Currence: A Practice To Improve Your Life

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Want to improve your life? There is something that can enhance every moment of your existence. It’s called currence, and I’m going to tell you all about it in this article!

What Is Currence?:

There’s quite a bit of talk about presence and living in the now. Currence relates to those, but we will go into depth explaining exactly what it is, why it’s important, and how it applies to you.

Currence isn’t an action or something that you do. Instead, it’s an active state of being that you inhabit.

Currence refers to your state of being in the current moment. You are in currence when you are fully present (mind, body, and Soul) with the moment taking place, and you’re existing from a sacred state of being. You’re experiencing the moment rather than thinking about it or something else. You’re noticing rather than labeling. observing rather than judging. This protects you from the whirlwind of stressful emotions we so often get sucked into.

Currence is experiencing each and every moment of life from the perspective of your Soul self rather than the mind.

Currence negates time in the sense that it’s based in the truth that the current moment is the only moment that exists.

What’s The Current Moment?

It might seem self explanatory, but I want to you really let it sink in.

The current moment is not only the moment taking place now. It is the only moment that ever truly takes place. The past isn’t real. The future isn’t real. They both only exist in our minds.

Furthermore, the current moment is our only point of access to Sacred (God/Higher Power etc) and to our Soul self. It’s the only moment where the current of Sacred can flow. Hence, the name currence.

What’s A State Of Being:

Your state of being is the hinge of currence. Your state of being is your mindset, your vibe, your energetic vibration. We can inhabit both sacred and shadow states of being.

Sacred states of being are “positive” states of being. They are far more than emotions, more than feelings. Sacred states of being are modes in which Divine channels can flow through us and into all that we say, do, and experience.

We are blessed with the choice to inhabit these Holy territories of high vibrational frequencies. Choosing these states is one of our main purposes in life because this is how we most allow Sacred to work through us. Sacred states are the gateway to currence. Sacred states are the gateway to the Divine.

Sacred States:

  • Joy
  • Love
  • Patience
  • Acceptance
  • Non-resistance
  • Enthusiasm
  • Reverence
  • Gratitude
  • Compassion
  • the desire to understand

Shadow States:

Shadow states of being serve, preserve, and strengthen the Else (AKA: Ego. The human aspect of yourself that blocks the expression of your Soul self). When we act from shadow states of being, the Else has control over us, and we exit currence.

Rather than breezing through this list, I want you to spend some time reflecting on each of them, and how and when you tend to inhabit them. What events trigger you to enter these states?

Shadow states of being are:

  • Spitefulness
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Negativity
  • Victimhood
  • Vanity
  • Envy
  • Hatred
  • Chronic Stress
  • Scarcity
  • Indifference
  • Fear
  • Offendedness

get in the flow

The Flow:

When you’re in currence, you’re in the flow, .the divine current of Sacred. You’ve most likely experienced the flow before, and may or may not have realized what it was. You’ve probably felt the flow when you’re doing something you love or while creating something. The chattering, worrying mind shuts off in a sense, and you are fully in the moment, experiencing it with your whole being. You easily inhabit a sacred state of being.

The flow is the current of Sacred moving through you. You feel lighter, clearer, braver, wiser, mightier, inspired, joyful, peaceful, creative. You are one with all. Like a leaf on the waves, you move with all, so that the happenings of life have no bearing on your inner world or your state of being.

You can choose to consciously move into the flow in spite of what’s happening in your external world.

Imagine a stormy sea. The topside of the water tosses and crashes about. But way down beneath is the stillness of the deep, undisturbed by the storm above. This is a metaphor for the deep, still, Divine flow that we have access to in every moment.

Living in the flow is one way you improve your life. Currence is the path to the flow.

How Currence Can Improve Your Life:

Most people’s minds are in one place while their bodies are in another. This severs the person from their Soul self. It places a divide between the personality and the Soul. This can lead to great and pointless suffering.

In currence, the chattering, labeling, judging mind stops, making it possible for your Soul voice and the guidance of Sacred to shine through. This influences every moment of your life, your experience of it, as well as your response to it.

