Is Your Personality Preventing Your Best Life? Is It Eclipsing Your Soul?

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Parts of your personality can prevent you from your best life by eclipsing your Soul. This article tells you how to identify and heal so you can create your best life.

Life can be really freaking hard, especially if you’re under complete control of your Shadow Sides. Unattended, your Shadow Sides will cause chaos and suffering. You’ll experience everything from frequent irritation to a crumbling of every aspect of life.

When you find yourself in a place of darkness, or even a brief period of dimness, your Shadow Sides have most likely taken over.

What are Shadow Sides?:

Our personalities are made up of Light Sides and Shadow Sides. Our Shadow Sides are the parts of our personality that block us from our greatest destinies; they prevent us from living our best life. They prevent us from fulfilling our potential and from growing into our best self. Your shadow sides are the deadbolts on the door to your greatest destiny. To heal the shadow sides is to unlock the door.

Shadow Sides are our beliefs, patterns, thoughts, and perspectives that sprout from our wounds, fears, and misconceptions. They form and serve as henchmen of what I call the Else, an entity in our minds that we falsely identify as who we are.

The Else is a primitive aspect of our humanness that believes its existence protects us, but it only does the opposite. If you haven’t read about the Else yet, I suggest checking it out now so this article makes better sense to you.

We give control of our minds and lives over to the Shadow Sides when we confuse the Else with who we are, when we believe that our thoughts and feelings are who we are. This becomes particularly detrimental when our thoughts and feelings are negative, when they take us to dark places.

Our Shadow Sides feed us convincing lies that allow us to create excuses for our bad behaviors and negative states, for our procrastination and unfulfillment of our potential. The lies and excuses are so convincing, we don’t even know they’re false We believe in them so much that we don’t even imagine that they aren’t valid. This is why people get “stuck in their ways”, never changing, never growing, always wondering why life is so hard, why life isn’t improving for them.


The Truth About Emotions:

Our emotions are not our Truth. People confuse their deep Truth with their emotions, believing they are one and the same. But that is not the truth. Our painful emotions are compasses that point to what needs healing so we can best express our Truth.

Our Truth is the underlying balm beneath the wounded emotions of the Else. When emotions control you, and you react in constricting ways, you and your life, are under the Else’s siege, your Truth is buried, and it’s time to take healing action.

Emotions are neither bad nor good. They’re simply different vibrations on the energetic spectrum. Those of the Else vibrate low and slow, while those of the Soul vibrate fast and high like Sacred. The lower vibrations are heavier; they feel more unpleasant. They serve to urge us towards the lighter, Sacred vibrations.

Having emotions isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t that we shouldn’t have them. It’s just that we need to treat them differently. Rather than get sucked into their vortex of negativity, we must perceive them from an objective point of view, assess them with deep curiosity and the intention to heal and transcend them.

Human beings exist in a world of duality: light and dark, up and down, hot and cold. On the other side of each is its opposite. So, on the other side of the shadow side’s illusions, is sacred reality. The other side of their lies is the truth. The Shadow Sides have light side counterparts. We’ll get to those later.

Where Do Shadow Sides Come From?:

Pre-birth origin:

The primary purpose of your human life is the evolution of your Soul and of the entire Sacred consciousness. Before your birth, with the help of the Divine, your Soul co-created aspects of your personality, including it’s Shadow Sides. Your personality’s unique design serves the evolution of your Soul.

One of the most effective ways a human learns about something is to experience what it’s not, to experience its opposite, its contrasting vibration.

For example, if your Soul wanted to evolve more in the arena of patience, it might choose a personality with Shadow Sides that take you easily to impatience. The experience of impatience, although addicting, is unpleasant. A person acting from a place of impatience spreads the negative energy into what they do and to the people they encounter.

All of these painful experiences are to urge the person to look towards the light, to choose patience instead. This requires self awareness and effort.

Post-birth Origin:

Much of our personality and its Shadow Sides are products of our upbringing and circumstances. When we go through life, particularly difficult situations, the Else creates beliefs and thought patterns in an attempt to prevent further pain from similar situations. Unfortunately, these creations of the Else end up hurting us too.

Unhealed issues get passed down from parent to child, repeating dysfunctional patterns and behaviors until someone breaks the cycle.

