and how they interact with us. Does this affect our true value or worthiness? No. There’s a big difference. 

You might ask, “Who cares if my intrinsic value remains if society can’t see it? If other people don’t value me, life sucks.”

Here’s the thing. People who know their intrinsic worth with every facet and particle of their being, tend to do worthy and valuable things that society also finds valuable. They know, “Uniquely made, uniquely me, I’m valuable. Therefore, I have important things to do.” They ask, “How can I use my uniqueness to serve the greater good.” 

Their acts come from a place of worthiness, rather than from a place to impress or gain favorable placement in society—although those are common results. The Universe sends major backup when a person acts from this space. 

The Else perpetuates our fears, wounds, dysfunctions, and doubts. Unrecognized, unchecked, and unhealed, the Else is the purveyor of suffering, chaos, and living nightmares.

Every moment of our lives, our mind and behaviors are either under control of the Else or the Soul. Unless a person is incredibly self aware, almost everything they do and think is a result of the Else in their mind. In addition to that, almost all the chaos, dysfunction, and suffering in the world results from the collective Else in the mind of humanity.

Examples of the Else at Work:

There are as many ways for the Else to exist as there are stars in the sky. But here are a few umbrella examples to give you an idea.

  • Won’t admit wrongness: The Else is highly attached to being right. For this reason, the Else will make a person argue for the sake of argument, or to assert a position. A person under control of the Else is unwilling to assess or admit fault or wrongness, even to the detriment of their relationships, peace, and healthy functioning in life.
  • Feelings get hurt by, or you take offense to, someone’s words or actions: The Else attaches our value and identity externally and places our power in the hands of others. Offendedness is our cue to remember that our true power is intrinsic and our value is irreducible.
  • Identification with personality and/or body: Equating who you are with your personality, biography, thoughts, body, actions, acquisitions, or perceptions.
  • Attention seeking as well as shyness places a person’s true power in the hands and opinions of others. 
  • Any time these things occur without healing or resolution: fear, judgement, hatred, impatience, jealousy, greed, pride, vengeance, violence, shame, anger that leads only to more pointless dysfunction, etc
  • Your internal world is determined by your external world: Your peace and state of being depends on what happens to you and how you label and perceive external situations. Your experiences inform your state of being, meaning your emotional and inner state depend upon what happens to you. This makes you unconsciously reactive rather than sacredly responsive.  
  • You’re out of currence (Your mind is in the past or future): Your mind and body are in two different places: For example, you’re washing the dishes, but stewing over an altercation you had at work two weeks ago. Or you’re worrying about a future event that may or may not even take place.
  • You can’t keep a secret because you wanna share the juicy gossip. The Else tells you that you’re extra important for having this juicy information that no one else has. This makes it super tempting to share it with others who have less information than you. 
  • You’re a “know it all” or “one upper”: You get a boost inside when you know more than someone else, or you think you know more. You even get a boost if your complaint is more severe. “Well if you makes you feel better, my situation is worse.”
  • Superiority/inferiority complex: Your sense of self and value increase/decrease when you perceive yourself as better/less than someone else.
  • When you believe what you have and what you do determines your worth, value, and designation for love.
  • You’re addicted to negative emotions, stories, pain. This is usually an unconscious addiction. Some shadow states of being are extremely addicting because they give us a false sense of empowerment, control, and superiority. This is especially true with anger, judgment, exclusion, and defensiveness.  Our pain and stories get us sympathy and attention that the Else interprets as love and acceptance—two basic human needs. The Else also gives us excellent excuses for  our bad behavior, unaccountability, stagnation, and poor choices. “I do that because blank happened to me in my childhood.”, “It’s just who I am.”

Why Does the Else Make Us Feel So Terrible?!

Let’s say you have a bat in the cave, food in your teeth, or your shirt accidentally tucked into your panties…granny panties that stick out of your low rise jeans. (This seriously happened to someone I know! No, it wasn’t me! She was wearing her granny panties that day. She’s never lived down the nickname GP Tuck-Tuck—GP stands for granny panties) I’m laughing so hard right now!