Currence Improves Performance And Experience Of Tasks:

When you can sit back, perceiving each moment from a state of oneness with whatever form the current moment takes, you allow peace and Sacred to flow through you. Without labeling, judging, or attaching an emotion to the way the current moment presents itself, you become aware of the infinite realm that holds the space that allows the current moment to take form. Now you’re in a state of currence.

Since the quality of the outcome is determined by the quality of the steps taken towards it, a low quality state of being during a task leads to low quality outcomes. This not only leads to a poorer result from the task at hand, but a lower quality experience for the person performing the task.

For example, when you’re feeling frustrated and impatient, you tend to spaz out from a bit to a lot. Your spastic, reactive actions usually worsen the situation.

When you exist and act from currence, the quality of your experience is enhanced; everything you do is enhanced. Therefore, the outcomes of all you do is also enhanced. All of this improves your life as well as the impact you make in the lives of others.

Currence Improves Problem Solving:

We all know that it’s extremely difficult to solve a problem if you’re flustered, impatient, worried, snippy, angry, annoyed, frustrated. In currence, you’re steeped in sacred states of being.

This is where the Divine can best reach you. From this space, inspiration, motivation, and clarity flow more easily. Through currence you find sacred solutions because of your sacred state.

Currence Improves Your Relationships:

Who wants to be around someone who’s in a perpetual or frequent negative state? It’s impossible to maintain high quality connections and healthy relationships when one or both parties are outside of currence.

In currence, you stop labeling other’s actions in a way that causes you to react from an shadow state. When you think or say: “They’re so rude!”, “He’s so stupid!”, “She’s so crazy!”, you get sucked into control of the Else (the negative voice in our heads) and into shadow states of being. No real solution can come from this state.

From currence, you get curious about a person whose actions you can’t make sense of. You want to deeply understand it because this is a sacred solution and it fosters sacred connection with others. It honors the oneness of our divine essence.

Spending time with others in currence enhances your experience together. You are fully present with each other, sharing the rich energetic frequencies of your sacred state of being.

Currence Misconceptions:

It’s important to realize that existing in currence doesn’t mean you walk around smiling through challenges and tragedies. It doesn’t mean ignoring and denying issues that require healing and sacred solutions.

However, from a state of currence, you’re anchored in the knowing that no matter what happens, this existence, and everything that happens, serves the highest and greatest good.

Currence holds you steady in your faith that all works in favor of the greater good. If you lose a person, you will still feel sad; you’ll still miss them. But beneath it all is the current of your wise understanding of the bigger eternal picture that reminds you in your state of grief that in the end, all is well. This wise current provides a deep well of peace in the midst of chaos and sadness.






1. The Positivity Misconception:

This is a biggie. Focusing on the positive is an essential practice. It keeps us from spiraling into a pointless pit of despair. It helps us attract positive energy. It softens and injects peace and gratitude into dark places and situations.

But the misconception of this practice can lead to stagnation of healing, as well as a perpetuation of problems that scream for healing attention. Focusing on the positive doesn’t mean ignore personal or global problems and wounds that need healing attention and action.

While positivity is important, there are still issues to be addressed. We identify and enter the negativity and pain, not to wallow needlessly, but with the intention to transform ourselves or a situation. Rather than resisting it, denying it, or suppressing it, we embrace the issue with acceptance—acceptance in the nonresistance sense, not the condoning sense.

The idea is to refrain from attaching negativity to the issue, and addressing it with the high quality response of sacred solutions.

If your house is on fire, sitting inside saying, “Everything is great! All is well!” will not put the fire out.

Sacred uses nature to demonstrate the laws of the Sacred realm. Take a garden, for instance. The garden has many juicy fruits and vegetables growing in it’s nice, neat rows. However, there are also some weeds sprouting. Staying positive and saying, “Well, at least we have these great fruits and vegetables. As long as we’re positive and grateful, the weeds won’t matter. Let’s go inside and have some delicious tea.”

Guess what happens next. That’s right. The weeds eventually overtake the beautiful rows in the garden. Sometimes, “problems” or “negative” situations call on us for healing attention rather than positive vibes.

2. The “Live In The Now” Misconception:

This motto stems from the essential spiritual practice of currence. As I said, currence is essential. However, a misunderstanding of this practice can lead to irresponsible and unsacred actions with painful consequences.

