Who is God?: A Comparison of God and Religion. Why’s Spirituality Important?

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The Big Question

Who is God? I bet every single person asks this question in some form at least once in their life. I know I have, and many more times than once. My understanding and experience of God evolves as I grow and evolve. I’ve spent most of my life pondering, seeking, and exploring God. The following describes my current perception and how I came to it. This post will discuss the topics: Who is God? A comparison of God and Religion, and Why is Spirituality Important?

comparison of God and religion

A Brief History of God and Religion:

Religion has served as the gateway to God for at least a few thousand years. For this reason, I felt it important to speak on religion since it and God go hand in hand for many people.

God is a word nearly as old as language. Throughout history, the word God and to that which it refers has been worshipped, beloved, and a guiding light. It has also been slandered, misused, and wielded as fear and manipulation tactics—particularly by religion, who broke their Sacred responsibility to act as bridge and tether to God.

While religion is a beacon of hope and strength for many, it has a dark history. It is to blame for the cause and false justification for gross atrocities, persecution and war. In many ways it has distorted the reality of God. It has been a tool of greed and manipulation throughout history. Many religions still today use fear tactics to recruit and keep followers.

All of this done in the name of God.

Because of this, many hold a sour taste in their mouth regarding, not only religion, but God as well—or at least the word. This is our Sacred instinct alerting us that these misdoings of religion and terrible acts in the name of God is spiritual trespassing and abuse.

Our aversion towards religion brings the church to a crux where it must evolve or move out.

I think we’ve moved away from religion because on a soul level we knew the “truth” delivered by many churches was skewed, tarnished, and contradicting to the Truth we hold inside.

While religion can serve as a guidepost that points to Sacred and the Truth, it isn’t Sacred or the Truth itself. Nor is it sovereign over the Truth.

While many churches have evolved beyond fear tactics and truly serve the people, the damage done is unignorable.

According to the Pew Research Center:

“…the number of adults who do not identify with any organized religion is growing.”

While this statistic is understandable, I urge you not to throw God out with religion, for they are far from one and the same. Keep reading, and I’ll tell you why.

My Religious Upbringing:

The church I went to growing up did teach that God is loving and forgiving. However, it also taught about Hell and Satan, which put great fear inside of me. In fact, I’d say it was one of my first great fears in life.

I know the generations before me got the fire and brimstone sermons even moreso.

As I moved from the church and found God outside of religion and more inside myself, I’ve come to know God in much deeper and personal ways.

I’ve come to understand that our Soul selves are sparks of Sacred’s flame. We are not separate from God. We are a piece of God, made in God’s sacred likeness.

You can read more about my story here.

Creating Sacred Reason for Behaving Ourselves:

I’ve learned we should want to be our best selves for sacred reasons, not to avoid “Hell” or other fear based reasons.

Our reason for claiming and living our greatness is to express and spread light, not just to avoid the dark.

Our reason for inhabiting our greatness is because we understand that we are eternal, spiritual beings, and that our greatest purpose is to live our human lives as our Soul intended—with love, integrity, grace, patience, gratitude, joy, in service, etc.

This kind of life is our duty and our birthright. We claim our greatness because we know we deserve it, we know we are valuable and worthy beings.

Our sacred reasons are rooted in our spiritual core values. The depth and strength of their roots depends on the depth and strength of our spiritual connection and practice. This is why I discuss, later, the importance of spirituality.

Who is God to Me:

First of all, I’ve coined a new word for God. It may seem sacrilege, but I felt it necessary given the history described above.

I’m sure you’ve noticed a decrease in the word God, and an increase in the words: Universe, Source, Higher Power, etc to reference the Divine. As I said before, it seems the word God has some negative connotation as a result of its misuse and misinterpretation.

Because of that, I use the word Sacred when referring to the Higher Power. The word is just a word, and while it doesn’t change the nature of what it refers to, I feel that it carries less baggage and is more synonymous to what God really is.

Here is an excerpt from my book The Pinnacle Beacon. Elbon is a wizard guiding four teens through a journey of spiritual truths, personal discovery and growth, and more. I’d like to share my description of Sacred through Elbon:

Elbon thought a moment. “Sacred refers to the divine energy that creates, is all knowing, and made of pure love. It flows through everything as a unified, ubiquitous field of sacred energy.”

“Ubiquitous?” Peter looked confused.

“That means it’s present everywhere,” Elbon said, “in every place and every no place, in every thing and every non-thing. It is the formless foundation upon which all of creation is formed—the formless, ubiquitous substrate, animator, creator, and assimilator of all form. The only way to experience the fullest expression of Sacred is in the current moment.

“What you are is what many call a Soul—a formless energy that exists outside of time for an eternity in and on both sides of this moment. Your true essence and Sacred are one and the same, made of pure love and life itself. You and Sacred are too limitless, too great, too divine to describe—and even then describing is only merely that.”