The embarrassment one feels in these scenarios is because of the Else. It stems from our need to feel loved and belonging. Our survival depends on the fulfillment of these two needs.

Since society says it’s less than desirable to have a booger in your nose, the Else sees this as a threat to your love and belonging and, thus, your survival. As a double whammy, the Else places your worth in the hands of others’ opinions of you. If people think you’re gross, the Else decreases your sense of value. So now, you’re not just embarrassed. You’re an embarrassed loser—in the Else’s eyes. And since we identify the Else as who we are, we believe it too. 

In the Else’s overreaction, you’re filled with burning embarrassment and whittling shame. The Else’s intention is to protect you from banishment by booger. You feel so terrible you won’t ever want to feel that way again, so you’ll be sure to keep a bat free cave in the future. The Else doesn’t know that society won’t banish you for a booger in your nose.

The Else reacts with painful or negative emotions and feelings when it feels threatened in any way. I’d bet that 90% of the time that we feel negative feelings, it’s the Else in control. 

I'm right

The Else Also Makes Us Feel Good:

That uplifting feeling you get when you get a lot of likes on social media…chances are, that’s the Else.

The haters or internet trolls that leave snarky comments…that’s the Else. It makes them think it feels good to put someone down. It makes them feel superior, more important, and, therefore, in a twisted way, more lovable and worthy because someone is less than them.

Little do they know, it’s like taking drugs. Feels good for a little while, but in the end, it only eclipses the Soul and makes them feel worse. 

Judgment is a big one. It feels so good to judge and talk about how other people suck at life. Anything that puts us “higher” than someone else, not only makes us feel more significant, but it also allows us to avoid looking at our own issues that need healing attention. 

That boost you feel inside when you’re right about something. Mmm that feels good! Well, that’s the Else. It makes you right and someone else wrong, makes you better and smarter than someone else.

Another example is when you feel extra cool because your car, house, kids, clothes, etc are “better” than someone else’s. 

Although it’s false, the Else fills you with a sense of greater value and worth. This tricks you into feeling one of your intrinsic needs are met, the need to feel valued and worthy. It makes you forget that those things can never come from outside of yourself. 

What’s the purpose of the ego (Else)?:

I believe that everything exists for a purpose, that everything exists for our benefit. It often doesn’t feel that way, but that is because we perceive from the Else and our limited human perspective instead of our Soul perspective.

If everything serves a purpose, the Else must too. Therefore, it is important that we refrain from vilifying the Else, for this only leads to its expansion and strengthening.

While the Else eclipses the expression of the Soul, it exists to serve a purpose that we are just beginning to understand. The suffering created by the Else is also the catalyst for breaking the Else open so the light of the Soul can shine through. Used and perceived wisely, the Else can serve as our guideposts for learning, growth, and healing.

I believe we chose the dynamics of our Else before we incarnated into this life. We chose struggles and personality aspects which would lead to a deeper understanding and evolution in specific areas.

The Universe gives us examples all over the physical world to demonstrate how the formless Sacred realm functions. For example, a toddler only learns how to walk by falling. The falls teach them what balance feels like.

The same applies to our spiritual balance and uprightness. Through suffering we learn what isn’t our nature so we can understand what is our nature. Violence, hatred, rage, impatience, judgement, etc all lead to what? Suffering. If it leads to suffering, we know it’s divergent from our true nature. Transcending and turning from that which causes suffering is a convergence of our human nature with that of our Soul. It is our primary purpose in life in every moment.

It all comes down to love and belonging, which are highly connected to survival. The Else began as a survival mechanism. Now that that function is more detrimental than helpful, it is time for its purpose to shift into one that actually serves us.

Once we understand the Else and how to identify it in our lives, we can use it to help us evolve so that our Soul selves can more clearly shine through. The Else is the contrast to the Soul.  

how to get rid of ego

How to Transcend the Else:

First, we must remember that we are divine, immortal beings here for a short experience of physical life on earth. Our personalities, roles (parent, teacher, child, position in career), bodies, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and actions are not our true identity. They are merely aspects of our existence. 