Some repetitive issues are obvious, such as addiction. Others are more unconscious. For example, the deep belief that we must earn our value and worth leads to conditional love and acceptance for self and others. This is an extremely common shadow that stems from the forgetfulness that we’re all sacred beings, that our value is intrinsic and irreducible.

How The Shadow Sides Survive:

The Shadow Sides gain control when you believe your personality is entirely who you are. Therefore, it’s extremely important to truly know that your personality is both an expression of your true self (the Soul) and your human self, which includes your Light Sides and your Shadow Sides. The Shadow Sides are the wounded and fearful aspects that we’re meant to heal, but often, we end up their slaves instead.

When people believe their personalities are who they are. They say things like this to excuse not rising to their greatness:

  • “I’ve always been this way.”
  • “I have an addictive personality.”
  • “My dad/mom was this way too. Anger/sensitivity/laziness/(fill in the blank of the repeating family issue) runs in the family.”
  • “Well, I wouldn’t have done that if they hadn’t done this.”
  • “That’s just who I am.”
  • “I’m not that kind of person.”

We think much of what we think and do is a result of who we are, but for the most part it’s actually a result of habits and patterns of our personalities—all of which are changeable should we so choose.

The Shadow Sides survive because we aren’t paying attention; we have little to no awareness that they exist. We live our lives under their complete control, thinking our emotions and actions are logical, rational, and warranted, when they actually come from a very wounded and fearful place. Our best lives and our best selves aren’t possible from this place.

Most of our thoughts go unchecked, unobserved, and unquestioned. We subscribe to them in a trance of the Else as they come and go without even a scant awareness they’ve been there. However, the evidence of their existence lies in the emotions and states of being they place us in. Our suffering and negative experiences indicate their location.

How Do They Show Up In Life?:

Shadow Sides manifest in countless ways with long term and short term presentations.

Short Term Presentations:

You might get taken over for a few seconds, such as when you experience road rage or you drop something and feel annoyed. Maybe you’re a little snippy with your family. Getting your feelings hurt is another example. Yes, people do hurtful things that we cannot allow. However, we give others entirely too much of our power when we get butt hurt at the drop of a hat. If something someone does upsets us, this indicates that either a true injustice has occurred that requires sacred action, or it indicates that we have Shadow Sides that need healing attention.

A bad mood is another example. Sometimes we just get in a funk. That’s okay. It’s how we deal with it that matters. We’ll get to that later.

Long Term Presentations:

Long term lingering under control of the Shadow Sides is the explanation for nearly the entire spectrum of suffering, from dysfunctional relationships to war.

You might get taken over for long periods of time, lingering in their darkness and suffering. This is when your mindsets and states of being spawn from your Shadow Sides. It’s when you experience suffering on a chronic, more massive scale. This is when you’ve moved from an occasional bad mood to just a straight up grouchy person.

grouchy cat

Your Shadow Sides create and take you into shadow states such as:

  • Spitefulness
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Negativity
  • Victimhood
  • Vanity
  • Envy
  • Hatred
  • Chronic Stress
  • Irritation
  • Impatience
  • Resistance to healing
  • Scarcity
  • Indifference
  • Fear
  • Offendedness


It All Indicates Areas For Healing:

I don’t know if feeling annoyed for a few seconds a few times a day is a huge deal, but what it indicates kindof is. This reaction indicates the existence of a shadow side. This shadow side resists and judges the form the current moment takes and is, therefore, out of currence (at one with the current moment). It doesn’t trust in the Divine in that moment.

Resisting what is takes a person to shadow states of being. If you can’t maintain a sacred state of being for the small challenges, you certainly won’t be able to in the big ones.

Any discontent or restlessness is a signal from Sacred to shift into a greater perspective; to venture within and discover greater truths and a more magnificent version of yourself, to create a more magnificent version of your life, to contribute in ways that serve your and the collective greater good.

Discontent and restlessness are the stinging claws of a greater, yet, unlived aspect of self or life, scratching its way to come out, desperate to be experienced and expressed.

If you are experiencing a disturbed emotion, one of three things is happening:

  1. A true injustice has taken place that will require sacred solutions taken from sacred states of mind and being
  2. You are perceiving from a wounded and fearful perspective that wants to be seen and healed
  3. You are perceiving from a forgetful perspective that’s lost sight of the greater truths

In those moments, DO NOT beat yourself up. Allow that the emotions came up. Allow yourself to feel them in a safe and high quality way. Call Sacred forth to reveal the deeper truths. Then pay attention. Answers will come as nudges, coincidences, or realizations.

