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Welcome to the Light Society!


The Light Society Mission:

The Light Society Blog is a modern self help blog for practical personal and spiritual evolution.

My mission on this planet is to do the greatest good I can for the greatest number of people. With this intention, I wrote a book and started The Light Society Blog. This inspirational blog is the hub of a community of humans that want to brighten and change the world. I created this blog to deliver motivation and inspiration as we join here to go deeper. We will laugh, cry, get inspired, and grow.

Who we are:

The Light Society is a community of Souls living human lives that see the importance of Sacred conversations and Sacred evolution within our personal lives, as well as the rest of the world. Members of the Light Society are seekers with the intention to evolve ourselves in order to evolve the world. Our actions and intentions are rooted in light and love.

The Light Society’s inspirational self help blog topics will explore life and its challenges with the intention of discovering Sacred solutions while we aim to perceive through the “eyes” of our Souls. We gather to explore, heal, and transcend aspects of ourselves that eclipse the expressions of our true Soul selves. Communing in love we’ll share ideas and practices we’ve found that serve to brighten ourselves and enhance the experience of life.

What you must know:

To begin, you must know this: You are a gift to the universe! You are a spark of the Divine, purposely created so that the formless Consciousness could experience itself through your specific makeup, as your Soul. I say your Soul, but it isn’t something you have. It’s who you truly are. You have a mind. You have a body. You are a Soul. You are one with the infinite formless Sacred. Your true nature is made of love! You are infinite! You are Divine! You are Light!

In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper

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