Offer yourself to serve the greater good and Invite Sacred into every aspect and moment of your life. As often as you can think to, call on Sacred for support. 

Practicing awareness is the key to removing the Else’s claws. The recognition of the Else at work within us loosens its control over us. Since our biography is the foundation from which the Else is erected, it is imperative that we exercise fine tuned awareness of our stories, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and states of being.

It’s like walking a dog. Imagine the dog is the Else. We never want it to lead us. Instead, the Else is on a leash that we control. The Else obeys the commands of our Soul. When a dog heels, it aligns with the owner, just as we want the Else to do with our Soul.

You know when there’s a random noise and a dog totally overreacts, freaking out and barking when nothing is there? That’s kind of how the Else is. It overreacts, causing unnecessary stress and noise. We must train the Else to heel…pun intended. We remind it that we have the power, we are in control, and that its painful creations don’t serve us.

If you watch Cesar Milan, a professional dog trainer, he teaches the dog owners that their energy they exude affects the dog and its response to the world. What can we take from this? We train ourselves to inhabit sacred states of being so the Else can’t take control of us and lead us to fallout, freak out, or stress out.

Sacred States of Being: 

What are they? Sacred states of being are not feelings or emotions. They are our Soul’s natural energetic states in which our mind and body inhabit and are inhabited by love, gratitude, joy, enthusiasm, peace, acceptance, nonresistance, patience, compassion, etc.

Shadow states of being result from the low vibrational frequencies of rage, anger, worry, fear, judgment, impatience, hatred, depression, shame, stress, apathy, etc.—functions of the Else.

A constant sacred state of being is a practice that requires consistent awareness and the diligent focus on convergence (alignment of human self with Soul self), personal evolution, and healing.

This is why intentional personal growth is paramount. We must create new pathways to sacred states of being in our brains in order to deconstruct the pathways to shadow states.

Rewiring Our Brains:

Intentional personal growth actually changes the structure of our brains. Our brains are made of billions of neurons. These create our memories, as well as our interpretation and emotions about them. They are the physical basis of our habits and tendencies, as well as much of our personalities. The networks of neurons form throughout our lives and control much of how we live and what we experience.

“Neurons that fire together wire together” is a common saying in neurology. To save time and energy, evolution has made our brains work more efficiently by connecting frequently communicating neurons.

Why Is This Important?

Well, if you tend towards anger, the neural pathway to anger literally forms in your brain. The initiation of this pathway releases hormones and neuropeptides, adrenaline and cortisol. The biochemical components for anger flood your body. The heart rate increases. Respiration increases. You feel anger.

The brain does not judge the pathway; it merely forms the pathways most often asked of it. As a result, anger becomes easier to get to. It becomes a habit, and maybe even a perpetual state of being.

To deconstruct the painful pathways. we must create and use new pathways to sacred states of being more often than the pathways to shadow states. This is conscious living and purposeful creation of the pathways that determine the state of our inner world, our Soul’s expression, and our experience and execution of life.

Creating new pathways is done by daily practice of mediation, currence (presence), intentional growth, intentional sacred states of being, prayer, awareness, and the intention of convergence.

I know it sounds like a lot, but once you understand the concepts, with practice it all becomes second nature.

How The Else Blocks Our Soul’s Expression:

As I described above in examples of the Else at work, it’s easy to see how the Else suppresses the Soul.

Our primary purpose in life is to act as a physical conduit for the expression of our Soul self. This is done by way of convergence (alignment of human nature with that of our sacred nature) and sacred evolution. Everything else that we do and experience stems from that. The parallel key in fulfilling this purpose is constant non-judgment and loving of who we are in every moment in our evolution.

If you’re anything like me—a perfectionist and control freak—that comes easier said than done. For the longest time, I understood these truths on a theoretical level, but hadn’t yet learned to integrate them fully into my life and being.

Sometimes it’s hard to apply the theoretical into reality, especially when in the Else’s grip.