Shadow Sides take us into shadow states of being that lead to perpetual, painful emotions. Unchecked, we live and act from these states in a vicious cycle of unnecessary suffering.

On a global scale, we have great Shadow Sides. All the pain and suffering calls us to embody compassion and actions of service. The disconnection and divide calls us to remember our sacred Oneness, to act from and inhabit sacred states of being, such as understanding and the desire to create deep connection.

How Do Shadow Sides Affect Everyday Life?:

Our Shadow Sides block the flow of the Divine through us and into our lives. They’re the cause of our spiritual truancy, and we will remain truant from our Divinely given destinies so long as our Shadow Sides control our minds and lives.

While Shadow Sides don’t change who we truly are in our essence, they do affect how our true self—our Soul self—-is expressed. They prevent your Soul’s expression, which is the best, most authentic version of yourself. They prevent you from your ultimate destiny, which is essentially your best life.

Our Shadow Sides affect our inner and outer life. They are the incessant negative self talk, the perpetual voice in the head. That voice controls nearly everything we do—and everything we don’t do: pursue our dreams, take that leap, do whatever it is our Soul voice is whispering for us to do, but we can’t muster what it takes to do it.

Our Shadow Sides are the culprits of the darkness and dysfunction both individually and globally. They cause most of the emotions that cause us unnecessary suffering and despair; they lead us to unsacred actions that cause only more darkness.

We all have Shadow Sides. They are aspects of our personalities that take us to dark, unpleasant places. The good news is that they want to be healed. That’s why they’re causing such a scene. They can be healed. But it’s up to you to do it.


fork in the road

We Choose Our Path Of Evolution:

The evolution of our Soul is inevitable. If it isn’t the primary purpose, it’s at least one of the main purposes of our human existence.

We can use our free will to decide the path of our evolution. We can either evolve the slower, painful way under complete control of our Shadow Sides. Or, we can choose to evolve faster with less suffering by using the Shadow Sides as beacons for areas that need healing. In healing these Shadow Sides, they no longer show up to disrupt our lives. In healing these Shadow Sides, we deliberately evolve.

Our hesitance to grow on purpose is a decision to grow through fear, darkness, and suffering—on the Shadow Path. Our decision to deliberately grow is the decision to grow through wisdom and light—-on the Converged Path.

The Shadow Path:

The evolution of a person on the shadow path is passive in nature. They wait for life to happen, and then the Else typically reacts on their behalf. On the Shadow Path a person never “wakes up”. They live their life completely under the Else’s controlling trance. The learning comes only after they die when the Soul sheds the body and the mind that held it captive. The Soul reviews and reflects on its life to discover lessons and wisdom. This is when the Soul’s evolution takes place.

A person evolves on the Shadow Path when they are severed from their Soul voice, severed from Sacred.

Our connection with Sacred is a two way current. While Sacred never disconnects from us, we disconnect from Sacred. The Else and our Shadow Sides are the circuit breakers. To heal them is to restore the current.

The Converged Path:

Through the use of free will and choice, the evolution of a person on the Converged Path is active in nature. The Converged Path is the path of wisdom through deliberate alignment of human aspects with those of the Soul. On this path, spiritual evolution occurs during the human life. It occurs when a human consciously chooses to live a life of convergence. This is the path of your best life.

Convergence is deliberate personal growth through healing and shedding aspects of the personality that block the expression and greatest destiny of the Soul. The Converged Path requires addressing and healing the Shadow Sides.

There are still challenges on the Converged Path. However, our mindset, state of being, and experience is sacred in nature. Rather than reacting to them with our fearful Shadow Sides that lead to more suffering, we respond gracefully with spiritual perspectives and sacred solutions.

Rather than resisting, judging, and hating them, we perceive challenges as opportunities for growth and as new openings in life. From sacred states of being we compassionately and wisely identify, heal, and transcend the Else and its Shadow Sides.

All of this is made possible through a deep and consistent connection with Sacred combined with our daily, moment to moment, choice and commitment to spiritual evolution.

On the Shadow Path, life unravels. On the Converged Path, life unfolds. You evolve either way. The difference is your experience. The choice of the path is up to you.

