The Cause Of Dysfunction, Why Life Is So Hard, And How To Make Life Better

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Is your life a mess? Is your inner world shitty to live in?

“Why is life so hard?” you ask. “What is the cause of dysfunction in my life?”

You’re most likely out of sacred convergence. And you’re probably surrounded with unconverged people. Let me explain what this means because it has tremendous implications individually as well as globally. This article aims to explain the cause of dysfunction in our individual and collective lives, why life is so hard, and how to make life better with sacred convergence.

Sacred convergence is a concept too rarely identified and discussed. The lack of convergence in the world is the cause of almost all dysfunction and suffering.

There are several things that make us who we are as humans. We are Souls. We have personalities. To our great detriment, we have somewhere, somehow, forgotten this. A reminder is necessary that our personalities are expressions of our Soul as well as expressions of our human conditioning, wounds, and fears. They don’t always agree and the expressions of wounds and fears often steal the spotlight in our play of life.

The Else takes the lead role as the actor of our wounds and fears, and it is most often in control of all our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and perceptions. All control of our life is often entirely in the hands of the Else. It is the primary cause of all suffering, dysfunction, and unfulfilled dreams. The Else prevents convergence and all sacred states of being that fuel our greatness and purpose—it prevents the expression of the Soul.

A new way of being requires a new way of thinking. Keep reading to learn how to take back control of your life.

Table of Contents

What Is Convergence?:

“In our religious thoughts we acknowledge what we call the soul, but we have not, until now, taken it seriously enough to consider what the existence of the soul means in terms of everyday experience, in terms of the joys and pains and sorrows and fulfillments that make a human life. We have not turned our attention to the needs of the soul…” The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Convergence is a primary thread of the entire Light Society Blog. It is mentioned in the majority of the posts.

The shortest definition of convergence is the alignment and merging of the personality with that of the Soul self through the process of deliberate and sacred personal growth. The process, however, requires more explanation. We are in convergence when we’ve healed and released all aspects of our personality that block our Soul’s expression. Convergence is the answer to how to make life better.

Few people would honestly claim that they’re perfect, yet deliberate growth is rarely a top priority. We don’t teach it in schools. It isn’t a common parenting topic. And we wonder why the divorce rate is so high, why there’s so much dysfunction in our lives and the world.

Identifying non-converged areas requires deep and total honesty with yourself about areas in your personality that need growth and healing. You must release the need to be right and cling to the intention to heal. When we heal, we become better people for ourselves and for those that share our life with us.

Convergence shatters oblivion and denial about the areas of ourselves and our lives that deeply require evolution in order for our best selves and our ultimate destiny to shine through.

Awareness → Growth/Healing → Convergence → Evolution → Awareness → Growth/Healing → Convergence → Evolution →…

Awareness is the flashlight of convergence, lighting the way and illuminating our shadow sides. Our non-converged tendencies struggle to exist in the presence of awareness. The more you converge, the greater your awareness grows. As awareness grows, the Soul evolves. Likewise, as you evolve, awareness grows. They perpetuate each other.

We Must Be Clear About Who We Are:

Imagine your personality is a bunch of different articles of clothing that you’re wearing. Some pieces of clothing have thorns pointing inward. These are aspects of your personality that hurt yourself and others. They aren’t who you are, but they do create and cause many of your circumstances and experiences, as well as others’ experience of you. This is often the cause of why life is so hard.

One of your primary jobs on this planet is to remove the thorny articles of clothing. They must be identified by looking for the wounds they’ve caused. For example, pain and dysfunction in relationships, settlement for a life less than what you know you want or is best, or a negative state of mind, to name a few.

To remove the clothes you cannot simply rip them off. They are pushed out from the inside. Removing the thorns safely and effectively requires a daily, sometimes moment to moment, practice with awareness of the thorns and the steadfast intention to heal. The majority of us are walking around in a state of auto pilot letting our personalities control our lives—leaving the thorns to destroy our lives.




You’re A Soul:

As I said before, we are Souls. We have personalities. Therefore, you are bound for trouble if you’re living your life on the whims of your personality with little to no thought about your Soul, what it’s here for, or your Higher Power.

I would go as far to say that it is, not only a tragedy, but dangerous when people believe their personality is entirely who they are, and that it’s set in stone. Especially, when their personality is blocking their Soul.

The belief that our personality is who we are is a slayer of growth, and, therefore, a slayer of greatness. This belief is an incubator for, not only unaccountability, but evil as well. It is how a Soul becomes fully eclipsed by the personality.