The Else is formed from the fearful and wounded aspects of our personalities. The Else’s dominion is the powerful painful pits of fear and self doubt. Without a sturdy foundation and toolset of Sacred practice, it is easy to fall prey to the Else’s traps. This allows the Else to eclipse the expression of our Soul, and, therefore, block the fulfillment of our primary purpose.

The Else doesn’t want you to heal because your healing is its death. For this reason, the Else puts up tons of resistance to healing in the form of excuses, rationalization, and justification for its existence.

An equal or greater amount of energy is required to face, heal, and transcend the Else. The good news is we have access to the infinite power supply of Sacred. And because it is our primary purpose, Sacred backs our endeavor to heal and converge. We simply have to ask for help in tapping into it.

Our tendency in society when we identify a “problem” is to attack it, judge it, hate it, resist it, fix it, avoid it. These are all reactions of darkness. You cannot destroy darkness with darkness. The elimination of darkness is the illumination of darkness.

That’s why it is important to understand that convergence is not to berate, hate, judge, shame, or destroy the Else and our shadow sides. It is to send them compassionately through a metamorphoses so they converge harmoniously with our sacred Soul selves.


The Else is the culprit for almost all suffering. It is the cause for relationship breakdowns, and most all internal and external dysfunction. It blocks the flow of love, as well as the expression of our Soul self.

Deliberate evolution is intentional personal growth and is active in nature. It is when you take the reins from the Else and reclaim control of your life, thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

Active evolution deliberately places your Soul self in the driver’s seat.

When we focus and act from the seat of love, awareness, and sacred intentions (convergence, evolution), the Else takes a back seat. These are the sacred solutions to most every problem on the planet.

All of us have an Else made up of parts of our personalities that are broken, damaged, hurt, or lost. It’s part of being human. I don’t know that it’s possible to fully get rid of the Else. Instead, we must learn to live peacefully with it. 

Our sacred work, however, is to dig into the shadow stuff, not to wallow needlessly or to be consumed in their resulting emotions, but, rather, with an objective, nonjudgmental curiosity and the intention and work towards healing.

To truly create our best life, fulfill our greatest purpose and destiny, we must be willing to determine our role in the dysfunctions and toxic patterns in our lives. We must release our need to be right and be willing to be wrong. We must evolve towards our sacred nature.

People under control of the Else are highly attached to being right. It is one of the greatest causes of dispute. It is also one of the greatest causes of stagnation.

If you’re always right, you never have to change. But if you never change, you never grow. Growth is impossible without change.

Growth is essential to the Soul. Lack of growth is a burying of the Soul alive.

Hating or judging the Else when it pops up only adds more darkness. Instead, we simply notice it’s there. Maybe even giggle a bit at how it behaves. We call in Sacred and our sacred states of being. Then, from a sacred state of being, we investigate and work to transform the Else.

Also, be careful not to judge when you recognize the Else in others. That’s your sneaky Else trying to get a boost.

Identifying and questioning the Else and our pain and fears paves the path of healing. Really getting to know them and their workings loosens their grip of control over us.

We must endeavor to trace, particularly, our negative experiences to their roots, dissect them, and inject healing and higher solutions to cultivate higher perceptions.

Unresolved and unhealed pain is the Else’s greatest tool for control and survival.

Keep in mind that it is virtually impossible to resolve a problem with the same mind and state of being that created it. Trying to find a high quality solution with the same mindset that created the problem is like asking a kindergartener to do calculus. They just haven’t learned it yet.

Therefore, to cultivate higher solutions and perceptions, you must take action DAILY and expose yourself DAILY to wise mentors that help expand and elevate your state of mind.

I say DAILY for good reason. Remember the neural pathways. Your mindset is built from decades, and in some ways generations, of destructive patterns and habits. You cannot break these with an occasional inspirational quote or article.

A near constant and deliberate effort is how we achieve true and permanent growth as well as liberation from the Else and its dysfunctional ways.

When you do notice areas for growth and healing, it is important not to judge or attach negativity of any kind.