What Are The Light Sides?:

Our Shadow Sides make up only a fraction of our personalities. We also have Light Sides.

Our Light Sides are the sides of our personalities that are aligned with our Soul self. They are our source of motivation, will, and strength. They usher us into their corresponding sacred states of being that allow us to move gracefully, Soulfully, and wholly through life.

90% of most people’s personalities are composed of Light Sides. 90% of the people on the planet are peaceful and loving. But as we are all well aware, that remaining 10% can cause quite the ruckus. This is true on an individual and global scale.

So, all the chaos and suffering isn’t that there are more Shadow Sides or hateful, violent people. It’s that the Shadow Sides and hateful people are the ones taking big action.

This article serves to turn that around. We need to heal the 10% and get the 90% taking action!

Examples Of Light Sides:

  • Our compassionate side
  • Our side that desires to deeply understand
  • Our loving side
  • Our accepting, inclusive side
  • Our generous side
  • Our patient side
  • Our grateful side
  • Our reverent side
  • Our joyful and enthusiastic side
  • Our peaceful side
  • Our beneficent side
  • Our wise side
  • Our connected to Sacred side

The Light Sides are the parts of the personality that complement and exhume the Soul from the burying shadows. We bring them with us on our healing pilgrimage. They serve our Soul self in their ability to hold us steady in sacred states of being.

Tending a garden includes removing the weeds as well as nourishing the garden. If we aim to evolve beyond the shadow and create sacred change, we must not only uncover and heal the Shadow Sides rooted in fear, but we must also nourish the Light Sides rooted in love. This applies to every individual and the collective humanity.

In doing this, we prepare ourselves to venture into the shadows with the diligent intention of rooting out and healing manifestations of the Else that cultivate suffering. The Sacred Truth of our Light Sides is our lantern in the darkness. Our devout commitment to convergence is our staff.



how to heal yourself

How To Address The Shadow Sides:

It begins with a shift in perspective. You must remember that you are immortal, infinite, Divine in nature. You’re a child, masterpiece, and beloved creation of Sacred itself. You must know in your bones, every cell of your body, every particle of your being that you’re created for greatness, created to inject greatness into the world.

The perspective of your Soul self knows that the Universe is always working in your favor, even when times are hard. From this perspective, you have trust and faith in the unfolding of life. This keeps you out of shadow states of being when you face challenges. It gives you the courage and motivation to move through them knowing you’re coming out stronger and wiser on the other side.

You must see your transcendence, not only as necessary for yourself, but for your children, your family and friends, for the rest of the world. You have a Sacred responsibility to purposely evolve yourself into a human with a personality that complements and fully aligns with your Soul.

Addressing the Shadow Sides is one of the essential practices in deliberate personal growth. Find motivation and strength in the fact that the Divine force that supports you is far greater than the shadow force pushing against you.

Remember that many of our Shadow Sides originated in our childhood. Therefore, it is imperative that we treat them as wounded children, with compassion, patience, understanding, and the desire to help them heal.

Commitment To Deliberate Growth Is The Lock. Awareness Is The Key:

To truly transform, you must anchor your growth in Sacred and make it a top priority. It must no longer be an option. Your purposeful growth must be nonnegotiable. You must stay ravenous for your best life. Without a persistent, unwavering commitment towards your growth, you will inevitably slip back into old patterns. This is not an overnight event, nor is it a temporary way of life. This is a lifelong commitment in service of your Soul self and of the Divine. I hope you find motivation in the fact that your reward comes in your current life, and it is also eternal in nature.

Your commitment to your growth is your fuel; awareness is your antenna feeling out and detecting areas in need of healing attention.

“Negative” emotions are inevitable. It’s how we handle them that matters. Diligent awareness of your thoughts and state allows you to quickly spot a disturbing emotion when it pops up. Your awareness keeps the emotion from taking you hostage and dragging you through all the terrible feelings and experiences it causes. Awareness places you in an observant rather than a subservient position.

Once you spot a disturbing emotion rising up, you’ll want to address it as soon as possible. If you can’t assess and work through it right then, then make it a point to create some time to address it in a deep healing session later.

Get Curious:

With brave curiosity, we anchor into Sacred and our healing intentions as we search out the dark corners within ourselves. The Shadow Sides want to heal in spite of how much they might resist. Consequently, they can’t help but show themselves.