The reason human caused crisis, chaos, and dysfunction exists is because fearful and wounded aspects of the personality are running the show, and they’re paying no mind to the intention of the Soul. These shadow aspects of our personalities form what I call the Else. The Else diverts us from our sacred essence. It diverts us from Sacred completely.

All that being said, even though our personality isn’t entirely who we are, and it can lead us to make terrible decisions, we are still always responsible for our actions and behaviors, even when under control of the Else.

Why Is Life So Hard? Non-Convergence—The Cause Of Dysfunction:

Here’s a list of the things that make life so hard. It’s a list of the causes of suffering ranging from a brief shameful self-judgment looking in the mirror to major atrocities like war. Many of these affect us many times a day. See which ones you frequently practice.

  • War
  • Non-currence: Mind and body in two places; worrying about future; fretting about past
  • Violence
  • Pollution
  • Disrespect/Irreverence
  • Shadow states of being
    • Spitefulness
    • Anger
    • Shame
    • Negativity
    • Victimhood
    • Vanity
    • Envy
    • Hatred
    • Chronic Stress
    • Scarcity
    • Indifference
    • Fear
    • Worry
  • Judgement
  • Procrastinating and avoiding what our inner voice urges us to do
  • Defensiveness
  • Greed
  • Resistance to growth/healing
  • Chronic patterns of dysfunction in life, relationships, inner world
  • Addiction
  • Malice
  • Disconnection

If you’re always arguing with people, if your happiness depends on what others think of you or how many likes you get on social media, if you’re worrying about something, if you’re a participant of anything on the list above, you’re out of convergence, and creating and enduring unnecessary suffering for yourself and world around you.

As a pebble affects the water, your thoughts and actions—converged or not—ripple out into the rest of the world, to your children, work, everything you do, everything you experience. That snippy remark…it matters. That judgement of that stranger…it matters.

Allowing the energetic vibrations of these non-converged acts pollutes yourself and the world around you. Life sucks when you’re quick to these reactions. You’re the only one who can change it.

Energy is required to fuel your normal (dysfunctional) patterns. Therefore, to override and transform those patterns, an equal or greater force of energy must act upon it or take place. Because humans rarely willingly and purposely devote the required amount of healing energy in order to heal their dysfunctional patterns, they often must learn the hard way—through difficult external circumstances. That’s why their life is so hard.


convergence, what you do affects the world

Why Is Convergence Important?

Convergence lays the foundation for Sacred’s manifestation into physical form.

When you evolve, the world evolves. Elevating your consciousness elevates the collective consciousness. This is true because at our basic level we are all a blanket of energy, connected as one. Energy is never created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed. We are here to elevate the collective energetic frequency by transforming and elevating ourselves.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “We are Souls having a human experience.” While this illuminates an important fact, I’ll add that this human experience is also a spiritual experience. Our entire human life exists to serve the evolution of the Soul as well as the evolution of the Divine consciousness. The entire physical realm exists for the Divine purpose, which is for Sacred to experience and express itself through matter, through form.

The use of our free will determines to what extent Sacred is expressed through us and all we do. Every thought and choice that betrays our true self (our Soul) is directly related to our convergence or distance from the Divine. All we do, say, think, and perceive is directly related to the amount of control the Else has in our minds. All hatred, judgement, impatience, human caused suffering and dysfunction sprouts directly from our detachment from our Sacred essence—from non-convergence.

Since the amount of suffering that we endure and create is directly related to our location on the convergence spectrum, I’d say that convergence is more than important. It’s imperative.

At our most fundamental level, we’re all one. For this reason, when one person further converges, the entire human consciousness further converges as well.

Convergence is important because it’s our Soul’s covenant to the Divine, the Higher Power. It’s our great purpose, the reason we’re here.

Convergence Is Our Great Purpose:

We are here to do more than advance technologically, get famous, make a bunch of money, or even be kind to one another. We are here to be more than our personality believes we can be.

Our great destiny is to tap into our divinity and to live sacredly in every moment, from sacred states of being. It is to allow our Soul’s fullest expression through our human form.

We can use convergence as the touchstone for personal growth since personal growth is the process of healing and transcending wounded aspects of our personalities that block our Sacred greatness—the expression of our Soul self. For this reason, personal and spiritual growth and convergence go hand in hand. Convergence is the result of sacred and deliberate personal growth.

The thing about this physical world is we’ve got certain personality aspects that are out of convergence. We have to consciously work on healing and shedding our shadow aspects in order to prevent them from blocking the expression of our Divine selves. This sacred, intentional work is deliberate growth; it is one of the greatest needs of every individual as well as the rest of the world.