Elizabeth Gilbert calls these unhealed aspects of our personalities Shadow Children. I like this term because we must embrace them tenderly like a mother and her wounded child. We embrace them with compassion and understanding.

Rather than justifying our dysfunction, negative state of being, and poor behaviors and choices with the stories our Shadow Children tell, we counsel and transform the children with newfound wisdom.

We shine the light of wisdom into the shadows. By this we inject Truth into the fallacy of our limiting and fearful beliefs that have formed since our birth.

Again, this wisdom grows and comes from DAILY practices and exposure to elevating and expansive guidance from mentors.

Locating and addressing our shortcomings isn’t as fun as (insert your favorite fun activities. Mine is boat rides, roller coasters, or eating yummy food). However, it can be empowering and fulfilling when we hold true to our intention. Our reward for our internal work is the resulting improvement in every aspect of our lives.

After all, what’s more exhilarating than being who we came here to be, and fulfilling our Soul’s intention?


Dear holy, divine Sacred, thank you for this amazing life. Thank you for choosing me to uniquely express your divine nature through my physical form. Thank you for helping me clearly recognize the Else at work, and freeing me from its grip. Thank you for helping me choose sacred solutions and sacred states of being in every situation. Thank you for your help in my understanding and healing of the Else and the wounded and fearful aspects of my personality so that I can best express as my divine self I’m here to be. Amen.  

In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper

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Who is God?: A Comparison of God and Religion. Why’s Spirituality Important?

Who is God?
Reading Time: 11 minutes

The Big Question

Who is God? I bet every single person asks this question in some form at least once in their life. I know I have, and many more times than once. My understanding and experience of God evolves as I grow and evolve. I’ve spent most of my life pondering, seeking, and exploring God. The following describes my current perception and how I came to it. This post will discuss the topics: Who is God? A comparison of God and Religion, and Why is Spirituality Important?

comparison of God and religion

A Brief History of God and Religion:

Religion has served as the gateway to God for at least a few thousand years. For this reason, I felt it important to speak on religion since it and God go hand in hand for many people.

God is a word nearly as old as language. Throughout history, the word God and to that which it refers has been worshipped, beloved, and a guiding light. It has also been slandered, misused, and wielded as fear and manipulation tactics—particularly by religion, who broke their Sacred responsibility to act as bridge and tether to God.

While religion is a beacon of hope and strength for many, it has a dark history. It is to blame for the cause and false justification for gross atrocities, persecution and war. In many ways it has distorted the reality of God. It has been a tool of greed and manipulation throughout history. Many religions still today use fear tactics to recruit and keep followers.

All of this done in the name of God.

Because of this, many hold a sour taste in their mouth regarding, not only religion, but God as well—or at least the word. This is our Sacred instinct alerting us that these misdoings of religion and terrible acts in the name of God is spiritual trespassing and abuse.

Our aversion towards religion brings the church to a crux where it must evolve or move out.

I think we’ve moved away from religion because on a soul level we knew the “truth” delivered by many churches was skewed, tarnished, and contradicting to the Truth we hold inside.

While religion can serve as a guidepost that points to Sacred and the Truth, it isn’t Sacred or the Truth itself. Nor is it sovereign over the Truth.

While many churches have evolved beyond fear tactics and truly serve the people, the damage done is unignorable.

According to the Pew Research Center:

“…the number of adults who do not identify with any organized religion is growing.”

While this statistic is understandable, I urge you not to throw God out with religion, for they are far from one and the same. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you why.

My Religious Upbringing:

The church I went to growing up did teach that God is loving and forgiving. However, it also taught about Hell and Satan, which put great fear inside of me. In fact, I’d say it was one of my first great fears in life.

I know the generations before me got the fire and brimstone sermons even moreso.

As I moved from the church and found God outside of religion and more inside myself, I’ve come to know God in much deeper and personal ways.

I’ve come to understand that our Soul selves are sparks of Sacred’s flame. We are not separate from God. We are a piece of God, made in God’s sacred likeness.