At times, we must use the present moment to consider best action. Sometimes, we must use the now to plan for the future or amend for the past. If we’ve wronged someone, it isn’t spiritual to say, “It’s in the past. Be in the present. Get over it.” No. We must amend for our mistakes, take accountability for our past actions, and learn from them to avoid repeating them in the future.

Live in the now does not mean, always do whatever you want and things will work themselves out. We still must use the current moment to take care of our responsibilities, and in doing so, infuse our thoughts, actions, and plans with sacred energy from a sacred state of being.

There are more spiritual myths and misconceptions that block spiritual growth. Read about them here.

How Currence And Convergence Are Related:

Convergence is the alignment of our human selves with our Soul selves. This is done through deliberate growth and healing of aspects of our personalities that block our Soul and the flow of Sacred.

Currence is a moment to moment focus and awareness of your current state, bringing yourself back to the moment and into sacred states of being.

They both go hand in hand towards the purpose and intention towards deliberate growth and evolution—a great purpose of our existence.

Through the practice of currence and convergence, you shed the Else and your eclipsing shadow sides that block the expression of your Soul. This is the best way to, not only improve your life, but to fulfill your greatest destiny. It’s the creation of your best life, the fulfillment of your highest potential.

When To Practice Currence:

Ideally, currence is the aim in every moment. However, that is far from likely, especially if you’re new to the practice. Our incessant monkey mind has been in control for a very long time. It will take time and practice to take back control.

A great way to practice is when you’re doing mundane or even slightly trying tasks such as:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Folding laundry
  • Doing dishes
  • Putting on your shoes
  • During bedtime routine with your kids
  • Walking across the room
  • Making dinner
  • Having a conversation
  • During your shower
  • Sitting in traffic
  • When you spill something

Use Your Senses:

When practicing currence, you can use your body as an anchor point. Experience the moment with your five senses, becoming aware of the experience from a watchful place. Observing (not labeling or judging) the experience of the five senses connects you to your sixth sense—your Sacred sense of being. It moves you into the Soul’s perception—awareness.

When you’re folding the laundry, fold the laundry. Use your five senses to connect to the moment. Feel the warm fabric between your fingers. Smell the clean, fresh scent. Watch how the fabric moves. Watch your thinking mind as it tries to take you into a thought or worry about the past or future.

Remember, you’re observing the experience rather than attaching thoughts and words to it. When you attach thoughts and words, you are pulled from currence into the vacuum of judgments and emotional reactions.

Stay tuned for an ecourse on how to apply the practice of currence in your life!

The Barriers To Currence:

1. Resistance:

When you resist the current moment, you push against it. Resistance leads to dread, avoidance, and numbing. A solution to an issue taking place begins with first accepting that the issue exists. This doesn’t mean you won’t take action. Accepting allows you to address the issue from a more sacred state of being, which allows sacred solutions to arise.

2. Judging and Labeling

We’re hardwired to spot the negative. It’s a defensive mechanism of the Else and our primitive brain that constantly scans for threats. But this mechanism has gone haywire and is highly overreactive. As a result, we’re—well, the Else, rather is—constantly judging and labeling the form that the current moment takes.

“This is terrible!” “This sucks!” “That’s so annoying.” “That’s good!”

Judging how the current moment presents itself is dangerous. When we do this, our inner state depends upon external circumstances. This isn’t so detrimental when it’s a “positive” moment. However, we run into a lot of suffering that we tend to perpetuate when the current moment is less than desirable.

Our mindsets are highly responsible for our circumstances. Our judgment informs our thoughts, then our state, then our emotions, then our experience, then our reaction, then more life circumstances. You can see how things can go south quickly.

Instead, we must view circumstances from a neutral, observant perspective. We retain control of our state of being this way.

Judging a situation also disconnects you from the Divine. It interrupts your faith that all is working in the favor of your evolution. All is working in the favor of our collective evolution.

This doesn’t mean you don’t care about what happens or that we don’t take reparative action. It means your response and your experience is higher quality.

The Creators Of Currence:

Awareness, intention, and acceptance are three requirements in order for currence to take place.