Convergence is a primary and universal purpose that each of us shares. Therefore, it is the one of the highest intentions we can set to make it our goal and focus in every moment throughout the process of our intentional growth. It is our greatest duty, calling, and purpose in life. Convergence is the only path to our greatest destiny.



Convergence Is The Only Path To Your Ultimate Destiny:

I plan on creating an ecourse on this topic, so stay tuned!

Wouldn’t it be silly of us to believe that we know how to run our lives better than the Divine? Who and whatever created the mountains, seas, stars, universes, all life, the entire physical realm, also saw it necessary to create us. Doesn’t is make sense that our creator is also the creator of our greatest possible destiny, and that our purpose for existing is to fulfill that destiny?

How can we expect to live the lives our Soul intended if our Soul isn’t in charge of our lives, if our Soul isn’t an afterthought, much less a forethought in all we think and do? That amazing, beautiful life you desire and know deep down is possible… that’s your greatest destiny, co-designed by your Soul self and the Divine. We can only fulfill it through deep connection with its creators. Your great mission is complete convergence, placing the reins to your life in your Soul’s hands. This is the imperative step to your greatest destiny.

Wouldn’t it behoove us to get in touch with that which created us, perhaps offer our services towards the purpose of our creation? Doesn’t it make sense to include the holy Sacred in all we do?

This isn’t a “holy roller” religious thing. Religion has nothing to do with it. A converged life and person is the integration of the Soul into everyday life; it’s merging the Divine with the physical.

Enter The Flow:

Your true power, your greatness, your highest destiny lies in your ability to get out of your own way. Convergence is a return to wholeness. It’s identifying, healing, transforming, and releasing the parts of your personality that block your Sacred essence, that block the fullest and clearest expression of your Soul.

Offer and surrender your life and self to Sacred and serving the highest and greatest good. When you offer yourself as a conduit for goodness and love, opportunities and inspirations are revealed that couldn’t have otherwise with the Else blocking your Sacred flow. Your life will open and unfold in ways beyond your belief because Sacred is now able to work through you. Your Soul is better able to give, receive, and experience physical life unhindered by shadow aspects of your personality.

The more you converge, the more you enter the Divine flow. Life takes on new meaning. You feel more as if you’re floating through life more smoothly, efficiently, peacefully, purposefully. Life grows richer, fuller. You sense the deeper Oneness of life. The current of the Divine moves you through life as synchronicities, creativity, and inspiration pour in.

Your entry into sacred states of being (peace, patience, gratitude, reverence, compassion, understanding, love, etc) becomes effortless, which then leads to a much more pleasant and blissful experience of life.

With gradual fulfillment of sacred convergence as a main priority, your subsequent unique purposes are better revealed to you. The specifics of “what you’re meant to do in this life” begin to unfold. You are clearer, made ready for receiving guidance and intuition for next steps and which actions most serve you and the greater good.

Serving the greater good of the whole serves the greater good of every individual.


Convergence Is The Solution To Every Issue On The Planet:

How can 90% of the world believe in a Higher Power, yet still so much dysfunction exists? In addition to the misconceptions we’ve had about the Divine for thousands of years, we also haven’t yet fully integrated the Higher Power into our lives, decisions, interactions. We need to integrate the Divine not just a couple of days a week, but into every moment we possibly can.

If we are spiritual, Divine, Sacred, eternal in nature, and this physical realm is to serve the intentions of the Divine, and all dysfunction results from human creation, it seems obvious that the true and permanent solutions to all of our “problems” would be sacred in nature.

It makes sense to me that the only true solutions are those which are birthed from sacred mindsets steeped in sacred states of being. Have we not tried everything but this?

Imagine if we ran our prison systems this way, our governments, our education systems, our relationships, our jobs, our daily activities. Imagine if convergence fueled everyone’s intentions and actions. Wouldn’t the world evolve into the place we always hoped it could be?

Here Are The Guiding Steps:

It is important to remember that this is not a one time, over night, quick fix. This is a lifelong process and practice, but with massive payouts. It’s practice, not perfection.

  1. Invite the guidance and support of Sacred. This is a healing force amplifier.
  2. Understand the Else and how it works so you can identify, challenge, and heal it.
  3. Commit to intentional and deliberate growth every day.
  4. Practice currence in every moment. Currence is full presence and awareness, keep your mind with your body in every moment.
  5. Purposely choose sacred states of being in every moment: joy, love, acceptance, non-judgement, compassion, inclusion, etc.
  6. Consistent awareness: Check your inner state. Your breath is the reset button. Use it.
  7. Heal the shadow sides of your personality: wounds, fears, skewed perceptions

Your best life and true fulfillment lies inside your desire, intention, and willingness to offer your self and life to the greatest good, to serve the will of the Divine to the best of your abilities. This doesn’t mean you have to move to Tibet and become a monk. We need converged cashiers, converged teachers, converged parents, converged leaders.