You can read more about my story here.

Creating Sacred Reason for Behaving Ourselves:

I’ve learned we should want to be our best selves for sacred reasons, not to avoid “Hell” or other fear based reasons.

Our reason for claiming and living our greatness is to express and spread light, not just to avoid the dark.

Our reason for inhabiting our greatness is because we understand that we are eternal, spiritual beings, and that our greatest purpose is to live our human lives as our Soul intended—with love, integrity, grace, patience, gratitude, joy, in service, etc.

This kind of life is our duty and our birthright. We claim our greatness because we know we deserve it, we know we are valuable and worthy beings. 

Our sacred reasons are rooted in our spiritual core values. The depth and strength of their roots depends on the depth and strength of our spiritual connection and practice. This is why I discuss, later, the importance of spirituality.

Who is God to Me:

First of all, I’ve coined a new word for God. It may seem sacrilege, but I felt it necessary given the history described above.

I’m sure you’ve noticed a decrease in the word God, and an increase in the words: Universe, Source, Higher Power, etc to reference the Divine. As I said before, it seems the word God has some negative connotation as a result of its misuse and misinterpretation.

Because of that, I use the word Sacred when referring to the Higher Power. The word is just a word, and while it doesn’t change the nature of what it refers to, I feel that it carries less baggage and is more synonymous to what God really is.

Here is an excerpt from my book The Pinnacle Beacon. Elbon is a wizard guiding four teens through a journey of spiritual truths, personal discovery and growth, and more. I’d like to share my description of Sacred through Elbon:

Elbon thought a moment. “Sacred refers to the divine energy that creates, is all knowing, and made of pure love. It flows through everything as a unified, ubiquitous field of sacred energy.”

“Ubiquitous?” Peter looked confused.

“That means it’s present everywhere,” Elbon said, “in every place and every no place, in every thing and every non-thing. It is the formless foundation upon which all of creation is formed—the formless, ubiquitous substrate, animator, creator, and assimilator of all form. The only way to experience the fullest expression of Sacred is in the current moment.

“What you are is what many call a Soul—a formless energy that exists outside of time for an eternity in and on both sides of this moment. Your true essence and Sacred are one and the same, made of pure love and life itself. You and Sacred are too limitless, too great, too divine to describe—and even then describing is only merely that.”

“It’s a lot to take in,” Peter said.

“It’s a lot that’s been forgotten over the ages,” Elbon nodded.


Later, Peter, one of the teens, mentions his own sour taste about God after enduring a lifetime of abuse from his father.

“Going through what I’ve gone through, I always believed God, or Sacred, or whatever you call it, was made up by people that wanted to control us,” Peter said.

Elbon smiled gently, “I’ve entertained that thought before—that there’s no such thing as God. People have no doubt misrepresented Sacred. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather believe and be wrong than not believe and be wrong. What’s the harm in believing even if the Sacred doesn’t exist? The way I see it, right or wrong, there’s nothing to lose by believing, and much to lose by not.”

“But how can the ‘Sacred made of love’ allow such horrible things to happen?” Peter argued.

“Violence is never meant to be, nor is it an act of Sacred. However, Sacred allows us the gift of undeniable free will that can be commanded by the lost and wounded aspects of our physical selves—I call it the Else. Even those gilded in good intentions, all acts of violence and abuse are chosen against the Soul’s wishes. They are results of a major deviation from the Divine center. And while they aren’t meant to be, they are opportunities for investigation and growth.”


Sacred is my center, my anchor, my reason, my peace, my answer, and my home. I know that the same creator of every creature and life form, particle of matter, and the space in which existence is held, also saw fit to purposely create me. This applies to you too!  

We were created for great reason, which means we have great work to do. Read more about our mission here

Sacred guides me through inspiration and creativity. Sacred supports me, especially, when I ask for it.

What I Know For Sure About God (Sacred): 

There is no number of words that can envelop or description that can define Sacred. That being said, we can use words and descriptions to make God (Sacred) more understandable and relatable. There are several things I know for sure about Sacred.