1. Awareness:

You are not the voice in your head, nor are you your emotions or the thoughts in your head. Who you are is the part of you that is aware of the thoughts taking place. When you settle back into the seat of awareness you perceive and exist as your Soul. Your thoughts and perceptions lose the ability to take hold of you and pull you into a vortex of overwhelming and controlling emotion.

Your experience and response to the current moment is consciously chosen. Your inner state is not determined by external circumstances or your thoughts about them.

2. Intention:

Your intention to grow spiritually, to exist and express as your Soul self is primary. The fulfillment of this intention is rooted in an intimate relationship and connection with Sacred. When this is a nonnegotiable commitment, the rest will flow more easily. Your intention to evolve and serve the greater good calls in the infinite support and guidance of Sacred. This intention clears the path for your awareness to arise. It opens the gate for sacred states of being to move in. It takes the sovereignty the Else has over your life and returns it to the throne of the Soul.

3. Acceptance:

The idea of accepting the moment in any form it takes may seem crazy. “How can I accept war, famine, abuse?” you ask.

Have you ever heard the phrase “What you resist persists”? When we resist and judge, we are blocked from the inspiration of sacred solutions. Instead we enter shadow states of being where nothing productive gets done.

When I say accept, I do not mean condone or tolerate injustices. Acceptance is a state of allowing and nonjudgment. It’s saying, “Ok. This is happening. What’s the most sacred way to go about solving it?” It means not getting tangled up in the emotional thoughts and reactions so much that we exit sacred states of being and are, therefore, rendered unable to address the issue with sacred solutions.

There is always a sacred solution. Sometimes it is an action. Other times it’s a non-action. When the sacred solution is action, by all means, take action: leave an abusive relationship, help the needy, devote yourself to servicing areas you feel called to. But before and during any action, you must insure that your state of being is of a sacred nature.

When there is nothing you can do to change a situation, the sacred solution is non-action. Resisting and judging a situation will only add pointless suffering to your experience. Your frustration, sadness, anger, annoyance, and impatience will not change what is. In these moments, acceptance is the pathway to sacred states.

The combination of your acceptance of every moment, your awareness of your state, and your intention to inhabit currence creates the space for sacred states to move in.


Our Labels Don’t Change What Is:

An image of a thing is not the thing itself. A description of a thing is not the thing itself. Our label of a thing is not the thing itself. Our perception and opinion of a situation is not the whole truth of the situation. The Truth cannot be encapsulated by words, thoughts, or beliefs. The Truth can only be experienced through currence and sacred states of being.

When we equate our thoughts and beliefs with the Truth, we run into big problems. Our perspectives shrink and petrify, unable to expand into higher ways of perceiving.

If our thoughts and beliefs take us to shadow states of being, we are missing the Truth of the current moment and the form it takes.

While a photo of a kite can show us a kite, it isn’t the kite itself. While our thoughts and beliefs can never be the truth itself, they can point to the Truth, guide us to the Truth.

When Our Inner World Depends On Our Outer World:

Happiness dependent on outcomes, and how the current moment presents itself, guarantees eventual disappointment. Conditional peace blocks the flow of Sacred currence. Searching for peace and contentment outside of one’s self guarantees suffering and discontent.

Peace and contentment are the Soul’s natural states of being buried under parts of the personality that require healing. To determine the amount of true joy and peace in your life, test how long you can sit in silence alone with yourself without numbing distractions. Numbness is not peace.

Numbness, as well as distraction and denial, is locking yourself in your chambers to sleep while the Else enters your internal kingdom and lays siege on your Soul. You may avoid awareness of the Else’s destruction for a while, but eventually, it will come bursting into your chambers.

How often are you truly in a state of peace. How many moments did you spend outside of currence worrying about the past and future—mind and body in separate time and place? How much pointless suffering do you endure on a daily basis?

This reflection is not to berate or belittle yourself. It is a practice of brave humility, and is required to bring to your awareness the importance of currence and your growth.

If Our Inner World Is Independent Of Our Outer World, How Can I Enjoy What Happens In Life?

Life is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated. Anything done from a sacred state of being is encouraged and divinely intended. Experiences from sacred states are experiences of the Soul. Your thoughts and actions from sacred states of being are the expressions of your Soul.