Our sufferings are their breadcrumbs. We follow our pain to locate our Shadow Sides.

When you notice an emotion from the Else coming up, rather than jumping into the story that perpetuates it, get curious about it instead.

How does it feel in your physical body? Literally locate and define its physical sensations. Take a deep breath, and separate yourself from it before it takes control of you.

Allow it to exist, but experience it from an observant and curious point of view rather than getting sucked into its hypnotic lures.

Don’t fear the physical sensations. It is the energy of the shadow moving through you. You are strong enough to endure it. It will pass. Watch the feeling more than you feel the feeling.

Get To Know Your Emotions:

Our emotion’s control over us hinges on our oblivion and ignorance of their nature. Deep understanding of our emotions and their origins is the key to our freedom from their prickly cage.

Painful emotions are rarely about the triggering circumstances. They almost always have a deeper origin. Recognize the emotion that’s there and try to figure out what it’s really about.

Pray. Ask Sacred to assist you in your healing. Sacred can rarely intervene without invitation, for it breaks the law of our promised free will. Ask for guidance and wisdom. Don’t go searching for the answers with your mind. Allow it to bubble up from within. This may take some time.

Speak to the emotion. Don’t force it away or feel ashamed that you feel it. Allow it to exist. Speak to it as you would a wounded child, “Hey, Buddy. I see you there. I am here with you, and I am ready to fully understand your existence. Thank you for showing me what where I need healing and what I need to learn from you. Show me how you wish to be illuminated and healed.”

thumbs up

Do This:

The Shadow Side and its corresponding emotions must be recognized, spoken of, and spoken to. We cannot destroy the Shadow Sides. Therefore, we must transform them by infusing their Light Side antidote. Invite Sacred into the healing process.


We should ignore our shadows no more than one would ignore a gaping, spurting wound. To heal, the wounded shadow is:

  1. Assessed: Give it a safe space to exist. What does it feel like? Where is it coming from? What caused it? Are there any exacerbating untruths?
  2. Properly treated: Perhaps an amending conversation is required, a good cry, a good scream.
  3. Cleaned and stitched: Dedicate a piece of time daily to focus not on the pain, but on the healing truths.
  4. Given time: There will always be a scar. Some experiences may poke at it a bit, cause just a jab of pain. But after taking such healing care, a scar is tougher than even the surrounding tissue. The wound remains approximated, and no further harm is endured.

Rather than despising the Else and its emotions, we see them as instruments of our evolution. An emotion may surge up and take control without much consent, but a person chooses and is responsible for how they entertain it or act on it. What you do with your emotions will determine your and usually other’s experience. It will determine the degree and nature of your evolution.

thumbs downDon’t Do This:

War against anything only perpetuates the darkness we seek to destroy. We cannot destroy Shadow Sides.

Two darks don’t make a light. The worst thing to do is resist, repress, judge, shame, or feel frustrated at your Shadow Sides. Only a Shadow Side reacts this way as it perceives through the eyes of the Else.

To transcend our Shadow Sides, we must feel their corresponding feelings, allowing them to exist, but in a safe healing space.

Active Light Side Strengthening:

After you’ve given ample space and healing attention to your Shadow Sides, you must inject them with Sacred Truths, and keep your Light Sides strong. Do this practice on a daily basis as well to maintain sacred states of being.

Just as negative thoughts, words, and actions make you feel negative, positive thoughts, words, and movements make you feel positive. Choose empowering statements and movements to shift your state of being. This rewires your brain, which calls in biological chemicals that enhance the good feelings. It also attracts matching, validating energies an experiences from the Universe.

I’m going to give you a list of Sacred Truths to declare in your mind or out loud if possible. Use your body too, allowing it to move as it wants while you say your declaration. The body is highly connected to your mind and is, therefore, a highly effective tool for shifting your state of mind and being. The body of a person in an angry state of being becomes hard as it tightens and constricts. In a sacred state of enthusiasm, the body moves with joy and excitement. Its movements are larger and open. Imagine how you move when you’re super stoked about something. Make the movement you imagine you’d make if you felt the way that the declaration says.

Before you do this exercise, quickly check your state. Make a few notes about the energetic feel of the state. Give it some labels if that feels helpful.