Sacred Is:

  • All loving
  • All knowing
  • Always working in our favor
  • Corrective in nature
  • Wanting us to dis-cover our greatness
  • Inclusive
  • In all places and the spaces between
  • Creative
  • Joyful, enthusiastic, patient, and gracious
  • Joyful in serving and helping us on our higher path

The gap between God and how we live our lives

The Gap:

If you’re a product of religion’s dark history I described above, I know when I say, “you need God in your life” your eyes may roll backwards. Perhaps you think to yourself, “Not another one of these people!”.

I get it. But, please, just hear me out!

While religion is on the decline, 90% of the world’s population believes in a higher power. However, we have all but banished Sacred, our Soul selves, and spiritual nature from our everyday lives.

Spirituality isn’t exactly a top contender for most common topics of conversation. The transition from spirituality via religion to spirituality alone has left many feeling a bit lost.

People believe in something greater than themselves, but having no outside direction, find it difficult to integrate Sacred into their lives. This is why I started this blog; to close the gap between our belief in a higher power and its integration into our lives moment to moment.

I think the discontent, dissonance, disconnection, and even depression many of us feel results from our disconnection from Sacred and our Divine nature. It results from the gap between our deep knowing that a higher power exists and our ability to integrate that higher power into our lives.

People feel a lacking, a longing, and a lingering sense that something is missing, but they can’t put their finger on it.

I believe the bad tastes in our mouth about God are pretenses that block true meaning in life, as well as the fulfillment of our divinely intended greatness.

Most of us believe in a higher power, and that we are immortal and divine beings that continue to exist beyond this lifetime. However, I’m curious to know how much time and energy is devoted to Sacred, the health of our Soul, and the alignment of our life with our sacred values and intentions.

Why a Connection With God (Sacred) is Essential for Creating Your Best Life: 

When Sacred is your center and priority, every other priority and aspect of your life improves. When you intend and work to act in service of the highest and greatest good set forth by the will of Sacred, your life is enriched, enhanced, and unfolds in ways you’d never dreamed.

Sacred backs all thoughts, words, and actions that serve the highest and greatest good. The power and energy of the entire Universe is at our service when we intend and act from sacred states of being.

Given that we believe in Sacred and eternal life beyond this earthy existence, we must know on some level that the purpose of this physical life is to serve Sacred and our Souls in some way. This is why we should invite Sacred in to every moment of our lives

But How Sacred Are Our Lives?

Do we see parenting as a sacred act? What about our relationships as sacred bonds? Do we see our exchange with the cashier a sacred moment between two souls? Are our jobs or actions perceived as Sacred orrrrrr not so sacred? Do we behave and think with sacred intentions? How often do we connect with Sacred in prayer for ourselves…for others?

My point is, as we go about our daily lives we can enrich them through our connection with Sacred and with the nature of Sacred as the foundation of all we do. Why is this?

The nature of Sacred is loving, kind, joyful, grateful, inclusive, inspired, peaceful, patient, aware. Every experience is enhanced with these sacred states of mind and being.

Darkness and suffering cannot exist within these sacred states of being.

In another article, I speak about convergence, which is the harmonizing of our human self with that of our Soul self. It’s placing our Soul in the driver’s seat of our life.

I believe all human caused crisis, chaos, and dysfunction is directly related to our disconnection from Sacred and our spiritual selves.

After all, we are all Souls here for a short while on planet earth to experience a human life.

Sacred and Spirituality Are Our Supreme Solutions: 

The solution to every issue must be spiritual. Since the end of time we’ve tried eliminating evil with war and murder. Obviously, that doesn’t work.

Why is Spirituality Important


Spirituality is the only thing we haven’t tried on a massive scale. I’m not talking about woo woo, hippie, or holy roller stuff. We’ve tried that too. I’m talking about true and collective convergence by way of our individual convergence—the intentional alignment of personality with Soul.

It is up to us to bring about the imperative change in the world. There is no technology or government that is capable of such a task.

