States of Being: How Your Inner World Affects Every Aspect Of Your Life

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This article explains how our state of being is one of the main determiners for our experience of life as well as how our life plays out. If you want your life and your experience of it to shift, you must intentionally and deliberately shift your state of being.

What Is A State Of Being?

The common definition of “state of being” refers to one’s physical state. Our use in the Light Society, however, goes much deeper than that.

Your state of being is the quality and conditions of your inner state. It is the energetic foundation from which every thought and action sprouts. It’s the vibe and intention beneath everything you say, do, and experience. It determines how you feel, live, and approach and interpret the world around you.

Our state of being is, perhaps, one of the most powerful creators of our perceptions and layout of our lives. Yet, most people go through life without conscious thought regarding their state of being, much less, an effort in consciously creating it.

It’s really no wonder the world and our lives have so much chaos, dysfunction, or even just a generalized discontent.

The issue isn’t necessarily our lack of awareness of what needs healing attention. The issue is that the root causes of personal and worldly darkness are rarely articulated, much less, discussed on an extensive level. These are the first steps in creating sacred solutions. We must identify and articulate the root cause of our darkness, and it is this:

The dark issues in our lives and the world are due to the fact that we have lost sight of and all but forgotten our true nature. We see ourselves as separate from each other, separate from the Divine. We’ve forgotten that, despite appearances, we are all one. We might believe we are Souls, yet our lives are not soulful. We most likely believe in a higher power, but we have very little relationship with it.

We have dis-integrated Sacred from our lives. The amount of darkness in our existence is directly related to the distance we place between ourselves and the Sacred Light.

Sacred states of being are when our inner state, the energy of our entire being, is in alignment with our Soul self, our immortal, divine, true self.




Examples Of Sacred States Of Being:

Sacred states of being are positive states of being. They are far more than emotions, more than feelings. Sacred states of being are modes in which Divine channels can flow through us and into all that we say, do, and experience.We are blessed with the choice to inhabit these Holy territories of high vibrational frequencies. Choosing these states is one of our main purposes in life because this is how we most allow Sacred to work through us.

Sacred states of being are:

  • Joy
  • Love
  • Patience
  • Acceptance
  • Non-resistance
  • Enthusiasm
  • Reverence
  • Gratitude
  • Compassion
  • the desire to understand

What Are Shadow States Of Being?

Shadow states of being serve, preserve, and strengthen the Else (AKA: Ego. The human aspect of yourself that blocks the expression of your Soul self). When we act from shadow states of being, the Else has control over us.

Rather than breezing through this list, I want you to spend some time reflecting on each of them, and how and when you tend to inhabit them.

Shadow states of being are:

  • Spitefulness
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Negativity
  • Victimhood
  • Vanity
  • Envy
  • Hatred
  • Chronic Stress
  • Scarcity
  • Indifference
  • Fear
  • Offendedness

The quality of everything you do depends on the state from which you do it. By the same token, the outcome of everything you do depends upon the quality of every step taken towards it. This means we must pay great attention to the quality of our steps as well as the state of being from which we take them.

Your creations from scared states of being serve the greatest good and are much more fulfilling and effective in serving and brightening the world.

Effects Of Shadow States Of Being:

Shadow states of being occur when the keepers of your peace and power are things or people in your external world. For example, money, your relationships, situations and circumstances, your career. All of these are impermanent, changeable. Placing your peace in the external is building your inner world with straw. It will collapse eventually, and suffering is inevitable.

The effects of shadow states of being are astronomical. As I said before, our state of being determines our thoughts, perceptions, and actions, all of which completely shape our choices, our relationships, our entire experience of life.

When we exist from an shadow state, we create dysfunction, suffering, and misery. Each of these states perceive our power externally, stripping us of the ability to live authentically and Soulfully.

These shadow states block the flow of Sacred (my word for the Divine Higher Power), as well as the fullest and clearest expression of our Soul.

The emotions resulting from shadow states of being lead to a cascade of biological responses. Our bodies obey the commands of the shadow state. Biological chemicals, compounds, and hormones flood your body, flowing through your blood and onto every cell. We know heavy doses of cortisol, a hormone the body releases under stress, can cause detrimental effects physically, mentally, and emotionally.

That’s just stress! Imagine what the other shadow states can do!

Spitefulness leads to vengeful, hateful acts. Anger leads to violence and darkness. Shame leads to depression and oppression. Victimhood leads to defensiveness, disconnection, and excuses for bad behavior. Scarcity blocks abundance. Indifference blocks transformative healing. Fear is the root of them all.

The biochemicals of each of these can’t be beneficent to our bodies.



The Downside Of Our Amazing Biology:

Our bodies are so intelligent that they form receptors on the surfaces of our cells to receive and efficiently respond to the biochemicals surrounding it—biochemicals released in response to your state of being. If your cells find that you frequently have the “anger chemicals” in your system, it will form more receptor sites for that chemical. When the cell replicates, its next generations will have more receptor sites for that particular chemical. This is where our shadow states of being lead us into trouble.

