An Essential Key To Unlock Your Greatest Destiny

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Want to know the essential key to unlock your greatest destiny?

You may feel like Eddie Murphy here, saying, “What am I supposed to DO WITH MY LIIIIIIIFE??!!!!!”

If you feel lost, confused, unguided, I might just have a solution for you! I think you’re asking the wrong questions, praying disempowering prayers. I’d like to offer you a suggestion for adjusting your questions and prayers so the answers can better come through. There are three keys to unlock your great destiny. This post covers the second key. The first key is inviting Sacred (your Higher Power) into every aspect and moment of your life. The third key is deliberate growth.

The First Key To Unlock Your Greatest Destiny:

The first key to unlocking your greatest destiny is to invite your Higher Power into every aspect and moment of your life. As I said in this post, your ultimate destiny is a Divine gift, designed especially for you by Sacred itself. Many of us walk around wondering why our great destinies aren’t falling into place, but we’re completely disconnected from the Source from which it comes. We can only fulfill our great destinies when we’re tapped into our Divinity. That’s why inviting God/Sacred/Higher Power into EVERY aspect and moment in your life is imperative. It’s the first step.

The Second Key:

This post speaks to the second key to unlocking your greatest destiny. I won’t make you read the whole post before I tell you what it is! This is it!

Offer yourself and your life to serving the highest and greatest good.

Sounds simple enough, but oh-ho-ho-ho my friends, this is an incredibly powerful statement that will invoke infinite powers from the Divine realm. For this reason, it is highly important that you truly mean it when you say it. Now, I want to tell you why this offering of yourself is essential for creating the life you want.

Our True Identity and Divine Destiny:

Before elaborating on the second key, I’ll reiterate what pretty much every post in The Light Society Blog says because it is essential to understand this first. Our true identity is not human. Our true identity is spiritual in nature, Divine, infinite, Sacred, limitless, formless. We chose to come to live a human life to: give physical expression of the Divine consciousness, evolve spiritually, and help align the physical realm with that of the Divine, spiritual realm.

If your life includes very little to no contact and connection with that realm, you cannot expect to fulfill your divine destiny. Your best life and your Divine destiny are one and the same. Moreover, your best life serves a spiritual purpose not a superficial, self-serving purpose.

Why Offer Yourself to Serve The Highest And Greatest Good?:

Well, because one of the great purposes of your entire human existence is to promote and serve the highest and greatest good on this planet. Yes, you’re that important!

As humans we have two things that can prevent this from taking place:

1) Misuse of our free-will

2) Shadow sides of our personality that disrupt the fullest expression of our Soul self

Your Soul’s intention was to come here and live as the best possible version of yourself, and do everything you can to improve this incredible world we live in.

When you offer yourself and your life to the service of the greater good, you align your human self with your Soul self. You also open the gate for the flow of Sacred to move and act through you in ways it couldn’t before.

That incredible life you imagine in your daydreams…Sacred’s got something even bigger and better. But it can only unfold and reveal itself to you when you’ve stepped into a sacred space, when you’ve asked for it with sacred intentions, heartful and soulful intentions.

When you serve the highest and greatest good, your fulfillment is true. Unlike the fleeting happiness that comes from buying something, having a glass of wine, a cigarette, or a good meal. No, this fulfillment is deep and…filling. It is sacred fulfilment. Sacred fulfilment is bidirectional in that it serves the giver and the receiver. Also, it serves the inner and the outer worlds. Throughout your being it feels infinitely right and true. You know in your core that your doings are of a sacred nature, that you’re fulfilling an intention written before you were even born. You’re fulfilling a pre-birth contract between your Soul and the Divine and the rest of the world. The support of Sacred is highly recognizable. You feel it in your bones that the inspiration and guidance comes from an ancient, eternal realm.

Get Out Of Your Own Way:

When you truly offer yourself to serve the highest and greatest good, you make yourself ready for the plan to unfold. You shift into a sacred state that best allows interaction with Sacred. From this space, the aspects of your personality that prevented inspiration for your great destiny begin to unravel. You move into the sacred flow, and it moves into you.

You Have To Choose It:

Sacred can rarely intervene in our lives without our permission due to our gift of free will. Therefore, we must ask before we can receive Divine guidance, intervention, and callings.

Sacred cannot choose how you live your life. The evolution of your Soul is inevitable. How this happens is greatly up to our choosing. Just as there are many paths to one location, there are many paths you can take to your destination—back to your Sacred home. So even though the destination is the same, the path varies depending on your choices. You can get there by way of suffering or by way of sacred guidance and wisdom.

