The Important And Easy Action To Change Your Life For The Better

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There are a few things you can do that will dramatically change your life for the better that you probably aren’t doing. If you feel unhappy, this is definitely the case. This article explains one of the three most essential things you can do that will shift your life beyond ways you ever dreamed. The other two essential actions are: offering your life and self to serving the highest and greatest good, and deliberate growth.

Invite Sacred Into Your Life

Inviting Sacred (your higher power) into every aspect of your life is probably the most important thing you can do to dramatically change your life for the better. Many of you probably rolled your eyes, but please keep reading! Even if you’re an atheist you probably believe in love. Let love be your Higher Power! After all, if you’re reading this, you’re probably unhappy with some or many aspects of life. What do you have to lose?

Your Destiny Is Sacred’s Gift:

You know when you get someone a great present, and you’re so excited for them to open it? You get such joy knowing how much they’ll love it. This is how Sacred feels about the great destiny designed for us.

Sacred loves us dearly and finds great joy in our experience of the adventure, magic, and beauty of our greatest life.

What if you excitedly handed the present to the person, but they didn’t open it? Instead, they give it back to you and say, “No, I don’t deserve this. I’m not enough to receive this. I don’t feel like opening it. I’d rather not. I don’t believe it’s possible to receive such a wonderful gift.”

That’s what we’re doing when exclude Sacred from our lives; this is how we refuse our greatest destiny.

How Did We Get Here?

It seems as if we’ve edged out Sacred and our sacred nature. Why is it that it’s often uncool or holy-roller-ish to mention God or Soul outside of church or religious or spiritual gatherings. Sure we bring God in when there’s a death or major life event, but why have we left Sacred out of the everyday stuff?

Sacred isn’t just with us for the hard stuff. Every moment we exist is a moment that our Soul self is experiencing life. We feel lost, scared, alone, and confused because we’ve excluded our Source. Expecting our greatest life while living disconnected from Sacred is like unplugging a lamp and still expecting the bulb to light up when we turn it on.

While we may believe it on a theoretical level, we’ve forgotten deep at our core that we are spiritual beings. This physical life is not our ultimate reality. We are only here for a short while for the purpose of evolving our Soul and the collective consciousness. Each of us is a lantern, and Sacred is the Divine flame. A lantern cannot light without a flame.

We Threw God Out With Religion:

Over the last fifty years, many people got such a bad taste in their mouth from religion that they left God behind when they left the church. They don’t realize that God and religion are not one and the same.

This disconnection from Sacred is the cause of all the chaos and discontent in our lives and in our world.

The culture of our human family, our priorities and values are in desperate need of sacred evolution. The time for sacred conversations is now. We must turn back to our sacred nature and invite Sacred back in, even and especially when we aren’t particularly religious.


worship money

We Worship The External:

For millennia, society has drilled into our brains that happiness is not only a pursuit, but that it’s a pursuit in the external world. We’ve been told that true power, value, and safety is in money, control, influence, and acquisitions. It’s all a lie.

In addition to that, the Else (that negative voice in your mind) confirms the lies that society feeds us. The Else cannot exist when we’re connected with the Divine, and, therefore, convinces us that our fulfillment, power, and safety can only be found in the external world. This places our focus on external items and circumstances instead of the Sacred within.

The Else doesn’t want us to know that true happiness is a state of mind, internal and independent of the happenings in the external world. When we attach our happiness to worldly things, we sentence ourselves to suffering.

In fact, we are a slave to the things we cling to; their fate determines our sanity, our security, our state. Sacred is the only constant, unchanging “thing”. Everything in our physical world is subject to change, disintegration, and death. This includes, and is certainly not limited to, money, people, relationships, careers, your belongings, and your good looks. The only safe and reliable place to drop our anchor is in the Divine.

While the external world can complement our sacred states of being (joy, enthusiasm, love, patience, non-judgment, etc), it shouldn’t dictate them.

We Formalized God:

Religion made God way too formal. While we give reverence to Sacred, we must perceive and confide in Sacred as we would a best friend, a most loving and supportive parent, a trusted advisor. God is not a white bearded man sitting on a throne judging and counting all the ways we do wrong. Sacred is patient, compassionate, and loving without conditions.

The Divine Force:

There’s a Force that’s Divinely fueled and directed. It’s limitless in power and infinite in amounts. This force is alive, conscious, intelligent, loving. It answers to the Divine “mind” of Sacred, and it answers to us as well…but only when we align with it, and only when we call it forth.

The Force wants to serve us, wants to show us the beauty its work can do in our lives. But more often than not, we block its flow with our limiting beliefs, mindsets, and the shadow sides of our personalities that sever the connection between ourselves and our Source.

When you invite Sacred into your life, you open the floodgates for The Force to move in and through you. This is the first and major step to clearing the obstacles to your greatest destiny—the more amazing life you know deep down is possible.