When you’re truly ready for your life to shift, when you’re truly ready to do the Work required to fulfill your purpose for existence, all you have to do to begin is pray. Tell the Divine you’re ready. I’ll offer your prayer at the end of this article. Once you say this prayer, pack a snack, lace up your boots, and hold on tight. You’re in for an exhilarating ride!



embracing shadow sides

Embracing and Healing Our Shadow Sides:

Once you’ve said the prayer below to invoke Sacred to act in your life, you will do the seven steps above on a daily, even moment to moment basis. While I will expand just a bit on healing your shadow sides, this topic requires its own article. You can read it here.

It’s extremely important to note that to berate, hate, judge, or shame the Else and our shadow sides only worsens them. We shouldn’t shame and judge ourselves any more than we would a child for getting a scraped knee. Sacred convergence is to send the Else and shadow sides through a metamorphoses so they converge harmonically with our sacred Soul selves. The process is to make us the ultimate physical vessels for the clearest and fullest expression of our Soul.

If the butterfly were to stay too long in the cocoon, it would die. Once the cocoon no longer serves a positive purpose, the butterfly must emerge from it and let it go. The cocoon isn’t “bad”. It just no longer serves a purpose.


Perhaps an aspect of your personality is the tendency to keep people at a distance. You most likely learned in your childhood that it was safer to do so. You probably had people hurt you who were close to you. This tendency may have served and protected you well for a while. But now, you can’t seem to create and maintain close and loving relationships because you always keep people at a safe distance, preventing true connection and eventually pushing them away. True connection is a deep need of the Soul. It is time to assess and heal the wound that leads to this dysfunctional pattern. Convergence and deliberate evolution are the mitigating and mending methods.

Despite how terrible they may feel, negative feelings and emotions are extremely addicting. At the same time, it’s important to know that every thought and choice matters. Each carries an energetic vibration that attracts more energy that matches that vibration.

The identification, healing, transcending and releasing of our shadow sides is a process that requires time and effort. We must purposely challenge ourselves enough to take the time to inject the amount of energy it takes to truly transform. Much energy has gone into the creation and maintenance of the Else. A greater amount of energy is necessary to converge it. Luckily, we always have the infinite supply of Divine energy ready and eager to support us when we call it forth.


True Mind VS False Mind:

When we ask, ‘why is life so hard?’, it is often due to the fact that there’s a lack of harmony between the Soul mind and human mind because the human mind is often under control of the fearful Else. This is a major cause of dysfunction.

The True Mind is the mind of the Soul. The False Mind is that of the Else.

To illustrate, here’s an example of the False Mind at work: It’s raining. The False mind sees the wetness and the mud. It immediately labels and judges it, “Ugh, I hate rainy days! My car’s gonna get nasty. I’m gonna get mud all over myself. I just fixed my hair. This sucks!”

This resistance and judging of the form the current moment takes leads to shadow states of being (frustration, irritation, anger, worry)—unnecessary suffering. A negative state may take a person over so strongly that they lose focus driving, get into an accident. They may carry their irritation with them, and take it out on the people they come in contact with, spreading their negative energy all over the town.

Here’s an example of the True Mind at work: It’s raining. The True Mind is one with the moment in any form it takes. It does not resist or judge it. Its peace and state exists independently of external circumstances. The True mind steeps itself in Sacred states of being (gratitude, acceptance of the moment, joy) It says, “Mmm, I’m so grateful for the luscious smell of rain and for the hydration of the trees and animals.” The mud on their shoes is simply that…mud on their shoes. No amount of frustration or anger will remove the mud; it only causes inner suffering.

Both lines of thought are equally accurate. The difference between the two is the experience of the moment. The way to tell the difference between True Mind and False Mind is that True Mind elicits sacred states of being (peace, love, gratitude, joy, or at least acceptance). The False Mind elicits shadow states of being (dread, frustration, annoyance, anger, impatience, etc). There will be many situations where both minds are at work. It will be up to you to choose which one you will use to inform your state of being, and as a result, your experience.

Confusion Of Authenticity:

Often, when we think we’re acting authentically, it is often authentic only to the Else.

When a person reacts with rage in a screaming reaction they are acting authentically to their shadow sides of their personality, not to their Soul. “Speaking your truth” doesn’t mean spouting off your perspective or feelings in a harsh or prideful way.