“It’s a lot to take in,” Peter said.

“It’s a lot that’s been forgotten over the ages,” Elbon nodded.


Later, Peter, one of the teens, mentions his own sour taste about God after enduring a lifetime of abuse from his father.

“Going through what I’ve gone through, I always believed God, or Sacred, or whatever you call it, was made up by people that wanted to control us,” Peter said.

Elbon smiled gently, “I’ve entertained that thought before—that there’s no such thing as God. People have no doubt misrepresented Sacred. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather believe and be wrong than not believe and be wrong. What’s the harm in believing even if the Sacred doesn’t exist? The way I see it, right or wrong, there’s nothing to lose by believing, and much to lose by not.”

“But how can the ‘Sacred made of love’ allow such horrible things to happen?” Peter argued.

“Violence is never meant to be, nor is it an act of Sacred. However, Sacred allows us the gift of undeniable free will that can be commanded by the lost and wounded aspects of our physical selves—I call it the Else. Even those gilded in good intentions, all acts of violence and abuse are chosen against the Soul’s wishes. They are results of a major deviation from the Divine center. And while they aren’t meant to be, they are opportunities for investigation and growth.”


Sacred is my center, my anchor, my reason, my peace, my answer, and my home. I know that the same creator of every creature and life form, particle of matter, and the space in which existence is held, also saw fit to purposely create me. This applies to you too!

We were created for great reason, which means we have great work to do. Read more about our mission here.

Sacred guides me through inspiration and creativity. Sacred supports me, especially, when I ask for it.

What I Know For Sure About God (Sacred):

There is no number of words that can envelop or description that can define Sacred. That being said, we can use words and descriptions to make God (Sacred) more understandable and relatable. There are several things I know for sure about Sacred.

Sacred Is:

  • All loving
  • All knowing
  • Always working in our favor
  • Corrective in nature
  • Wanting us to dis-cover our greatness
  • Inclusive
  • In all places and the spaces between
  • Creative
  • Joyful, enthusiastic, patient, and gracious
  • Joyful in serving and helping us on our higher path

The gap between God and how we live our lives

The Gap:

If you’re a product of religion’s dark history I described above, I know when I say, “you need God in your life” your eyes may roll backwards. Perhaps you think to yourself, “Not another one of these people!”.

I get it. But, please, just hear me out!

While religion is on the decline, 90% of the world’s population believes in a higher power. However, we have all but banished Sacred, our Soul selves, and spiritual nature from our everyday lives.

Spirituality isn’t exactly a top contender for most common topics of conversation. The transition from spirituality via religion to spirituality alone has left many feeling a bit lost.

People believe in something greater than themselves, but having no outside direction, find it difficult to integrate Sacred into their lives. This is why I started this blog; to close the gap between our belief in a higher power and its integration into our lives moment to moment.

I think the discontent, dissonance, disconnection, and even depression many of us feel results from our disconnection from Sacred and our Divine nature. It results from the gap between our deep knowing that a higher power exists and our ability to integrate that higher power into our lives.

People feel a lacking, a longing, and a lingering sense that something is missing, but they can’t put their finger on it.

I believe the bad tastes in our mouth about God are pretenses that block true meaning in life, as well as the fulfillment of our divinely intended greatness.

Most of us believe in a higher power, and that we are immortal and divine beings that continue to exist beyond this lifetime. However, I’m curious to know how much time and energy is devoted to Sacred, the health of our Soul, and the alignment of our life with our sacred values and intentions.

Why a Connection With God (Sacred) is Essential for Creating Your Best Life:

When Sacred is your center and priority, every other priority and aspect of your life improves. When you intend and work to act in service of the highest and greatest good set forth by the will of Sacred, your life is enriched, enhanced, and unfolds in ways you’d never dreamed.

Sacred backs all thoughts, words, and actions that serve the highest and greatest good. The power and energy of the entire Universe is at our service when we intend and act from sacred states of being.

Given that we believe in Sacred and eternal life beyond this earthy existence, we must know on some level that the purpose of this physical life is to serve Sacred and our Souls in some way. This is why we should invite Sacred in to every moment of our lives.

But How Sacred Are Our Lives?

Do we see parenting as a sacred act? What about our relationships as sacred bonds? Do we see our exchange with the cashier a sacred moment between two souls? Are our jobs or actions perceived as Sacred orrrrrr not so sacred? Do we behave and think with sacred intentions? How often do we connect with Sacred in prayer for ourselves…for others?

My point is, as we go about our daily lives we can enrich them through our connection with Sacred and with the nature of Sacred as the foundation of all we do. Why is this?

The nature of Sacred is loving, kind, joyful, grateful, inclusive, inspired, peaceful, patient, aware. Every experience is enhanced with these sacred states of mind and being.

Darkness and suffering cannot exist within these sacred states of being.