Once you invite Sacred in, and have faith in its presence in everything, you stop strong arming life to happen. Instead, you move gracefully with life like a willow in the breeze. Make no mistake. This doesn’t mean you sit back and wait lazily for your dreams to come true. You still create and take big action to manifest your destiny. Your actions, however, are guided and driven with sacred intuition, inspiration, and intention

When you recognize The Force working in your life, the unfoldings, “coincidences”, and synchronicities seem magical. Things seem to work out much more smoothly. Life feels richer and lighter. You sense and connect with the underlying Oneness of all. Doorways open up at just the right time. You read exactly the information you needed or meet just the right person at just the right time. The certain sense that something is guiding and supporting you swells up in your being, and you know that that something is Sacred.

Why Should I Invite God Into My Life?”

Your best life, greatest destiny, and purpose is divinely designed and sacred in nature. Our existence and great destiny aren’t to serve the purpose to please us and let us have a good time; although, those are some perks. The point of our existence and destiny is to serve the evolution of our Soul and the rest of the spiritual realm.

That incredible life calling to you… it seems impossible, so far away, too much for you to handle. You’re exactly right if you plan to do it without the guidance and support of Sacred. This is like going out and buying an airplane and expecting to know how to fly it without proper training or reading the manual.

The creator of the universes, DNA, Mount Everest, the Amazon Rainforest, every lifeform in existence, also designed a great destiny for you. Whether you choose it is up to you. Know this: The best life you can possibly live, a life better than you can even imagine, is that Divinely designed destiny. Why would we expect that the creator of our existence and destiny should have no presence in its unfolding.

It is impossible to fulfill our Divinely appointed and designed destiny without Sacred at the wheel. I repeat… It is impossible to fulfill our Divinely appointed and designed destiny without Sacred at the wheel.

That is precisely why you must invite Sacred into your life. Do this not just once, but on a daily, even momentary basis. As you continue to do this, you will change. The parts of yourself that blocked your greatness will start withering away. Your relationships will change; toxic ones are released while healthy ones are made and strengthened. Your mindset and experience of life is elevated. Everything you do is rooted in sacred intentions, so your outcomes are high quality. Life unfolds in ways beyond your wildest dreams and presents itself in ways it couldn’t before.

You’ve Tried Leaving Sacred Out. How’s That Working For You?:

Most of us believe in an afterlife, a greater power, that we are Souls in our essence. Yet, we live as if our lives have no significance to the formless Divine that gave us life in the first place.

How could we believe for a second that how we live our lives holds no spiritual significance? I think when you ask yourself that question, you’d say, “of course it does,”. And since how we live our life includes everything we think and do, we must exercise great awareness and mindfulness towards…well, all we think and do!

So we know how we live has spiritual implications, yet we leave God out of most of the picture, and give little to no thought about the sacredness of our thoughts and doings. We don’t consider the spiritual implications in our everyday, moment to moment lives.

This is one of the main roots of our suffering, from small to large.

Expect To Be Changed:

There are parts of your personality (I call them shadow sides) that block Sacred, the expression of your Soul self, and your greatest destiny. When you ask Sacred to enter your mind and heart, your thoughts and actions, you will become more of who you truly are. You will begin to live, experience, think and act as your true self—your Soul self—who you are meant to be. Those shadowed parts of you that prevent your best self and your best life will start withering away. Life will open wide up for you. You will easily inhabit sacred states of being (joy, patience, love, gratitude, reverence) in spite of the chaos around you.

The Paradox

There is a paradox regarding the presence of Sacred. The paradox is that while Sacred is in nothing, it is also in everything. Sacred is not the thing, relationship, or situation itself. Instead it is the creator, orchestrater, and breath of life in all.

The Divine is the invisible hand that moves and makes the existence of all things possible. It connects all things and all non-things.

When we see the underlying Oneness of all: objects, people, plants, animals, the universe, and the space between, we release our grip on the illusions of safety we perceive in the things of the world. With a faithful grace, we allow birth and death, the comings and goings, the seasons and transitions, the beginnings and ends. We know Sacred is beneath all things and all happenings, and all serves the eternal higher and greater good—-even the hard stuff.

You Have To Ask:

Because of our promised gift of free will, Sacred can only intervene when asked. Co-creating with Sacred is the only way to fulfill your ultimate destiny. When you invite Sacred into your life, you call in the formless troops: your guardian angels, spirit guides, The Force—the ethereal upholders and promoters of Divine consciousness.

All of them stand at the ready for your call.

Hold True To Your Faith:

Know at all times that a sacred solution is built into every “problem”, even man made “problems”. Hold true to the fact that Sacred has everything under control, all is well in the end, and no experience goes to waste. Everything is used to serve the evolution of the spiritual realm—even the “bad” stuff.

Knowing these truths with every particle of your being means you release resistance to what is. Therefore, you maintain peace in the midst of chaos because you know these deep spiritual truths and ride through them in the Flow of Sacred. The answers and solutions may take some time to show up. Patient faith is your light through the darkness. Keep your eyes on the Truths that Sacred is always working in your favor, you are and have all you need, miracles are on the way.

There’s No Thing Too Small:

Incorporate Sacred into every thought and action. Put everything in Sacred’s hands. I said everything, and I meant it! Nothing is insignificant to Sacred. Sacred is infinite in nature, and, therefore, able to act in all things and all places at all times.