Thinking, speaking, and acting in ways that serve non-converged aspects of your personality is not authentic. True authenticity is the expression of your Soul self, not the shadow sides of your personality.




how to make life better

We Are The Co-alchemists Of Ourselves, Our Lives, And Our World:

The idea is to create your life on purpose. Most of us believe in a higher power. But do you know there’s a Higher Power with every particle of your being? Take a moment to let it sink in that there’s a higher power that loves and supports you no matter what–even if you choose non-convergence.

Whether we choose the layout of our lives consciously or unconsciously, we’re co-alchemists of our lives. Convergence and evolution are inevitable either way. Our path, however, is up to us, and we have the backing of Sacred to support us.

We focus so much on our physical health eating organic and using clean products, but the health of our mind and state of being seems almost an afterthought. Although we have a plethora of yoga classes and inspiring quotes, it isn’t enough. If we want to make our lives better, make the world better, it is beyond imperative that we promote and practice inner health, growth, and connection with Sacred every day throughout the day.

A person carries non-converged aspects of a personality if they feel like life sucks really bad. No matter what they do, they feel unfulfilled and discontent. The more your Soul self wants to heal, the greater you’ll be challenged to do so. Often, our struggles are our call to healing convergence.

I’m no psychiatrist, and I wouldn’t claim to know the exact nature of mental illness. We certainly have much to learn about it. However, I will say that the majority of us have the capacity for controlling our inner and outer worlds much more than we actively exercise. This can feel both overwhelming and liberating. Perhaps it’s scary since it gives some of the healing power to someone that feels powerless.

How To Make Life Better: Daily Practices To Start?

When I recommend a daily practice, you probably say, “But I can’t afford the time!”

To that I say, “You can’t afford not to.” Convergence and deliberate growth positively affects every aspect of your life. Stagnation and non-convergence negatively impacts every aspect of your life. You want to know how to make life better? This is it. If you do these things and keep following this blog, I promise your life will get better.

Once you understand the principles, your focus can shift towards awareness and application in each moment. You’ll begin to catch yourself when you slip into non-convergence. Remember the people and situations that triggered you so you can further assess and heal them as soon as you can in a deliberate healing session.

  • Do something everyday that stretches you
  • Wake up every morning and commit to your sacred convergence
  • Practice awareness of your state as often as you can
    • ask for Sacred’s help in identifying and healing shadow aspects
    • meditate on identified areas for healing
  • Start you morning from an empowered and sacred state of being
  • Do the Happiness Program through Art Of Living. The Sudarshan Kriya meditation changed my life. I do it pretty much every day.

We typically don’t have the awareness, capacity, know how, or gumption to create a new pattern with the energy required to evolve us. We cannot create solutions from the mindset that created the problems. But we have the choice and control to change that. To do so, we must consult with those who’ve gone before us, with those who’ve gleaned and dispersed much wisdom regarding this process. We can follow their lead and advice to expand our mindset in ways that better allow our metamorphosis.

  • Watch enlightening videos on and YouTube (Tony Robbins is a goodie).
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Read personal growth books. I have so many favorites, but the life changing books for me are:

The Bright Side Of Suffering:

Yes, there’s a bright side! As you’ve already learned, the resulting suffering of non-convergence is extremely unpleasant. But it isn’t a consequence; it’s a symptom. Just as fever and vomiting indicate an infection, suffering indicates shadow sides.

The beauty of this is that the suffering that results is also the catalyst for evolution. The suffering eventually breaks down the person, forcing them to look at the potential causes of the suffering. They finally get tired enough and realize that changing is easier than continuing down the same road. The suffering then becomes a beacon for areas that require healing. It lays breadcrumbs for where to focus healing attention.

So, you see, the suffering isn’t bad. Nor is it a curse. It’s what makes us hungry enough to force us out of our caves and into a brighter place. The pain is the claw of our Soul and great destiny desperately trying to come out and show itself to you. It’s the only thing that wakes most people up.

Like I said, evolution is inevitable. The path there, however, is largely up to us. Which will you choose?


Dear Holy, Divine Sacred. I’m ready to do the greatest good to my fullest capacity. I know that your greatest good is also my greatest good. So, I fully offer and surrender myself to serving the highest and greatest good. Thank you for moving me out of my own way. Thank you for helping me clearly identify, easily heal, and gracefully transcend the Else and all my wounds and fears. Thank you for opening me up as gently, yet, quickly as possible so that I might fulfill the purpose for which you created me. I’m ready now. I’m yours. Use me. Thank you. Amen.


In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper


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