The difference is allowing a pleasant thing or situation to complement your state rather than dictate your state. That way, when the pleasant thing disappears, your sacred state remains.

Gratitude Is The Front Door To Currence:

Concentration camp survivor, Viktor Frankl mentions that even as a prisoner, there were spaces for gratitude. Gratitude is the guard of our inner world, defending us from the Else. Shadow states cannot exist where gratitude is present.

We must recognize and send gratitude as often as possible, especially in hard times, and even in small challenges. If you drop a marinara sauce covered fork on the rug, enter gratitude that it missed stabbing your foot. If you’re getting a divorce, enter gratitude for the lessons you bring with you. If you lost your job, enter gratitude for the new opportunities that are coming your way.

This grateful mindset and state of being is rooted in the knowing that everything happens for the higher and greater good, and no situation goes to waste. Sacred uses every situation to contribute to the evolution of the greater consciousness. From a human perspective, this is often difficult to understand and believe in the midst of suffering. From the Soul’s perspective, we know it’s true.

Invite Sacred into your life with grateful invitation into every moment you can think to. This will dramatically improve things.

The Else Hates Currence:

As I said, the Else is the incessant, usually negative, voice in the head that you believe is who you are. The Else always finds satisfaction in situations that strengthen it; situations that draw a person from their divine center—in anything other than currence.

The Else gathers great strength from judging and resisting the form the current moment takes. Not only does the judgment make the Else feel “right”, it also pulls a person into shadow states, which are the Else’s main food source.

It perceives contentment only in moments before or after the one taking place now: when this certain thing happens, after I get this object, after I do this one thing. This keeps a person out of currence, longing for something different than what is.

Often, a person gets to that longed for moment they believe will make them happy. If they remain controlled by the Else, what happens? The happiness lasts for a short time. But the Else finds boredom with quick ease, and convinces the person that happiness can no longer be found in the situation that once promised lasting happiness. Take celebrities, for example. They get rich and famous like they wanted, but they’re still miserable.

The Else swears that something else must be attained or achieved for happiness to occur again, that the moment must be something other than what it is. Happiness is ever fleeting and based on outside circumstances. However, peace and joy always reside irrevocably within—despite external circumstances—in aware and accepting currence.


A new way of being requires less thinking and more awareness. It’s time for your mind to serve you rather than abuse and oppress you. Currence is the key to your freedom from the negative voice in your head. It’s the best, most sacred way to improve your life.

When you get the thought, “Will I ever get rid of the Else? I’ll never be able to do that in every moment!”, know that this is the Else talking. The only moment you can inhabit currence is in the current moment. You can only enter currence now…now…now.

Remember, what you focus on grows. When your mindset is shaped by your judgment and labels of your experiences rather than your true identity (your Soul self), suffering ensues.

We will still experience pain in currence. While pain is real, suffering is a state of mind.

Constantly check your state in order to stop thoughts before they create feelings and emotions. Thoughts inform emotions. Emotions inform reactions. Reactions create your circumstances.

Every thought and choice matters. Each carries an energetic vibration that attracts more energy that matches that vibration. Anger begets anger. Joy begets joy. We must start considering our intentions behind every thought and action. We must be intentional with our intentions. Rather than acting out and reacting mindlessly, we must begin to reflect and respond mindfully, from a solid foundation of Sacred intentions. Reflect before you act.

Most of us are too busy, too stressed and too numbed to even notice what’s really going on within us. Currence recenters us and aligns us with the energetic vibration of Sacred itself.

Although it’s inevitable, you can choose to accelerate and magnify your evolution. Your evolution impacts not only your human life now, but also the lives of others, as well as the eternal life of your Soul self. Currence is evolution through sacred wisdom. It’s the accelerated path of evolution. You have the choice in every moment.


Dear beloved Sacred, thank you so much for this miraculous and unique moment. I invite you now and in every moment to enter my mind, heart, and perceptions so that I inhabit sacred states of being in every moment. Thank you for keeping my awareness sharp and keen so that I remain in currence in every moment. Thank you for blessing my thoughts, words and actions, and for guiding me with clarity to sacred solutions. I am your vessel for the highest and greatest good. Thank you for using me. Thank you for loving me. Amen.

In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper


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