Your prayer for help at work or protection driving in your car doesn’t pull Sacred from helping “more needy causes”. Inject Sacred into all of your endeavors, and they will be magnified and multiplied so long as they serve the greater good.

Before you drive to work, say, “Thank you for blessing everyone’s drive to work today. I know that I will arrive at whatever time serves the highest and greatest good.” When looking for a new partner or job, say, “I pray for the highest and greatest good. Thank you for sending me the perfect partner/job at the perfect time.”

Then remember to let it go. Your worry and impatience blocks The Force from bringing the answer.

Invite Sacred into your finances, your conversations (even the 1-800 phone calls we all dread so profusely), your trip to the grocery store, which book to read next, your health, your thoughts, your deeds…everything!

Pray As If It’s Already Happened:

Often we plead and beg in our prayers: “Pleeeease do this,” and “Pleeease do that,”. These are weak and disempowering prayers. Instead, pray in grateful, affirmative declarations. When you put out the energy of “I want,” I need,” “I don’t have,” The Force replies with matching energies that fulfill the vibration of lack, need, and scarcity. Not because it’s mean, but because that’s the energy you’re calling in. What you put out you get back in return.

Here are some examples of grateful, affirmative, declarative prayers:

(You can even add some big body movements too to help accentuate the feeling inside. You might feel a little corny at first, but trust me, it works!)

  • “Thank you so much that my perfect mate will come to me at the perfect time, and I’ll know it with undoubtable certainty!” (Say this when you’re freaking out that you’ll never find your partner.)
  • “I know I am and have everything I need to fulfill my greatest destiny!” (Say this when you feel empowered, and especially when you feel lacking.)
  • “I am excited for a fulfilling career that allows me to serve the highest and greatest good! Thank you guiding me to that perfectly suited job for me!” (Say this when you’re feeling lost or unhappy about your job.)
  • “I am made in the exact image of Sacred. Therefore, I am love, peace, patience, giving, and compassionate!” (Say this when you feel good about yourself, and especially when you feel less than enough.)
  • “Sacred, thank you so much for entering this issue! I know that a sacred solution always exists. Thank you for showing it to me in perfect timing!” (Say this for any problem you’re having.)
  • “My finances are blessed by Sacred! Thank you for healing my relationship with money so I can uncover my birthright of abundance!” (Say this when you feel grateful for your financial situation and especially when you need help in your financial life.)
  • “Thank you for the strength, wisdom, clarity, support, and guidance on this issue.” (Say this when you feel strong, and especially when you feel weak and lost.)
  • “The perfect parking spot is waiting for me! Thanks!” (See! There’s no request too small!)
  • “Thank you so much for entering (insert name)’s life, for blessing and supporting them and showing them back home to their center. I know you hold them in your arms.” (Say this for friends, family, and especially your foe.)
  • “Everything is always working in my favor! You rock, Sacred!” (Say this all the time every day no matter what.)
  • “I’m so grateful that your miracles constantly arrive! My needs are always met! Thanks so much!” (This is what you say not only when things go your way, but also when they aren’t…especially when they aren’t)

Lift It Up and Let It Go:

To change your life for the better, offer everything up to Sacred for a blessing. As I said before, you can never ask for too much support. Sacred is infinite. No “problem” or request is too small. Before making your request or prayer, make sure that it’s rooted in your intention and desire for the fulfillment of the highest and greatest good. You hold in your heart that all answers to prayers are in service of the highest and greatest good.

Imagine the issue you’re asking for help with. Picture it in your hands lifted out in front of you. Wrap the issue in Sacred’s golden light that blesses and infuses the issue with Sacred’s touch. Then, watch it float up into the formless space of Sacred for safe keeping. Sacred can hold space for it much better than you can. So let it go.

Then, sit back and wait in patient faith. Stop grasping around for answers with your worrying mind. Allow the answers and guidance to arise. They might show up immediately. Or it might take some time. But that’s okay, because you know that everything you need and everything you need to know will arrive at just the right time. You may have to remind yourself of this when impatience and uncertainty start creeping in. And when impatience does creep in, thank Sacred for healing your impatience and for strengthening your faith and knowing of the Truths.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to change your life for the better, call Sacred into every aspect and moment of your life. Inviting Sacred into every aspect of your life is the most beneficial thing you can do to insure the fulfillment of your greatest destiny.




Sacred, I know there are parts of me that block your flow through me and my life. Thank you so much for healing those shadow sides of myself. My intention is to serve the greatest good for the greatest number or people, and I know that the fulfillment of the destiny you created for me is the only way for me to do that. I know the destiny you created for me is better than any I could ever dream up for myself. Thank you so much for this incredible life, and for my unique and beautiful destiny. I’m so thankful for your helping me fulfill it in every moment of my life. I lift up all my thoughts and actions for your blessing. I invite you into every aspect of my life. Thank you for helping me always remember that you are always working in my favor. I love you. Thank you. Amen.


In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper

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