In another article, I speak about convergence, which is the harmonizing of our human self with that of our Soul self. It’s placing our Soul in the driver’s seat of our life.

I believe all human caused crisis, chaos, and dysfunction is directly related to our disconnection from Sacred and our spiritual selves.

After all, we are all Souls here for a short while on planet earth to experience a human life.

Sacred and Spirituality Are Our Supreme Solutions:

The solution to every issue must be spiritual. Since the end of time we’ve tried eliminating evil with war and murder. Obviously, that doesn’t work.

Why is Spirituality Important


Spirituality is the only thing we haven’t tried on a massive scale. I’m not talking about woo woo, hippie, or holy roller stuff. We’ve tried that too. I’m talking about true and collective convergence by way of our individual convergence—the intentional alignment of personality with Soul.

It is up to us to bring about the imperative change in the world. There is no technology or government that is capable of such a task.

We are set up for success. The internet connects us globally. As lanterns we are agents of evolution because the evolution of an individual is an evolution of humanity.

What is spirituality and why is spirituality important?:

Spirituality is an active, moment to moment practice and lifestyle. It is more than an hour at church once a week. It’s a deliberate awareness with intention and action pointed towards convergence, the alignment of your personality with that of your Soul.

Your personality isn’t who you are. You are a Soul living as a human. As humans, we have personality traits that block our greatness and eclipse the expression of our Souls. I go deeper into this in the post, “Why Intentional Personal Growth is Essential for Creating Your Best Life”.

Active spiritual practice, lends itself to Sacred personal growth. Sacred personal growth allows us to cocreate with Sacred in the manifestation of the greater good, the manifestation of the Sacred realm on Earth, the manifestation of Sacred’s divine will. All of these combined are the greatest destiny of the collective, as well as the individual.

This is our path to our best life and our greatest version of ourselves.

For too long we have relinquished our Sacred duty and responsibility to hold and spread the Light. Furthermore, no human device or power can illuminate the type of darkness that lurks and reigns here.

The only salvation and solution is of the spiritual nature, and it’s up to us to do it. We are the lanterns with Sacred flames lit within us. Any negative thought or action is a crack for darkness to enter. For when we exile Sacred, we exile the Light, we exile our true power, and we invite the darkness.

I believe we are all purposely created with the intention that our Soul-selves express through us. This is made possible through active spiritual practice and intentional personal growth.

Therefore, my primary intention for spiritual practice and personal growth is to shed the shadow sides of my personality that prevent my Soul-self’s expression. Only then can I best fulfill my greatest destiny, as well as, the purpose of my existence.

We are agents of light, and Sacred is our flame. We are agents of love and Sacred is our source. We are agents of evolution and Sacred is our guide.

Every loving thought and act is a healing balm in the world. Loving thoughts and acts are sacred and are, therefore, rooted in service of Sacred.

Spirituality enhances our authentic wellness—a truer, deeper state of wellness.

Spirituality affects every aspect of life in expansive, uplifting, unbelievable ways.


“Who is God” is probably one of the most asked questions. I hope this article pulls you closer to your Soul self, closer to Sacred. I hope it shines a new light around God where, perhaps, there was darkness.

The intention of this article is not to bash religion. While I don’t ascribe to any one particular religion, I recognize beautiful truth in all of them and that they exist for great reason. They serve great purpose in many lives.

I’m sure you’ve heard some people say, I’m spiritual, not religious. I’m one of them.

As I mentioned earlier, spirituality and religion can beautifully coexist and support each other, but they are not synonymous. You can certainly have one without the other.

I wrote this article to those who have lost faith in religion, who’ve been done poorly by religion. This article is to show that God and religion are not one and the same. It’s a petition to hold onto Sacred, even if denouncing religion.

It is a claim that a deep and meaningful relationship with the Divine is essential, while religion is not.

Currently, what truly matters is shifting in a highly necessary way. What truly matters is less about what we believe and more about how we live and the quality of our Soul’s expression through our human form.

The state of the world indicates a spiritual yearning unrecognized and unfulfilled. At the same time, we are seeing a massive increase of spiritual exploration and actualization on an unprecedented scale.

I urge you to embrace Sacred, active spirituality, and intentional personal growth as nonnegotiable top priorities. These priorities are the keys to Sacred, your greatness, higher self, and best life. They are the pathways for true and lasting higher transformation.

I hope you’ll join me in this illumination of ourselves!


Prayer for the Week:

Holy, divine Sacred. I’m sorry that too often, I’ve left you out of my life. I’m ready for a more Sacred life. I invite a more joyful, Soulful, and fulfilling life. Thank you for showing yourself to me. Thank you for creating me, and for helping me live sacredly in every moment. I’m so grateful that you show me gently, yet clearly, how I may best serve the highest and greatest good, and how to fulfill my greatest destiny we created together. I love you, and thank you for loving me. Amen.

In Light & Love,
L.D. Kemper


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