We are set up for success. The internet connects us globally. As lanterns we are agents of evolution because the evolution of an individual is an evolution of humanity.

What is spirituality and why is spirituality important?:

Spirituality is an active, moment to moment practice and lifestyle. It is more than an hour at church once a week. It’s a deliberate awareness with intention and action pointed towards convergence, the alignment of your personality with that of your Soul.

Your personality isn’t who you are. You are a Soul living as a human. As humans, we have personality traits that block our greatness and eclipse the expression of our Souls. I go deeper into this in the post, “Why Intentional Personal Growth is Essential for Creating Your Best Life”.

Active spiritual practice, lends itself to Sacred personal growth. Sacred personal growth allows us to cocreate with Sacred in the manifestation of the greater good, the manifestation of the Sacred realm on Earth, the manifestation of Sacred’s divine will. All of these combined are the greatest destiny of the collective, as well as the individual.

This is our path to our best life and our greatest version of ourselves.

For too long we have relinquished our Sacred duty and responsibility to hold and spread the Light. Furthermore, no human device or power can illuminate the type of darkness that lurks and reigns here.

The only salvation and solution is of the spiritual nature, and it’s up to us to do it. We are the lanterns with Sacred flames lit within us. Any negative thought or action is a crack for darkness to enter. For when we exile Sacred, we exile the Light, we exile our true power, and we invite the darkness.

I believe we are all purposely created with the intention that our Soul-selves express through us. This is made possible through active spiritual practice and intentional personal growth.

Therefore, my primary intention for spiritual practice and personal growth is to shed the shadow sides of my personality that prevent my Soul-self’s expression. Only then can I best fulfill my greatest destiny, as well as, the purpose of my existence.

We are agents of light, and Sacred is our flame. We are agents of love and Sacred is our source. We are agents of evolution and Sacred is our guide.

Every loving thought and act is a healing balm in the world. Loving thoughts and acts are sacred and are, therefore, rooted in service of Sacred.

Spirituality enhances our authentic wellness—a truer, deeper state of wellness.

Spirituality affects every aspect of life in expansive, uplifting, unbelievable ways.


“Who is God” is probably one of the most asked questions. I hope this article pulls you closer to your Soul self, closer to Sacred. I hope it shines a new light around God where, perhaps, there was darkness.

The intention of this article is not to bash religion. While I don’t ascribe to any one particular religion, I recognize beautiful truth in all of them and that they exist for great reason. They serve great purpose in many lives. 

I’m sure you’ve heard some people say, I’m spiritual, not religious. I’m one of them.  

As I mentioned earlier, spirituality and religion can beautifully coexist and support each other, but they are not synonymous. You can certainly have one without the other.

I wrote this article to those who have lost faith in religion, who’ve been done poorly by religion. This article is to show that God and religion are not one and the same. It’s a petition to hold onto Sacred, even if denouncing religion.

It is a claim that a deep and meaningful relationship with the Divine is essential, while religion is not.

Currently, what truly matters is shifting in a highly necessary way. What truly matters is less about what we believe and more about how we live and the quality of our Soul’s expression through our human form.

The state of the world indicates a spiritual yearning unrecognized and unfulfilled. At the same time, we are seeing a massive increase of spiritual exploration and actualization on an unprecedented scale.

I urge you to embrace Sacred, active spirituality, and intentional personal growth as nonnegotiable top priorities. These priorities are the keys to Sacred, your greatness, higher self, and best life. They are the pathways for true and lasting higher transformation.

I hope you’ll join me in this illumination of ourselves!  


Prayer for the Week:

Holy, divine Sacred. I’m sorry that too often, I’ve left you out of my life. I’m ready for a more Sacred life. I invite a more joyful, Soulful, and fulfilling life. Thank you for showing yourself to me. Thank you for creating me, and for helping me live sacredly in every moment. I’m so grateful that you show me gently, yet clearly, how I may best serve the highest and greatest good, and how to fulfill my greatest destiny we created together. I love you, and thank you for loving me. Amen.

In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper


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