Your Choices Matter Much More Than You Realize:

Messages From The Masters* by Brian Weiss convinced me that reincarnation is real. I’m sure this might fluster some of you, but it makes so much more sense to me. According to some scholars, reincarnation was actually in the Bible, but removed by leaders during the reign of Constantine. Anyway, Weiss suggests that we have the power to influence our other lives with the choices we make today. It ties greatly into the Buddhist teachings of karma. Even if we stick purely to science, physics tells us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What does this all mean?

What I’m getting at, is that every action, even every thought you create sends out an energy that inevitably comes back to you in this lifetime or the next. When you aim to serve the highest and greatest good, the highest and greatest good will serve you in return.

The Disempowering Or Skewed Questions:

In trying to figure out the path to our best life we likely ask questions such as:

  • How do I get rich?
  • How do I get what I want?
  • What am I supposed to do?

Sure, having money is certainly nice. And the Divine wants us to enjoy abundance. However, we cannot place our joy, fulfillment, and inner security upon it, or else we doom ourselves to suffering if it’s ever lost. Besides, if being rich were truly deeply fulfilling, then we’d see a drop in the divorce, addiction, and suicide rates among the rich. Obviously that’s not the case.

A life that fulfills the Else (the ego or entity in our minds that blocks us from our sacred essence) is highly subject to fall apart, leaving you in a heap of suffering and disappointment.

The above questions serve the Else. Therefore, their answers also serve the Else, and when followed can lead us to very shadowed paths. These questions aren’t sacred in nature. They don’t come from the Soul self. The map to your great life and destiny will never reveal itself to these requests. Maybe you’ll get rich. Maybe you’ll get what you think you want. But in time, you will discover that none of it is truly fulfilling, so you will continuously return to the question: How do I get what I want? It’s a vicious cycle until you learn the truth that true fulfillment comes not from getting but from giving, and in giving, you receive beyond your wildest dreams.

When You’re Ready:

Once you say this offering with your whole heart, mind, body, and Soul, get ready! Things will start shifting. It might feel at first like someone yanked the rug out from under you as old structures in your life that block the fulfillment of your great destiny begin falling away. This may apply to relationships, jobs, life direction.

You will know when you’re ready to fully offer yourself to serve the highest and greatest good. When you’re finally sick and tired of being sick and tired. Or when you’ve tried everything else. Perhaps you sense a nudging deep inside but you can’t identify what it’s asking of you. Or you read this, and it totally resonated with you. Making this offering doesn’t mean you’ll become a monk or move to anther country to dig water wells, although that might be the case for some of you. We need sacredly devoted people in every job and area of the world. Your career may stay the same. However, the way in which you do your job will change. The way you live your life will change. Your experience of life will change.

Tiny miracles and synchronicities will begin taking place. New opportunities will open up. The right people and situations will appear. The best way I can describe it is you feel like you’re in “the flow”. You sense that something bigger than you is at work. This creates inspiration and untiring motivation.

Once you wholeheartedly offer yourself and your life to serving the highest and greatest good, the details of your greatest destiny reveal themselves to you in perfect timing.


Offer It Daily:

I find that renewing the offering helps to keep it fresh. It also serves as a reminder of my deepest intentions. It reminds me that my life is sacred, and I’m here for sacred purposes. I know that my choices have great impact on my life as well as others’ lives, not just in this life, but throughout eternity. So, I want to get it right. I want to be who my Soul came here to be. I want to do what my Soul came here to do. Period. Offering myself and life to serve the highest and greatest good is one of the essential steps in making sure that happens.

Final Thoughts:

While offering your life in service is a key to unlocking your greatest destiny, it doesn’t mean life will be silky smooth with no challenges. Challenges are a part of this physical existence. However, when we align with our Soul selves and step into the flow of The Divine Force, the difficult situations that existed for the purpose of pushing us to align will often dissolve. We co-create in sync with the Divine rather than twisting life’s arm to cooperate with our wants. We glide through challenges with much less suffering.

There is every reason to make this offer, and no reason not to. How we live our lives have implications far far far beyond this life we live now. For this reason, I know I want to make it count. Don’t you?


In Light & Love,

L.D. Kemper


Dear Holy Sacred,

I know that I am a divine being, eternal in nature. My gratitude for this life is immeasurable, and I am humbled and honored for the opportunity to experience it. As you have given me this life, I offer it back to you. I know that I am here for sacred purposes. Thank you for helping me remember who I truly and why I’m here. Today, I give myself and my life to you to use as you need to most efficiently serve the highest and greatest good. I know you will provide all the strength, courage, and clear wisdom I’ll need to move through and fulfill my great destiny that we created together before I came to this life. Thank you. I love you. Thank you for loving me. Amen.



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