Neurons (brain cells) form information highways in our brains and bodies called neural pathways. Neural pathways command and inform our bodies of many important functions. Neurons that communicate frequently create a more permanent highway to make information transmission more efficient. This means the more we choose, anger, fear, frustration, the easier it becomes for us to enter that state again.

The cells, with their many receptors are addicted in a sense. When their “anger” receptors are empty, they relay a message of the shortage to the body. The Else is always happy to oblige the request for more. The Else will seek and create situations where it can feel angry again, getting a boost for itself, while also sufficing the body’s requests.

We all experience difficult emotions from time to time. The danger is when we allow ourselves to enter shadow states of being so often that it becomes a chronic issue.

Where, at first, we occasionally experience stress, anger, anxiety, etc, after near continuous bathing in their biochemicals, our bodies and minds are virtually addicted. Like craving for a drug, our bodies now want what harms us.

It harms our bodies, our minds, our experience of life, and it harms the tether to our Soul self.

Why Deliberate Sacred States Of Being Are Important:

In addition to the effects already discussed, the deliberate embodiment of sacred states of being even have invisible and spiritual implications.

90% of us believe in a higher power, and that we are spiritual in nature. We believe in an afterlife. Yet, most of us go through life without considering our Soul’s wishes on a daily, much less, momentary basis.

We think as long as we aren’t murdering, stealing, or cheating we’re doing fine enough. But living sacredly is so much more than that.

Why else would our Souls choose to come to this life if not to be a part of it, if not to express itself through our human form? Our shadow states of being block that spiritual purpose; they block the intention and expression of our true selves—our Soul selves.

Is your state of being purposeful or dependent? More often than not, we have to make the difficult decision to choose joy and peace in the midst of chaos and difficult situations. When our inner state fully depends upon what happens to us, peace, joy, and other sacred states are close to impossible in the midst of struggle. Choosing a sacred state in the midst of struggle is extremely difficult. You’re pressing against a real opposing force.

Deliberate growth and sacred states of being raise your frequency towards that of the divine Sacred itself. Shifting your state of being shifts your energetic frequency. Since we are all connected energetically, you also shift the frequency of the entire universe and all who dwell in it.

Your thoughts, choices, and states of being shape the Sacred energy that flows through you. The frequency of your uniquely formed energy affects your experience of life as well as that of those around you.

If you exist in this universe, you have a sacred duty to yourself and everyone else to do the work you came here to do, to be the human your Soul came here to be.

How Our Thoughts, Emotions, and Perceptions Shape Our State Of Being:

Deliberate sacred states of being is so much more than thinking positively. Positivity and shifting perspectives is included in the foundation for growth and spiritual practice. However, merely thinking positively can have its pitfalls if misused or misunderstood. Positivity should never mean that we ignore wounds, fears, and issues that require identification and proper healing. Read more about this here.

We inhabit Sacred states of being and sacred states of being inhabit us. Our deliberate growth and consistent connection with Sacred and our Divine nature, primes us for sacred states of being to inhabit us unimpeded. Our growth and deep Divine connection also enhances our ability, tendency, and potential for inhabiting sacred states of being. The street goes both ways.

When the state of our inner world depends on what happens in our external world, we are bound to experience suffering and dysfunction. This is when the Else controls our inner state. To transfer control to our Soul selves, we must learn to cultivate peace instead of panic in times of chaos, gratitude instead of greed in times of need, love instead of hate times of dispute, acceptance instead of resistance in times of strife, surrender instead of control in times of struggle, reverence and compassion instead of judgement in times of difference.


Science And Our State Of Being:

As Einstein’s formula states, mass and energy are interchangeable. This means that while the physical world is made of matter, it is also made of energy. Furthermore, all mass vibrates at varying energetic frequencies. The chemicals, cells, and all the mass created from an shadow state of being have an energetic frequency. I can’t imagine that it is a desirable one.

To determine the amount of energy within a mass, you multiply the mass with the speed of light squared. That adds up to a lot of energy in a small amount of mass.

Every thought and choice matters. Each is a form carrying an energetic vibration that attracts matching energies. Anger begets anger. Joy begets joy. We must start considering our intentions behind every thought and action.

We must be intentional with our intentions, responsible for the energy we create in ourselves and the world around us. Rather than acting out and reacting mindlessly, we must instead reflect and respond mindfully, from a solid foundation of sacred intentions and sacred states. Reflect before you act.

Most of us are too busy, too stressed and too numbed to even notice what’s really going on within us. We live our lives under complete control of the Else, under a total eclipse of the Soul.

Energy has no bounds. Everything in existence is energy. The essence of all the realms, both physical and formless, is the one energy of the Divine. It joins all things and all non-things as one.

All areas of energy vibrate at different frequencies. We can choose to raise our vibration with the sacred states of being we inhabit, deliberate growth, and consultation with our Soul when making decisions. Living unconsciously, that is to say paying no thought to the energy we create or the consequences of our thoughts and actions, is the choice to stagnate or lower our vibration.