To strengthen your awareness and Soul’s mastery of your mind. I want you to say. Each. Word. Very. Slowly. And. Enthusiastically. Choosing. Each. One. With. Deliberate. Purpose. Pick words or phrases that are empowering and expansive. Each word gets your full attention. Get up and get ready to move! Smile and repeat after me. You have to actually do this for it to work! Get that body moving! Say it like you really mean it!


  • I AM ABLE!

Now, check your state again. Is that a smile on your face?! I bet you feel differently than before. Feels good, huh? See! It works!

The words to follow ‘I am’ are extremely powerful. When you’re in the shadows, your thoughts declare things of their own. You must catch them and declare their opposite. This calls matching vibrations from the Universe. These are the mental building blocks to creating your best life.

When To Do These Practices:

  • When you wake up
  • When you look in the mirror
  • When you get in your car, driving to work
  • When you walk across the room
  • When you’re cooking/eating
  • When you’re about to do something that challenges you
  • Every moment you can think to

As you continue to consciously do this practice, your state will begin to shift automatically. You will enter sacred states with greater ease; your Shadow Sides lose their control over you, your life unfolds more beautifully, and you become a better instrument for Sacred.

Stay tuned for a more detailed ecourse!

How Transcending The Shadow Sides Improves Your Life:

Transcending the Shadow Sides improves your life because it improves you as a human being. When you’re your best self, you make better and wiser decisions. Healing your Shadow Sides puts you on the Converged Path, making life flow much more smoothly. As the process takes effect, sacred states become more natural. You slip into them more easily, making life much more pleasant.

The more you heal, the more aligned you become. The more aligned you become, the easier it is for the energy and flow of the Divine to move in and through you. Furthermore, as you step into your light, new opportunities and inspirations come to you that couldn’t have come before. You expand. Your life expands in richer and fuller ways. Things don’t get to you so much. You handle challenges with grace and more ease. You build the courage and strength to pursue your ultimate destiny, which has now opened up to you when it was blocked before.

As the whole process began with a shift in perspective, these shifts will continue, and are the fuel of evolution. As the expansive light of truth stretches and prods through you, your paradigm will shift up and sideways many times through the deep evolutionary life so that every edge of your world expands, and every corner is lit with Sacred’s light.

The Bright Side Of Shadow Sides:

While they aren’t exactly necessary, Shadow Sides can serve as teachers, insight to which types of transformative light aspects we need in our lives. They can serve as our compass, and if dealt with properly, their effects can serve as the catalysts for transformation. They can point to the location of our lost Soul pieces. As I said before, our Shadow Sides serve the worthy and sacred purpose of the evolution of our Soul.

Shadow Sides are constricting in nature but they can have expansive results. They can either suffocate, or they can birth new life like a contracting womb.

We All Have Shadow Sides:

Remember, we all have Shadow Sides, and we’re all going through this life together. So when you notice someone acting from under control of the Else, find compassion rather than judgement for them. Hold reverence for their brave soul that chose to come to this challenging Earth School.

Final Thoughts:

Check your state. Check your state. Check your state. Hold tight to your intention to heal. Strengthen your awareness every moment you can.

Your task is not to become more than who you are; it is to become more of who you are. At every moment we are and have all that we need to fulfill our greatest destiny. We just have to get out of our own way.

Emotions are messengers from aspects of our personality. They reflect loving parts to be nourished, as well as fearful parts that need healing rather than blaming, shaming, or denying. Once you understand the underlying fear that causes the emotion, it loosens its grip on you. Your tendency to react destructively from the Else decreases, and your evolution progresses. While evolution occurs regardless, the degree and path of evolution depends on how we choose to grow—through the suffering of the Else, or through the love and wisdom of Sacred—the Shadow Path or the Converged Path. The path we choose determines whether or not we claim our best life.


Dear Holy Sacred,

I know that my human life is a gift that serves the evolution of my Soul and of the greater Sacred consciousness. Thank you for making me whole, for helping me identify, heal, and transcend every aspect of my personality that prevents my Soul’s fullest and clearest expression. Thank you for making me ready for my greatest destiny. I choose to evolve on the Converged Path. Thank you for keeping me aware of my state, and for helping me hold steady in sacred states of being so that I am made the best vessel I can be for your great and sacred will. I love you. Thank you for loving me. Amen.

In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper

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