Taking responsibility for the energy we create requires an ongoing awareness of our every thought and action. Thoughts and emotions are entities with sticky fingers in the way that they attach to your attention and drag you from the realm of stillness beneath. We must anchor our awareness in the underlying foundation of stillness within us, the place beyond our minds, and deeper than our hearts. It is a place of non-judgment, observation, reverence; it’s the womb of sacred states. It is the deep still water beneath stormy seas. It remains deep within us, available at all times for our access.

Pain is real. Suffering is a state of mind. Pain is a part of human life. Our judgment, perception, thoughts, and feelings about the pain lead to our suffering. I’m in constant pain almost every moment, only able to remain upright a couple of hours a day. Yet, I am more peaceful, more fulfilled, more grateful and joyful than ever before because I committed myself to this practice.


personal growth meditation

How To Create Sacred States Of Being:

First of all, you must want it. You must intend it. You must challenge yourself to practice it, everyday throughout the day, for it is certainly a practice, not a one time deal. And you can expect much resistance from the Else (Ego).

Know with every particle of your being that you are divine; Sacred is your nature. What you do is less important than the state of being from which you do it.

Pray for assistance. Invite Sacred into every aspect and moment of your life. Offer yourself to serving the highest and greatest good, for this is only possible from sacred states of being.

Commit to currence as your main objective in every moment. Everything else that you do is secondary and will be infused with a current of Sacred energy.

Currence is my word for presence. Inhabiting sacred states of being is currence at work. It is the allowing and nonresistance to the form each moment takes. It is abiding fully in the current moment, perceiving, thinking, existing, and acting from a sacred inner space.

Currence insures that all you do, say, and think is in alignment with the nature of the Soul, with the nature of the Divine.

The intention to exist in a sacred state is the primary step. The most transformative step, however, is awareness. With the foundation of your devout intention, you must bring awareness into every moment.

The practice of awareness entails a constant checking of your inner state. Is is sacred? What’s the underlying energy of my inner state? Who’s in control, the Soul or the Else?

Check your state now. Check it again in one minute. In five minutes. Every waking hour. It takes virtually no time to do this.

Use Your Body To Your Advantage:

Check your body. Remember, it is extremely informative. Quickly scan for tension, breath holding, heart rate, tightness or discomfort. When cutting vegetables, scan your body and check your state. Do it when driving, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, walking across the room.

Our bodies are excellent indicators of our state. Through our senses, can also use them to anchor into currence, into sacred states. To bring our minds and bodies fully into the current moment we can use our sense of touch, smell, sight, taste, hearing to sink more deeply into the form the moment takes.

Feel the warm, massaging streams of water on your back in your shower. Let this take you into gratitude for the ability to take a shower. This is a sacred moment.

Smell and hear the onions sauteing in the pan. Let this take you into gratitude for the food which gives you life, enthusiasm for the meal you will soon enjoy. This is a sacred moment.

See the Soul across from you when checking out at the store. Look in their eyes. Let this take you into reverence and love. Know that you’re one with each other, sharing the very same essence. This is a sacred moment.

If you find yourself in an shadow state, take a deep breath. Your breath is the reset button. Don’t resist the shadow state, and don’t judge or shame it. That only perpetuates it.

Remind yourself of your intention. Remind yourself that the shadow state changes only your level of suffering in the current moment. Breathe.

Accept the moment as it is. If you can change it, ask yourself how you can do so from a sacred state. If you have no control of the situation, resisting it only creates unnecessary suffering.

Say, “Thank you that everything is always working in my favor. I am sacred in nature. I see that I am in a state of anger, impatience, resistance, frustration (Insert applicable state). Breathe. My natural state is: joy, love, peace, acceptance…” Name whichever state best applies. Joy is not always the answer. When something is extremely difficult, acceptance is the more applicable state.

You might do this five hundred times in a day.


Our essence is spiritual in nature. We are spiritual beings. Sacred states of being are the natural states of the Soul.

Our underlying discontent and disconnection is the Soul’s cry to be seen, heard, heeded. The darkness is due to the suppression and oppression of our sacred nature; it is due to the veil of forgetfulness shrouding our soulful perceptions.

We’ve forgotten who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going. We’ve forgotten the Truth. We’ve forgotten our purpose. I pray this blog serves to restore our memories.

We must hand over sovereignty of our lives to our Divine self, our Soul self, our true self. We must identify, challenge, and heal the shadow states and aspects of ourselves.

Our deliberate evolution and abiding in sacred states of being invokes the energy of Sacred to flow through us, and a portal of access opens to the infinite supply of Divine energy, guidance, and support. As a result, our beingness is expanded; our experience of life is enhanced; we ourselves evolve.

Inhabiting sacred states of being enhances life and decreases suffering. Shadow states of being constrict life and increase our suffering. It’s up to us to choose.


“Dear Holy, Divine, I know that all aspects of me exist to serve the evolution of my Soul. I choose to evolve on the path of wisdom, the path of awareness and grace. Thank you for helping me easily identify, heal, and release all thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions that lead me into the darkness and suffering of shadow states. Thank you for helping me learn why they exist so that I may transcend them. Thank you for loving and supporting me in spite of my inner states, in spite of my actions. Thank you for using me to spread your high vibrations. I love you. Amen.”


In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper

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